1. What are the various plans available at Appy Pie Connect?


We value your precious time and money. So, we have a “Free 14-Day Trial” plan available for all our users. No credit card is required. Since every business is not the same, we provide different packages that are designed deliberately to cater to various business or personal needs.


We recommend seeing Our Plans and know what’s best for you.



2. What apps can I use on Appy Pie Connect?


What are the popular apps that can help my business in minimizing the efforts and the time?


We’ve listed all the apps that we support in our App Directory. Check out the popular ones or select any app as per your choice to know about the app and its integration. You can also see the Trigger and Actions of that app.


Explore all the supported apps.


3. How can I add an app on Appy Pie Connect?


If you want to add any particular app to the Appy Pie Connect’s App Directory, we recommend contacting the company who owns the app and request them to feature themselves on Appy Pie Connect platform. We would pleasantly help for any query regarding putting your desired app on our platform.


Contact us.



4. How will I get updates from Appy Pie Connect?


To get updates on what’s new on Appy Pie Connect, or to know how Appy Pie Connect can help boost your business save time, please register with us.


Sign up today and see the magic happen on time-saving through our services.


5. Is customization available in Connects?


Yes, you can easily customize the Connect by selecting the features you need in an app to be synced with another. Just use ’Go to Advanced Mode’ link in the Connect Configurations.


6. Where can I see the popular app integrations?


We've got a list of popular app integrations that have helped our customers and are widely used.


Take advantage of them by visiting App Integrations.


7.  Will Appy Pie Connect sync the existing data?


Currently, data that existed prior to making a Connect cannot be migrated directly through the Connect as the product works on the present trigger and actions model. But, we’ve managed to find out two workarounds for syncing your existing data. First is, from the Google Sheets to the required action app where you want your Action data to be deported, can be done. The second, we have a dedicated technical team to users migrate their existing data for big or small businesses. So contact us in case you need to migrate the data.


8. What if my 14-day trial expires?


Your synced data will remain in all the apps connected, only the services will stop. Please try our highly-featured paid services for continuity.


See the Upgrade Plans.


9.  What is a Trigger?


Trigger steps are the part of your automation that tells your Connects when to run. For example, if you want to connect Instagram with Gmail and want to automate sending emails each time you post on Instagram, then the “new post on Instagram” is the Trigger.


10. How to connect in case any issue needs to be resolved urgently?


We’re available 24*7 through email support, live chat and phone support to provide assistance. Our diligent Customer Care squad is all set-up to help you with each and every issue regarding Connect.


See how you can connect with us.


11. Is my data secure with Appy Pie Connect?


Data Privacy, Data Protection, and Data Security are crucial at Appy Pie Connect. Our dedicated security team is taking care of every tit-bit to control all the activities that may harm our users’ data privacy in any way.


Head on to Security to know more about how we’re taking care of your data.


12. Can I do 2-way synching?


Right now, the two-way syncing features like version conflict resolution and version merging is not available at Appy Pie Connect. However, the user can set up 2 different Connects, for example, MS Teams to Slack and Slack to MS Teams. Tags can be added to both Connects to stop the endless looping. If you are facing any issue, please contact us.


13. What is Connect?


Connects are connections between the two apps. Click to know more about Connect.


14. If I update something in one app, will that change be reflected in the other app?


No. Some supported apps do have updating capabilities which will be clearly stated in the trigger or action descriptions.


15. How to delete my Appy Pie Connect account ?

If you want to delete your Appy Pie Connect account, you must do so yourself. For security reasons, Appy Pie Connect will never delete your account on your behalf. Deleting your account is permanent and can't be undone. All Accounts, Connects, developer apps, and account connections will be gone forever.  Navigate to this page to delete your account.