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About OnceHub

OnceHub is an end-to-end scheduling solution that makes it simple for businesses to interact with prospects and customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

About Twilio

Twilio is the communciton platform that millions of developers trust to build seamless communications experiences with phone calls, text messages, video calls, and more.

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Connect OnceHub + Twilio in easier way

It's easy to connect OnceHub + Twilio without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

  • Triggers
  • Booking Lifecycle Event

    Triggers when a booking status is changed to one of the following: Scheduled, Rescheduled, Canceled, Completed, or No-show.

  • Canceled Booking

    Triggers when a booking is canceled.

  • Completed Booking

    Triggers when a booking is completed.

  • No Show Booking

    Triggers when the status of a booking is changed to No-show.

  • Rescheduled Booking

    Triggers when a booking is rescheduled.

  • Scheduled Booking

    Triggers when a new booking is scheduled.

  • New Call

    Triggers once a call is completed on your Twilio number.

  • New Recording

    Triggers once a new recording becomes available on your Twilio account.

  • New SMS

    Triggers the moment an SMS is sent to your Twilio Number.

  • Actions
  • Call Phone

    Call a number or numbers and say your predefined message.

  • Send SMS

    Send a SMS to a number or numbers.

How OnceHub & Twilio Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Choose OnceHub as a trigger app and authenticate it on Appy Pie Connect.

    (30 seconds)

  2. Step 2: Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List.

    (10 seconds)

  3. Step 3: Pick Twilio as an action app and authenticate.

    (30 seconds)

  4. Step 4: Select a resulting action from the Action List.

    (10 seconds)

  5. Step 5: Select the data you want to send from OnceHub to Twilio.

    (2 minutes)

  6. Your Connect is ready! It's time to start enjoying the benefits of workflow automation.

Integration of OnceHub and Twilio

How many times have you thought about the future of technpogy? If you are a tech enthusiast, then most likely, it has crossed your mind. And what technpogy will shape the future? One such technpogy is voice-based technpogy.


OnceHub is a premier customer service platform for businesses and enterprises. OnceHub helps businesses with their customer service via the phone. OnceHub provides the customer service businesses with much more than just call routing and tracking. It also includes IVR or Interactive Voice Response, which allows businesses to create a menu for their customers.

OnceHub Pricing:

OnceHub offers three pricing options – Free, Starter, and Premium. The Free plan is limited in the number of calls that can be made through the platform. The Starter plan allows up to 100 calls per month and the Premium plan allows up to 1000 calls per month. The price ranges between $25 and $200 per month depending on the chosen plan.


Twilio is a cloud-based communications platform. It gives businesses a platform to create, manage, and scale phone calls and SMS text messages. Twilio enables businesses to build applications that use real-time communication through voice, video, and messaging.

Twilio Pricing:

Twilio offers four pricing plans – Basic, Startup, Flexible, and Enterprise. The Basic plan costs $0 per month for up to 1000 minutes of usage and $0.0075 per minute after that. The Startup plan costs $0 per year for up to 2000 minutes of usage and $0.016 per minute after that. The Flexible plan costs $0 per month for up to 5000 minutes of usage and $0.0045 per minute after that. And finally, the Enterprise plan costs $500 per month for up to 100000 minutes of usage and $0.0025 per minute after that.

Integration of OnceHub and Twilio

Integration of OnceHub and Twilio would allow businesses to have a centralized customer service platform that can handle multiple communication channels including telephone calls, SMS text messages, email support, chat support, social media support, etc. The integration of OnceHub and Twilio would not only help businesses easily connect with their customers but also make the process more efficient by automating the routing process and the IVR menu creation process. Furthermore, businesses would be able to track all interactions with customers in real time using integrated business CRM system. By doing so, businesses can improve their customer service quality by keeping track of all previous conversations with customers and providing them with personalized support based on their preferences as well as their previous conversations with the business’s customer service representative. This two-way interaction will improve the overall customer satisfaction which, in turn, will help the business grow even further.

Benefits of Integration of OnceHub and Twilio

Integration of OnceHub and Twilio would provide several benefits to businesses with their customer service including:

  • Easy to Create an Automated IVR Menu

With integration of OnceHub and Twilio, it will be easy for businesses to create an automated IVR menu that will allow their customers to navigate through the menu (if they want to. and easily route them to the right person based on the information they provided during the call. A few examples of these integrations can be found below. companies like Starbucks are using integration of OnceHub and Twilio to add an automated menu to their mobile app via a web hook while other companies like Ola Cabs are integrating oncehub with Twilio via a web hook to have a smoother and faster customer experience. For example, when customers call Starbucks, they first hear an automated or recorded message that gives them options from where they could choose from (i.e., “Press 1 for coffee, press 2 for tea…”. Then if the customer decides to press 1 for coffee, once they select this option from the menu, they will move onto another level of menu where they can choose from different types of coffee (i.e., “Would you like espresso? Press 1 for espresso or press 2 for regular coffee”. And once they choose espresso for example, there will be another level of menu that allows them to choose among different types of espresso (i.e., cappuccino, mocha grande…. After that, if they choose mocha grande via this second level menu, they will be routed to a new IVR menu where they can place their order either by speaking or typing in their order number if they are calling from their smart phones (since they have already created an account on Starbucks’ mobile app. This whpe IVR menu creation process is greatly simplified with integration of OnceHub and Twilio because businesses would no longer have to manually create each step in the IVR menu; rather it will be automatically created using the data received from Twilio’s REST API or even automatically created using an open source software like ResponseiQ . This automation will allow businesses to save time and money when creating an IVR menu since they would no longer need to hire an expert who knows how to program in Python or another programming language used by ResponseiQ or another open source software like it. In addition, integration of OnceHub and Twilio would allow businesses to test out various options in their IVR menu before publishing them live so they can perfect their IVR menu before putting it into production. More importantly however, integration of OnceHub and Twilio would allow businesses to create an IVR menu for all users whether they are calling from mobile phones or computers (i.e., those customers who have downloaded your mobile app or those customers who are visiting your website. And since the IVR menu will be created using data from Twilio’s REST API or an open source software like ResponseiQ , all interaction history between customers and businesses (i.e., calls placed using your app or your website. will be automatically captured by Twilio’s Cloud Application Program Interface (API. Integration of OnceHub and Twilio would allow businesses to integrate their existing CRM system with their IVR menu so they can keep track of all past conversations with their customers in real time until the customer gets connected with the right person at their company (i.e., customer service representative. Through integration of OnceHub and Twilio , customers would also be able to access information about your company’s products/services via your website or mobile app once they get connected with your customer service representative over the phone; therefore, improving customer experience while reducing cost at the same time since you no longer have to hire employees who work full-time updating your website or creating informational videos about your products/services. Another benefit of integration of OnceHub and Twilio is that customers would be able to reach your customer service representatives directly using “call back” feature that is built into OnceHub . Customers can easily connect with your company’s customer service representatives directly through Twilio’s API without having to dial in manually as seen below. In addition, integration of OnceHub and Twilio would give you better contrp over your brand image since it will allow you to archive all call records including call duration, call quality rating, etc.; thus giving you better ability to keep track of all interactions between your customers and employees (i.e., call recordings. allowing you to find employees who needs training if they are not performing well in terms of customer satisfaction or employee performance evaluation reports if your company is looking into hiring new employees due to high turnover rate within your company. Integration of OnceHub and Twilio would also allow companies with multiple locations around the world to still have one centralized system for all locations as long as each location has a “back end” coder who knows how to integrate OnceHub ’s API with Twilio’s API ; thus allowing all locations to share information seamlessly without having any problems due to different time zones across locations or having different languages spoken by different locations’ employees (i.e., United States vs India vs Australia vs Brazil vs Spain vs Germany…. However, companies with multiple locations who do not have someone who knows how to integrate OnceHub ’s API with Twilio’s API can still use an open source software called ResponseiQ which has practically done all the hard part for us since ResponseiQ uses both OnceHub ’s API and Twilio’s API . Therefore, integration of OnceHub and Twilio would spve many issues that usually occur when companies have multiple locations around the world such as time difference

The process to integrate OnceHub and Twilio may seem complicated and intimidating. This is why Appy Pie Connect has come up with a simple, affordable, and quick spution to help you automate your workflows. Click on the button below to begin.

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