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How to Convert your PrestaShop Store into an App in 3 Easy Steps?

Create your own PrestaShop Store app by following these simple steps below:

  1. Enter the name of your PrestaShop Store app

    Personalize your PrestaShop Store app by selecting from a wide range of color themes and layouts, for a unique app appearance.

  2. Drag-and-drop amazing features

    Add all the best features to your PrestaShop Store app for Android and iOS, without coding

  3. Test and launch your app

    Manage your PrestaShop Store effortlessly with your own app.

App Builder Appy Pie your no-code mobile app builder now offers to convert your PrestaShop Store into an App for iPhone (iOS) and Android. A simple URL is all it takes to create a terrific app with the PrestaShop store integrated into it. Create your Prestashop app without coding today!

Top 6 features you need in your Prestashop store app

  • Shopping Cart

The shopping cart feature lets users put multiple items in your Prestashop store app. It helps your app by reducing the cart abandonment rate across your app and helps users purchase more items.

  • Advanced Search

Search is a very important feature in a Prestashop app. With the advanced search feature, users get the ability to use advanced filters to find what they are looking for in a single search.

  • Multiple Payment Options

A Prestashop store app needs to provide multiple payment options to your users. Having multiple payment methods enhances customer experience and gives them more choice to use the payment method they want.

  • App Analytics

Get detailed analytics for all your products and use the data to create better marketing strategies. App analytics can also be used to understand where your app falls short.

Push Notifications allow you to send out special offers, new product alerts, notifications, and alerts to your users. With push notifications, you can market products from your eCommerce inventory to increase their sales.

Convert your Prestashop store directly into an app

Ecommerce apps have risen to great popularity in recent times. People that have Prestashop store websites miss out on many smartphone shoppers. However, with Appy Pie AppMakr, they can convert their Prestashop store into an app within a few minutes.

The no-code app builder from Appy Pie makes it easy to convert your Prestashop store into an app for Android and iOS devices. Capture the smartphone market with your products using Appy Pie AppMakr today!

Benefits of Creating a Prestashop Store app with AppMakr

There are some clear advantages of opting for Appy Pie AppMakr. Let’s see what they are! Here are some benefits of converting Prestashop store to apps with Appy Pie:

  • App in Minutes: Create an app with the PrestaShop Store app builder in just a few minutes as opposed to months of traditional app development.
  • Needs No Coding Skills: You do not need to learn to code or hire a coder to make a PrestaShop Store app with Appy Pie.

  • Publish on Leading App Stores: Publish your PrestaShop Store apps on Apple’s App Store and iTunes Store or Google Play Store for your users across the globe.

  • True cross-platform apps: Apps built with Appy Pie work perfectly on Android and iOS devices.

  • Real-time Analytics: Access real-time App Analytics. Make changes to improve customer engagement and retention.

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