Crypto Lion NFT

Create your own Crypto Lion NFT Artwork with Appy Pie Design

Crypto Lion is an Original 1 of 1 NFT Golden Lion lion farmed on a GeneScience Innovation blockchain by Design. Not digitally cloned to thousands of others. Crypto tokens are on Blockchain, one of the most in-demand cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Lions are part of Team Crypto Fans, the world’s first collection of blockchain collectibles. Each Crypto Lion has its own characteristics, determined by its appearance, attacks, and its livability, born from the characteristics of the blockchain top 100 projects. The existing NFT Packs can be downloaded free of charge, published, and monetized through Appy Pie Design. Customize your Crypto Lion NFT look with attributes of your own choosing!

Let the Crypto Lions roar….oh wait, and then you could be saying… “Think of your lion when it roars”. Speak life into your forex and crypto trading deal! Be a part of wealthy art. Think of your crypto investment as an investment in a true work of art and not a trademarked virtual investment that goes up and down! Appy Pie now offers custom design tools to not only customize your Crypto Lions while they are still ERC721 but also create your own NFT art so you can take control at any moment when assigning properties, colors, etc.

Why choose Appy Pie's Crypto Lion NFT Artwork collection?

To add more to the value of your art collections, we at Appy Pie offer this Crypto Lion NFT Artwork collection comprising 100+ copyrighted artworks by different artists, where we attach digital tokens to the physical artwork. Look at the features why should you choose Appy Pie Design's Crypto Lion NFT collection:

  • 2D & 3D editor:

    We offer simple and intuitive 2D & 3D editor for all your NFT artwork needs.

  • Easy to Use:

    You get to collect the Crypto Lion artwork collection for free, and our platform makes it easy for you to create, customize and print your custom NFT.

  • Available assets include:

    Characters ( Human Avatars, Creatures, Automatons), Weapons, Equipment & Tokens ( Gadgets, golden coins, artifact cards and more).

  • Customizable NFT Design:

    100+ completely customizable design assets delivered ready to copy and paste to create a custom collection of Crypto Lion NFTs.

  • A good number of Artworks:

    Around 100+ unique Crypto Lion NFTs are added over time.

  • 100% original & Genuine Artwork:

    No canned graphics, designs or stock imagery. Our artists sketched and painted the Crypto Lions from scratch for this artwork series.

How to create a custom Crypto Lion NFT Art in 3 easy steps?

  1. Select and define your Crypto Lion NFT character

    Choose a template of Crypto Lion NFT and you will be able to define the name of the chosen template.

  2. Customize the chosen template

    Now that you have chosen a Crypto Lion NFT template, you can customize it by changing its name, description, layers, and image. You can also change the background color and add a background image if you want to.

  3. Save and Download

    Once you are done with designing your Crypto Lion NFT, export it in the format you prefer and sell it online to the buyer of your choice.