Create a GitHub issue for every new Asana Task

Want to pass on Asana tasks to your dev team? Use this Asana – GitHub integration and make sure that every issue is resolved in a timely manner. Once you've configured this integration, it will trigger whenever a new task is added on Asana, automatically creating an issue in GitHub so that your dev team can resolve them quickly. It is a great way to make your customer feel valued by answering their technical queries in minutes.
How It Works
  • A new task is created in Asana
  • Appy Pie Connect adds that task to GitHub as an issue
What You Need
  • A Asana account
  • A GitHub account
  • Asana
  • GitHub


Asana is a collaborative information manager that lets you plan, organize, and manage your team's work, from start to finish. With Asana, you can track all the moving pieces and stay up-to-date without any manual effort.



A social networking site for programmers, GitHub is an open environment where programmers can freely share and collaborate on open source codes. It helps millions of developers to build better software.

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