Invitation sizes

Want to create an Invitation for your upcoming event or occasion? Follow Appy Pie's nifty size guide with standard Invitation size & dimension!

A1/Baronial 3.5 × 4.88 in
A2/5.5 Baronial 4.25 × 5.5 in
5 Baronial 4 × 5.25 in
A6/6 Baronial 4.5 × 6.25 in
A7/Lee (Standard) 5.13 × 7 in
A8 5.38 × 7.88 in
A9 5.63 × 8.63 in
A10 5.88 × 9.25 in

An invitation is an invitation to an event or a notification that an event has been created. It is a kind of metadata that helps us organize events. An invitation may or may not include an event or group of events. Also, An invitation is a special message that contact sends to another contact. For example, an invitation could be sent to another contact to join a group or a chat.

Invitation size refers to the size of the invitation, which is usually around 4 x 6 inches. But the Premium size refers to the size of the invitation, which is usually around 5 x 7 inches. Just follow Appy Pie’s standard Invitation size guide chart to know about the popular dimensions of invitations in different shapes and sizes.

Points to remember while creating an Invitation

Selecting the right font face, color, and size for your invitation is critical to its success. There are so many fonts to choose from that often it becomes a matter of deciding what looks best to you. Use the following guidelines to help you make your decision.

  • Font Style:
  • There are many font styles to choose from. The most popular styles for invitations include Roman, Script, Serif, and Sans Serif. Roman is the most popular font style. It’s easy to read and is the most versatile of the font styles. And, script fonts are often used for personal and informal invitations.

  • Typeface:
  • Selecting a typeface is one of the most important decisions you will make. If you don’t care for the way the font looks, you won’t like the way your invitation looks. If you choose a period-style font, you may want to consider a sans serif font for the main body of your invitation. If you choose an ornate script, you may want to use an elegant serif font for the invitation body.

  • Font Size
  • Font Color
  • Line Spacing
  • Avoid Cheap Looking Fonts
  • Sample Invitation Fonts
  • InDesign Resources
  • Envelope
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