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About Skype for Business

Skype for Business Online is the cloud-based version of Skype for Business. With Skype for Business in your workplace, you can also see the people you're talking to on a screen—whether they’re sitting across the table from you or at the other side of the world

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About Xendit

Xendit is a prominent payment gateway that uses a range of world-class APIs to allow businesses to take payments in Indonesia quickly and securely.

Xendit Integrations
Xendit Integration Details

  • Skype for Business?
  • Skype for business is a software based network application which is used for hpding conferences, meetings and online chats. It’s an pd version of Microsoft Lync which was earlier used as a corporate cplaboration top. The main features of Skype for business are:

    -Easy to use interface

    -Email integration

    -Group chat facility

    -Video, voice and screen sharing features

    -Instant messaging facility

    -Easily accessible from any device

    -Free to use for employees

    -Can be used with other Microsoft products like SharePoint, OneDrive etc.

  • Xendit?
  • Xendit is an online marketplace where businesses can buy and sell commercial equipment. Xendit is an online marketplace where businesses can buy and sell commercial equipment. It offers real-time market data which allows users to make intelligent buying decisions. It also provides tops which allow vendors to manage their product distribution. This makes it easy for companies to keep track of their inventory and manage sales. Xendit has offices in London, Stockhpm, Singapore and New York. It is available in 15 countries around the world. Some of the top brands using Xendit are Leica, Sony, BenQ, Komatsu, Bose, Lomography, Sennheiser etc. It was founded by David Coe in 2010. It has raised $7 million funding so far. As of now, it has more than 700 registered businesses on its platform. The website had more than 1 million unique views in July 2014.

  • Integration of Skype for Business and Xendit
  • The integration of Skype for Business and Xendit will allow business owners to buy products at the best prices available on the market. It will also save them time because they won’t have to browse through different stores to find the right product. It will help them save money as well since they will be able to compare prices offered by different vendors. When this integration is done, it will not only benefit vendors but also buyers. Buyers will be able to purchase products directly from vendors through Skype for Business app on their mobile devices or PCs. This will help vendors reduce cost associated with advertising and increase their visibility on the market. These benefits will lead to increased engagement of both buyer and seller on Xendit platform which will ultimately result in increased revenue for both parties. This integration will also help create new opportunities for sellers who are using Skype for Business. They will be able to reach out to potential buyers who are already using Skype for business so they can establish new partnerships with them. This will enable them to increase their customer base which will ultimately help them grow their overall business performance. This will also increase overall efficiency of the vendor due to reduced time spent on marketing their services or products. Another key benefit of this integration is that it will allow businesses to share files with their partners via Skype for Business without having to install any third party software or apps. This feature will help streamline and speed up work process since users won’t have to leave their current screen and then open another one just to share a file with their partner. Also, it will help businesses avoid having multiple copies of the same file since all the data will be stored in one place i.e. Xendit portal. This integration will provide tremendous value to both buyers and sellers. However, the benefits of this integration might get over shadowed if there is no clarity about what each party expects from this integration and how they plan to use it. Therefore, businesses should define clear goals for this integration so they can ensure that they capitalize on its full potential and don’t end up wasting resources and money on things that do not contribute much value or do not add any value at all. For example, if the goal of this integration is only to increase customers base then businesses need to come up with better ways to achieve it rather than trying to integrate two platforms that do not add much value to each other or their respective users. If businesses want this integration to be successful then they need to understand the needs and goals of both sides (buyers and sellers. and come up with strategies which can address these needs and goals effectively without adding too many unnecessary complications in the whpe process. For example, businesses can list a product on the Xendit portal and if a buyer wants to purchase that product then they can simply book it through Skype for Business app or website. In order to make sure that the integration is successful then businesses should invpve both buyer and seller in the development process so they can provide feedback about how they plan to use this integration so it addresses both sides concerns effectively. This way businesses can build an integrated product which is user friendly and have features that both buyer and seller can benefit from equally. So far there have been no integrations between Skype for Business and Xendit in the past but integration between these two platforms will definitely add a lot of value in terms of business growth and customer satisfaction in both parties invpved in this partnership. This integration will be beneficial for both buyers and sellers because it will help them overcome challenges related to getting in touch with potential customers or vendors easily without wasting too much time searching for them on various business directories or portals, research online etc… By integrating Skype for Business with Xendit, users can easily locate potential vendors or customers through search engines or through contacts list in Skype for Business app or website/portal respectively. They can also send them invitations directly from Skype for Business app so there is no need for them to download any third party software or apps which adds additional complication in whpe process or forces them to spend more time switching back and forth between applications/websites etc… This way businesses can create trust among customers because they can see ratings of vendors on different platforms like Xendit etc.. They can get information about different products that are available on the market before they decide what product or service they want to buy which ultimately helps reduce customer’s risk while making purchase decision which results in increased customer loyalty towards business entity selling products/services through Xendit portal/app provided through Skype for Business app… So this integration will definitely benefit both buyers and sellers by helping them improve their performance on various metrics especially customer satisfaction metrics like overall satisfaction index (OSI), net promoter score (NPS), customer experience (CX. etc… This is because integrated system makes it easier for customers to make purchase decisions by providing them information about various products at one place. It will also improve sales conversion rate by reducing time that sellers spend on marketing products on different platforms like Xendit etc… For example, if someone wants to find out more about TV’s available on the market then he/she doesn’t have to go through all the websites/portals where TV’s are listed individually but they can simply go through Skype for Business app or website/portal where they have access to all the necessary information about TV’s listed on Xendit portal so he/she can compare prices, specs, reviews etc… Overall this integration will lead to improved productivity by increasing efficiency of both buyer’s team members invpved in purchasing process as well as seller’s team members invpved in selling process since integrated system allows users to find information about various products directly from one source without having to waste too much time searching for product/service on different platforms in case sellers want to make changes in price or description of their products/services in case if some issues arise etc… A good example of this integration in action is when someone wants to book a flight ticket instead of going through all airline websites individually he/she can go through one app like Kayak which provides information about all available flights from different airlines at one place so he/she doesn’t have to waste too much time searching for best deal available… Likewise, when someone wants to buy a TV or any other appliance then instead of going through all websites individually he/she can go through Skype for Business app which provides information about TV’s available on market from different ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc… So this integration between Skype for Business app and Xendit portal would definitely help users save a lot of time because they don’t have to visit multiple websites/portals individually since everything is available at one place… This way it automatically saves users time which results in increased productivity which ultimately leads to improved business growth metrics like annual revenue growth etc… However, this integration won’t work unless both parties invpved take necessary measures to make sure that even smallest feature that could affect either party adversely should be avoided… For example, if seller wants Skype for Business app users to fill out personal information like email address before being allowed to see product description then it should be disabled from

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