Design Your Wanted Poster in a few Minutes

Make Wanted Poster with Appy Pie’s Wanted Poster Maker on Your Own

Any Wanted poster is a medium to catch the attention of maximum eyeballs. For grabbing the maximum attention, you need to create a poster that will have a criminal’s photograph at the center of the Wanted Poster with the reward money written in a big and bold font.

A highly attractive Wanted poster is likely to help authorities in quickly arresting the person mentioned in the poster. Make sure your Wanted poster leaves a long-lasting imprint on people’s minds. Wanted posters are mainly created and distributed among mass to aware of a person who needs to be apprehended by authorities. It generally consists of a photograph of the person, catchy text with “Wanted” written in bold, contact details of authorities, and much more.

Appy Pie’s Wanted Poster Maker helps you design posters within the budget, saving your money spent on hiring the graphic designer. Our software offers a variety of layouts and templates to help you design your posters and convey the message easily.

Why choose Appy Pie’s online Wanted Poster Maker?

  • Professionally Designed Customizable Templates
  • Appy Pie’s Wanted Poster Maker offers a variety of eye-catchy templates that can be customized as per needs. Each professionally designed template can be edited and tweaked with the help of editing tools provided by our software.

  • User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface
  • Appy Pie’s Wanted Poster Maker offers a user-friendly and drag-n-drop interface to create and customize Wanted Posters. You can conveniently navigate through menu bars and glide through an extensive library of templates.

  • Cloud Storage
  • Appy Pie’s Wanted Poster Maker provides cloud storage for storing and managing all your Wanted posters. You can access your posters from any-internet driven device like laptops, smartphones, etc., and utilize them whenever needed.

How to Make a custom Wanted Poster in 3 easy steps?

To create an expressive Wanted Poster, you just need to follow the three-step process as mentioned below:

  1. Choose a Professionally Designed Template
  2. Sign up/Log in to Appy Pie Design. Go through our extensive collection of professionally designed Wanted Poster templates. Select any template and customize it till the time you feel it is perfect to solve your purpose.
  3. Add Relevant Text, Images, And Graphics
  4. Adding and highlighting the photograph in the Wanted Poster can help in grabbing the attention of people quickly. You can upload images, add the text, and include any other element (if you want) in the Wanted Poster.
  5. Improve, Preview, and Share
  6. Once you are satisfied with the design of the Wanted Poster, you can save and share it. You can directly print the Wanted Poster designed by you or download it as an image or PDF file.