With time as the website development is becoming more sophisticated and complex, no one wants to wait a long for their desired results. In this context, Google recently introduced AMP pages to make it easier and faster for the users to get their desired results. AMP Pages is an open source program that requires much lesser time to open on the mobile devices than regular websites. App builder Appy Pie, has worked with a number of clients in converting their websites to Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Our team of highly skilled and talented web developers can help you convert website to AMP pages and increase their performance on the mobile. A game changer, AMP page is the future of website world as well as SEO world. So create AMP pages for your website and enjoy high speed on mobiles.

What are AMP Pages?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is essentially a plugin born out of a deal between Google and Twitter. AMP Pages are open source solutions aimed at speeding up mobile pages. Most of the Internet is operated over mobile. This is why a website page needs to be optimized for mobile. This is where AMP comes in. When Google ran initial tests for AMP software, it found that AMP optimized pages increased download speed significantly by making pages load quicker.

Soon Google, published their results and thus began the move to AMPs. AMP is an open source project/platform aimed at helping publishers improve the speed and readability of mobile pages geared at improving user experience.

The Importance of AMP pages

Google announced in 2015, that AMP pages would be a factor that would be analyzed while generating rankings. It was soon found that AMP friendliness was an important factor to help enhance rankings of the companies.

The purpose of AMP is to improve and smoothen the user experience. Google’s success can be attributed to how it treats its users. It is a well-known statistic that 40% of users leave a website if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds.

With the world moving to mobile phones AMP becomes important to ensure a good ranking in Google’s search results.

How do AMP Pages Work?

AMP Pages have a 3-part structure:

  1. AMP HTML: A specialized form of AMP pages, AMP HTML is different from traditional HTML in its coding. There are restrictions in the AMP process.
  2. AMP JS: AMP JS is JavaScript framework for mobile pages. Resource handling and asynchronous loading is maintained by AMP JS. 3rd party Java is however, not allowed with AMP JS.
  3. AMP CDN: It is an optional part of the AMP package. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. CDN takes up AMP pages you have created, caches them and automatically makes some performance optimizations.

Converting Website to AMP Pages

It is difficult for a small business to have their website be mobile friendly. This is where Appy Pie comes in. We will convert your website to AMP Pages to ensure that your users don’t have difficulty browsing through your website.

Converting a website to AMP page is a coding incentive process which is why Appy Pie excellent development teams help you with the process.

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