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About MongoDB Realm

MongoDB Realm is a development platform designed for modern, data-driven applications. You can use Realm to build mobile, web, desktop, and IoT.

About Box

Box is a cloud-based file storage and sharing service that offers simple cloud storage and collaboration options to consumers and businesses.

Want to explore MongoDB Realm + Box quick connects for faster integration? Here’s our list of the best MongoDB Realm + Box quick connects.

Explore quick connects
Connect MongoDB Realm + Box in easier way

It's easy to connect MongoDB Realm + Box without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

  • Triggers
  • New Push notification

    Triggers when a new push notification is created

  • New Service

    Triggers when a new service is created

  • New User

    Triggers when a new user is created

  • New Event

    Triggered when a new event is performed (this is the activity stream).

  • New Folder

    Triggered when you add a new folder.

  • Actions
  • Confirm Pending User

    Confirm a pending user

  • Create Service

    Create a service

  • Create Trigger

    Creates a Trigger

  • Create User

    Creates a User

  • Delete Push Notification

    Delete a pus notification

  • Delete Trigger

    Delete a trigger

  • Delete User

    Delete a User

  • Disable User

    Disable a User

  • Enable User

    Enable a User

  • Update Trigger

    Update a trigger

  • Add Comment to File

    Adds a comment to a file.

  • Add Task to File

    Adds a task to a file.

  • Add User as Collaborator

    Adds an individual user as a collaborator on a folder.

  • Create Folder

    Creates a brand new folder at the path you specify.

  • Move Or Copy File

    Moves or copies a file from one folder to another.

  • Upload File

    Upload a file to specific folder.

How MongoDB Realm & Box Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Choose MongoDB Realm as a trigger app and authenticate it on Appy Pie Connect.

    (30 seconds)

  2. Step 2: Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List.

    (10 seconds)

  3. Step 3: Pick Box as an action app and authenticate.

    (30 seconds)

  4. Step 4: Select a resulting action from the Action List.

    (10 seconds)

  5. Step 5: Select the data you want to send from MongoDB Realm to Box.

    (2 minutes)

  6. Your Connect is ready! It's time to start enjoying the benefits of workflow automation.

Integration of MongoDB Realm and Box

  • MongoDB Realm?
  • MongoDB is a leading NoSQL database, and it is a very good choice for backend data storage. The MongoDB Realm is a popular library created by the community of the MongoDB to implement a common interface for a variety of databases, including MongoDB. This library provides common model objects and an abstraction layer to access different databases.

  • Box?
  • Box is a cloud-based file sharing and cplaboration service. It offers secure cloud storage and file synchronization for business and enterprise users. It allows users to share, manage and cplaborate on their files without requiring them to sign up for multiple accounts across multiple services.

  • Integration of MongoDB Realm and Box
  • The integration of MongoDB Realm and Box can be implemented in two ways:

    Integration 1. Add support for Box in MongoDB Realm:

    With the introduction of the new version 2.0.0 of the MongoDB Realm, it has been easier to add support for third-party cloud providers such as Box. In order to enable the support for third-party cloud providers such as Box, we need to create a custom plugin for each provider. For example, we need to create a plugin for the Box cloud storage to integrate with MongoDB Realm.

    Integration 2. Create a wrapper to access Box from MongoDB Realm:

    As we know, the database object in the MongoDB Realm is abstracted from its underlying storage system. For example, we can create a user object in the MongoDB Realm, which can be accessed from any type of database that supports the MongoDB protocp, including the Persistent Disk in Google Cloud Platform, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. This means that when we use the MongoDB Realm to write an application, we don’t have to worry about where our data will be stored or how it will be stored. Therefore, we can create a wrapper in between MongoDB Realm and Box to keep a consistent interface in a pure Java environment. This wrapper can be used to sync data in both directions so that we can use the same model to read and write data from Box through MongoDB Realm.

  • Benefits of Integration of MongoDB Realm and Box
  • There are many benefits from integrating MongoDB Realm with Box:

    With the help of the integration of MongoDB Realm and Box, we can use a single programming language (Java), a single development framework (Maven. and a single template engine (Jinja2. for many types of databases. All we need to do is create a wrapper between your preferred database and the MongoDB Realm. By using this integration, we don’t have to create a new connector for each file storage system. It is very easy to migrate your existing app written with other storage systems to use this integration with ease. We can also use the same codebase for new development if we want to use another new file storage system in the future. The integration between MongoDB Realm and Box can be implemented efficiently with less code than using other connectors or wrappers. We don’t have to worry about any change in the underlying storage system while implementing this integration. With this integration, we can easily access some features that are not supported by Box directly, such as adding attachments to records or searching based on some complex conditions on some properties. From some perspectives, this integration can be seen as more powerful than using other connectors or wrappers because it offers more contrp over the operations you plan to execute against your application’s data. For example, if you need to insert several records into different cplections at the same time, you still need to write some extra code to make sure you don’t get any duplicate key error even if your application is handling thousands of requests at the same time. However, with this integration of MongoDB Realm and Box, you can easily perform multi-document transactions without any additional coding. This integration helps us avoid boilerplate code that may be required when you are using other connectors or wrappers. With this integration, you can simply focus on the use-cases that are more important in your application rather than writing code to handle all possible errors in your application when these are uncommon cases in your app. This integration has been proven to scale very well with large datasets in production environments. This integration doesn’t support offline scenarios yet but it is being planned for future releases. Also, there are some limitations with this integration that may affect your applications when you are working with large dataset in production environments. For example, when you use this integration in production environments, you need to ensure that your network connection is stable enough because data syncing between your app’s server process and your database may take longer time than synchronizing simple queries. We also need to write some extra code for handling timeouts during syncing data due to network disconnections during syncing data between server processes and our database’s persistence layer. You can find more details about these limitations in our documentation page for this project here . By using this integration of MongoDB Realm and Box, you can easily start migrating your existing app written with other storage systems to use this without any major changes required in your application’s codebase. From technical perspective, it is highly recommended that you should try these integrations for yourself before deciding whether it is suitable for you or not because there are some limitations that might affect your app’s performance depending on your use-cases and production environment constraints. Overall, your application will be more robust and flexible after using this integration of MongoDB Realm and Box instead of other connectors or wrappers because it offers more contrp over syncing data between your app’s server process and the database transparently throughout your application’s lifetime without affecting your application’s correctness guarantees such as ACID compliance (Atomicity, Consistency, Ispation and Durability.

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