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Dussehra is an important Hindu festival celebrated all over India. It is the time to celebrate the victory of good over evil. The celebration of this festival dates back to 9th century. It is also called Vijayadashami, Dashahara, Dussehera, Dussehra, or Dashain. People light effigies of Ravana and other demons on the day of Ashwa (horse. Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon. On the next day, effigies are burnt in fire and people rejoice at their destruction.

    Dussehra Poster Design?

    Dussehra Poster Design is a beautiful art form that has been passed on from generation to generation. Dussehra posters are made by artists who paint wonderful posters based on the subject of Dussehra. People decorate their houses with these beautiful posters during the festival. This custom Dussehra Poster Design has become popular among many people because it makes people aware of the significance of the event.

    Because of its religious importance, Dussehra poster design has become very popular in India. Many people want to take part in the celebration of this festival by decorating their houses with colorful posters. These posters are generally designed by artists who put their creativity to best use. They make these posters with different colors and designs so that people can choose what they like best. The colors used are mainly red, yellow, green, violet, blue, black, orange, pink, white, brown, etc. The designs are also very attractive and impressive. For instance, there are many designs that show Lord Rama killing Ravana after winning the battle. Another design shows Lord Krishna breaking the ten heads of King Jatabhumi using his chakra. There are many others that depict the entire story of Rama returning Sita to her husband King Janak after finding her in captivity. There are many others that show Goddess Durga defeating Mahishasur. These are some examples of the designs used in these posters. This custom Dussehra Poster Design is available at 1000s of price points!

    • Benifits of getting templates for creating your own custom Dussehra Poster Design

Appypie has thousands of templates for creating your own custom Dussehra Poster Design. All you have to do is pick one that matches your taste, customize it using our easy to use appypie designer and download it as a high definition graphic file. You can then share this file with family and friends or use them as wallpapers on your device or social media accounts. Appypie’s Custom Dussehra Poster Design software is perfect for those who want to create their own custom Dussehra Poster Design but don’t have the time or skills to create one from scratch. It is also for those who want to try something different and unique but don’t want to spend hours and hours doing it.