How to Design a Creative App for iPhone?

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Design an app for iphone - Appy Pie

Want to design an app for iPhone? Not sure where to start? Well, you are in the right place! For app developers, one of the most intimidating challenges is to get their app approved by Apple’s App Store App Review Team. You can get through this easily if your app has been perfectly designed.

Today, we will take you through the rundown of the basics you need to know to be able to design an excellent iPhone app. These great app design tips will help you get through Apple’s review process and have your app launched in the App Store in no time.
Design an App for iOS - Appy Pie

Key Tips to Help You Design an App for the iPhone?

Here are a few simple steps to design an app for the iPhone.

  1. Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
  2. Your app must go with the intuitive and flexible interface of iPhone devices. To create the perfect app design, track your app users’ behavior by checking what they are doing with your app and how they are navigating and holding the device.

  3. One Screen at a Time
  4. While creating app pages, focus on the major purpose of each screen. Create a list of all the possible number of additional buttons, options, and other controls that can help users to achieve that goal. Make sure you don’t have too much going on one screen at a time.

  5. Create A Great App Icon
  6. Focus on what your app does while creating an app icon. The icon must look visually appealing as iOS users are very selective about what icons they would add to their home screens. Take time to create every size of the icon as per the requirements.

    Here is a video to help you create an excellent app icon.

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  7. Pay Attention to Apple’s Conventions
  8. Your app’s UI design must show its functions clearly. Make sure you offer almost same functions that other iOS apps offer. For example, a blue button to complete actions and a red button to delete anything.

  9. Use High-Quality Textures
  10. Give your app a touch of quality by using the high-quality graphics and textures. This not only gives class to your object but also, it provides your app with a high-end feel and look that will increase its professed value.

  11. Device-Centric Approach
  12. Perform analysis to find out where and how your app is going to be used. In the case of an iPad, the peak entertainment hours could be in the evening or bedtime, but iPhones can be used at any time of the day while sitting in a coffee shop or standing on a bus. Consider different usage scenarios throughout the design process.

  13. Use Large buttons
  14. When it comes to creating the app buttons, they should be large enough to be tapped easily and not too close to each other. This helps you simplify the app usage and not pack too many controls in a single area of the screen.

  15. Gather Inspirational Reference Material
  16. When designing the visual appearance of your app, gathering some inspirational reference material can help you put together a mood board, for instance. This way you can not only just create a fully neutral app, but also that imitates real-life materials like metal, stone, or leather. Try to come up with different color palettes and combinations for different experiences.

  17. Lock Down the Main Feature Set
  18. Make sure your app has all the core features that similar apps would have. This helps you refine and develop the concept of your app further. It polishes the look without any confusion about adding new app elements.

  19. Introduce the Visual Wow Factor
  20. App Interface must be simple and intuitive. Try to introduce a visual wow factor to help users feel completely at home. They must not need any guides or tutorials and should be able to use your app right after they open it.

  21. Plan the Basic Navigation Framework
  22. Plan and create the basic navigation framework first and then add the main functional blocks. To make this task easy, you can draw a flowchart of your app and then try to connect all the screens and dots.

  23. Design of Graphical Elements
  24. To design your app for different screen sizes, you can design your graphical elements as vectors and then import them into photoshop. This way you can fine-tune them as per your preferred screen resolutions and sizes. Also, you can modify them wherever required.

  25. Use Single-Stylistic Theme
  26. Your app theme must feel appropriate with the functions of the app. The single-stylistic theme helps you deliver a consistent experience to your app users.


I am sure you have mapped a plan for creating an app. And this article makes you ready for your app design. So, I guess you are almost done with learning what you needed to develop a perfect iPhone app. Once you are done creating it, you would need to market and promote it so that it could reach out to the maximum number of users.

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