Vimeo App Builder

Convert your Vimeo Channel into an App

Vimeo App Builder - Convert your Vimeo Channel into an App

Share your videos and make them go viral by converting your Vimeo Channel into an App. Appy Pie’s Vimeo app builder helps you convert your Vimeo channel into an app in a matter of minutes without spending a dime. All you need to do is follow three simple steps:
  • Enter your Vimeo channel URL
  • Name your App
  • Finally create an app for your Vimeo channel, and publish it on multiple app stores for global exposure
Easily customizable, the Vimeo app created using from Appy Pie’s app maker is easily customizable and can also help you earn a good chunk of revenue, simply publish it on different app stores, like Google Play, BlackBerry app world, iTunes, etc., and promote it across the globe. Through your Vimeo app, you can easily discover splendid videos from the world’s best makers. Follow your favorite channels, or make a collection of your own stunning videos from anywhere, any time, and through any device. The Vimeo app created using Appy Pie’s app builder features:
  • Full HD videos across various channels
  • Upload your own videos from anywhere, any time, and via any device
  • Follow your favorite channels
  • Easily manage multiple videos, and channels
  • Share videos publically or privately
  • Push notifications, text messages, and emails
  • Available on iOS and Android
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