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Music Festival is an international competition that shows the best music bands of a region or country, and also some other festivals that are not musical ones, but have a cultural character. The first festival of this kind took place in England in 1867, with the purpose of popularization of the classical art and re-enforcing cultural exchange between different countries.

1.1 Music festivals

In the 20th century, the number of festivals increased, and now there are hundreds of them all over the world. In particular, most European countries have their own national festival, for example, “Midsummer Night's Dream” in Sweden, “Womad”(World of Music. in England, “Rock am Ring” in Germany , “Fete de la Musique” in France, etc.

The main criteria for a music festival are its popularity and duration. Another important parameter is its cultural and educational content. Many festivals have a unique atmosphere created by a special program and stage design. The number of visitors also plays a major role.

In the early 21st century organizers started to increase the number of music festivals, as well as their duration. Now, there are events lasting from a few hours to a week. The most common duration is 3-4 days. These festivals represent a full immersion into music history, as well as an opportunity to take part in various entertainment events. For example, at the festival there can be exhibitions, lectures by famous musicians and various competitions among amateur musicians.

At the beginning, festivals were held only in summer period, but later many people started to hold them during other seasons as well. Some festivals are held annually, others take place once every few years. For example, the largest music festival in Europe - “Les Vieilles Charrues” (Old Plows. takes place every five years. The first festival was held in 1982.

1.2 Festivals all over the world

There are music festivals all over the world. There are even some festivals that unite several regions within one country (for example, “Coachella”), as well as international festivals that unite several countries (for example, “Rock am Ring”. An interesting fact that should be mentioned is that many festivals are organized on territories of historical political entities (countries), even though these territories no longer exist (for example “Burning Man” . Other examples are “Celtic Connections” (Scotland), “Sziget” (Hungary), “North Sea Jazz Festival” (Holland), “Festival des Suds” (Greece. One more group include mainly music festivals that take place on territories of former Soviet Union countries - for example, “Molodist”(Ukraine), “Tbilisi Open Air”(Georgia), “Sharm El Sheikh Open Air”(Egypt), “Belgrade Beer Fest”(Serbia.

1.3 Music festival analysis

Finding the right place for your music festival is very difficult task, because it's very hard to find a perfect one. But if you want to organize your own music festival, then you need to do deep market research before you start it. So what questions should you answer before you start organizing your festival? Let's see:

Which musical genres are most popular nowadays?

Do it for your country or state/province only or try to obtain regional data as well?

What are the income opportunities?

What are the income opportunities? Which cities are the main music markets?

What are the income opportunities? What are your competitors doing? What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? How can you make your music event better than them?

Are there any new products or services related to this business? Do they seriously compete with yours? Are they worth considering?

Are there any new products or services related to this business? Do they seriously compete with yours? Are they worth considering? How much budget do I need (from 0$ to infinity)? It depends on many factors. size of your city or region; how long and how often you want to organize your event; what will be your competitors; what your target audience is; etc. To get this figure you need to use supply and demand approach. calculate total number of people (on average. who attend such events and multiply it by average ticket price; add calculation for additional costs like marketing expenses, transportation expenses and so on. You may also need some stuff for your event(exhibitions, food courts), so add it too! As you see it's pretty easy to get budget figure if you know how to do it right! Hope this article helped you learn something new about custom Music Festival Brochure Design and wish you success!