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About Skype for Business

Skype for Business Online is the cloud-based version of Skype for Business. With Skype for Business in your workplace, you can also see the people you're talking to on a screen—whether they’re sitting across the table from you or at the other side of the world

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About moosend

Moosend is an email marketing platform that helps small businesses successfully execute their marketing campaigns.

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Skype for Business?

Skype for Business (previously known as Lync. is a free application that allows users to make video and voice calls, instant messages and conferences via the internet. Skype for Business enables users to communicate with other people in their organizations via different devices and instant messaging services such as email, SMS and Facebook (Microsoft. Skype for Business can be used from your desktop or laptop computer and it is also available as an app on the Apple AppStore and on Google Play (Microsoft.


Moosend is a cloud-based business messaging service that allows users to instantly send and receive messages between each other, using their smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops (Moosend. Moosend is similar to Skype for Business and integrates perfectly with your business’s email system. In addition to sending and receiving emails, you can also send attach files, record calls and share documents. Moosend is available on the Apple AppStore and on Google Play (Moosend.

Integration of Skype for Business and moosend

Skype for Business integrates perfectly with Microsoft Outlook. As mentioned earlier, Outlook is a free email programme which comes with Microsoft Office. Because Skype for Business integrates with Outlook, you can use the same email address to access both your emails and your Skype account (Microsoft. In the ‘Away’ status, you will not be able to send or receive emails, but you will still be able to read them. You can also choose which messages are delivered to your Skype account. This means that if you want a particular person to be able to reach you via Skype, you can enable this in your settings (Microsoft. If someone sends you a message when you are online, it will also appear in your email. This scenario can be reversed – if someone sends you an email when you are offline, it will appear in your Skype chat window when you log onto your account again.

By integrating with Outlook, Skype for Business offers many more features than traditional instant messaging services such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Skype for Business allows you to add documents, add notes to meetings, record calls and digitally sign emails using your webcam (Microsoft. This gives you the opportunity to cplaborate more effectively with your cpleagues. So instead of having to print out a document and then back it up on a USB stick or another device, using Skype for Business you can just share it with one cpleague at a time or with multiple people at once. Skype for Business offers so much more flexibility than traditional methods of correspondence. For example, if you’re working from a coffee shop or travelling on business, you can still use Skype to keep in contact with your cpleagues back in the office without having to worry about missing any important updates.

Because they are both cloud-based services, Skype for Business integrates seamlessly into moo.send’s chat interface. With moo.send you can send text messages, audios and videos. From within moo.send’s chat interface, you can easily connect with other users of moo.send by clicking on the “Add Contact” button and searching through the list of contacts who are already using moo.send (moo.send. The search bar shows all contacts who have chosen to share their phone numbers on their moo.send profile, so you know whether or not it is safe to give out your number too. Once you have added a contact to your moo.send account, you can start using the chat feature by choosing the conversation icon next to the contact’s name (moo.send.

The chat interface itself is very simple and easy to understand. When sending a message, there are three boxes where you can put text – one for the message itself, one for attaching photos and one for inserting videos (moo.send. It’s very easy to send audio messages as well as photos and videos using moo.send’s chat interface because just like Skype for Business they show up directly on your screen (moo.send. This makes sending audio messages even easier than sending an email because all you need to do is click on the microphone button and speak your message (moo.send. Videos are sent in exactly the same way as photos – just click on the camera icon and upload any video stored on your hard drive (moo.send.

Benefits of Integration of Skype for Business and moosend

The integration of Skype for Business and moosend enables businesses to cplaborate more efficiently by allowing employees to share information in real time using their mobile devices. For example, imagine that two cpleagues who work remotely from each other want to have a video conference about a project they are working on together. They could use Skype for Business to call each other in real time via their computers, or they could both download the moosend app onto their mobile devices and use these instead. This would save them both time and effort because they wouldn’t have to find a time when they are both available at the same time to talk on Skype for Business – they could just meet up at any time that suited them both individually (Moosend. Another advantage of using moosend instead of Skype for Business is that employees don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up their accounts every time they want to use them; once they have downloaded the app onto their mobile devices they only need enter their email address once before being able to start chatting straight away (Moosend.

With moo.send it’s possible to send all kinds of attachments no matter where you are in the world as long as you have access to the internet – whether it’s an image, a document, a video or an audio recording – once it’s been uploaded onto your phone it will automatically appear in your conversation window so all you have to do is press ‘Send’ (moo.send. Another benefit of using moo.send over using Skype for Business is that when using moo.send there is no need for any special equipment such as microphones or webcams – everything is done via your smartphone (moo.send. If you wanted to do something similar with Skype for Business then you would need to purchase additional equipment such as webcams or microphones in order to communicate with each other in real time (Microsoft. With moo.send all you need is access to the internet (or even just Wi-Fi. and a mobile phone number that is linked to your moo.send account – no additional equipment necessary!

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