Crypto Baba NFT

Create your own collection of Crypto Baba NFTs Art with Appy Pie Design

Crypto Baba NFTs are a special type of ERC-721 token that represents ownership of an in-game or virtual item. They allow you to hold your own collectibles. Economically, they are similar to collecting baseball cards, but they are way more fun to collect and interact with. If you created a Crypto Baba, you can:

  • sell it on the market using an auction or by selling it directly to another user
  • create your own collection
  • display it in every place that allows you to post an image
  • send it as a gift to other users
  • develop an entire ecosystem around it (with games, merchandise, accessories)

And the best thing about Crypto Baba NFTs is that you can use them for more than one game. In fact, it’s possible for these tokens to travel from one game server to another and be displayed on multiple games at the same time! You don’t have to worry about your Crypto Baba not being displayed anymore. It will always be there on every server that it was created on. The possibilities are endless.

We believe that NFTs are the next step in the evolution of Blockchain technology, and Appy Pie Design comes forward to make it as accessible as possible. Appy Pie Design is a web-based, drag and drops design platform that allows users to create their own Crypto Baba NFT collection. Art Users can create the NFTs in their browser and after publishing the NFT, it can be used on the blockchain and shared with others.

Why choose Appy Pie's Crypto Baba NFTs Art collection?

Appy Pie's Crypto Baba NFTs Art is an art collection that uses Non-fungible tokens (NFT). Each NFT of the series is unique and has its own digital identity. These NFTs are integrated with the Ethereum blockchain. Appy Pie's Crypto Baba NFTs Art is a collection of 1000 artworks as well as a web interface for users to browse through the NFT art collection and to create and manage their own custom collection.

  • Free NFT Templates:

    Availability of NFT Design Templates for free to design your own unique tokens.

  • Unique Design: Each NFT is unique and can be customized using multiple layers or traits.

  • Unique Identity:

    The "Artwork" of each NFT is similar to a traditional piece of art, name of the artist, and a unique ID code. The code is used to identify the artwork in Appy Pie's Crypto Baba NFTs Art collection.

  • Secure:

    Your crypto Baba NFT Art collection is securely stored on the blockchain and no one else can access it.

  • Easy to Use:

    To create your own crypto art collection, simply create an account at Appy Pie, build the front-end of your own ERC-721 game, and then import your Crypto Baba NFTs art collection into your game(s).

  • Buy or sell:

    Buy or sell your favorite Crypto Baba NFTs art collections on our marketplace to get the best deals.

  • Can't be duplicated:

    Every artwork of the Crypto Baba NFTs Art collection cannot be duplicated. Each artwork has its own artistic value and uniqueness, resulting from the combination of artistic style, colors, composition, technique, and other factors.

How to create a Crypto Baba NFT Art in 3 easy steps?

As we said, Appy Pie Design is free to use and you can use it for free forever, as there will be no fees for artworks creation or selling them. Just follow these simple steps to create your own collection of Crypto Baba NFTs Art:

  1. Create your artwork

    Create your Crypto Baba NFT design by choosing an NFT template using our online editor.

  2. Customize the design

    Customize your chosen NFT template by adding multiple layers and traits.

  3. Download & share your Crypto Baba NFT Art

    Download, share and sell your art to the buyer of your choice.