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The first part should talk about the subject of animal rights. You can start with a definition, or you can give a background history on the subject. For example, you can first talk about how animals have been treated as property since humans first appeared, and how it only took a couple hundred years for humans to realize that slavery was wrong. Or you can talk about how animals were hunted by early humans for food, but then how similar species became extinct because of the species that was hunting them. In other words, animals have been used as property by humans for as long as there have been humans.

In the body, talk about what animal rights is and the different ideas behind the movement. First, you can talk about animal welfare and how it has become so important in the last few decades. Animal welfare is the idea that we should treat animals well and do everything we can to prevent cruelty to animals. This concept began to appear in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The main concern about animal welfare has been factory farming, which was common in America during this time. Factory farming is when large groups of farm animals are kept in small areas and are not allowed to move around or interact with each other. They suffer from boredom and depression; therefore, they begin to fight and mutilate each other. So, animal welfare has become a major concern within the past 200 years. But even before this, people like Marquis de Lafayette and Leo Tolstoy were concerned with animal cruelty and wanted to make sure that animals were treated well.

Animal rights is an idea that states that animals deserve to be treated as well as humans, and that we should not use them as property. The main two concepts of animal rights are abolitionism and welfarism. Abolitionism believes that humans should stop using animals as property altogether and that we should not kill or use any animals unless absolutely necessary. Welfarism says that humans must treat animals well, but that we can still use them for our own purposes if it does not cause pain or suffering to the animal. s/recommendations

In the conclusion, you might want to recommend some ways that people can help animals. For example, you can talk about how people can adopt animals from shelters instead of buying animals from pet stores, or how they can refuse to buy products or clothing made from animals. You can also talk about ways students themselves can help animals at school. For example, you could recommend that students get involved in clubs related to animal welfare, such as humane societies, wildlife clubs, or conservation clubs.