How to create Digital Signature?

A digital signature is used to sign documents online. You can sign multiple pages of documents like legal agreements, financial statements, etc. at once with your digital signature and save your time consumed in manually signing documents.

Creating a digital signature is a three-step process

Enter your name

Select the template that suits your personality.

Choose the font of your choice

Try different font, color, size for your signature

Export and save

Download your digital signature for further use

Why choose Appy Pie to create a Digital Signature?

Appy Pie’s Digital Signature software gives you a plethora of features to create a signature with better recall value. You should choose our software due to following reasons:

Compatible with multiple devices:

No matter you have to sign an excel file or pdf document, Appy Pie’s Digital signature maker lets you create a signature that can be used to sign any type of document.

Support multiple languages:

Whether you sign in French, Spanish, or any other language, Appy Pie’s signature generator can add style and flair to your digital signature and lets you sign in that particular language.


The user interface of Appy Pie’s Digital Signature Maker is simple and easy to understand. It does not require any special skills or knowledge to create. You only require to select a template and tweak it a little to create a digital signature on your own.

Hundreds of templates:

To assure that your digital signature speaks for your personality, Appy Pie’s Digital Signature maker offers hundreds of templates to choose from. You can even customize them by changing the font, colors, etc. for your signature.

Maintains safety and security:

Once you log out from your Appy Pie’s account, we make sure that your digital signature is protected and secured in our servers. Our software complies with safety and security standards to assure your signature is completely safe.

What are the benefits of Digital Signature?

  • More secure than traditional signature
  • Easy to use and no additional training is required
  • Saves time, money, and efforts
  • Avoid duplicacy or forgery of signature
  • Easily accessible from anywhere
Digital Signature

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