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About LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are a simple way to increase your qualified lead generation and your sales pipeline. All of your opportunities are stored within the form so you can use all of LinkedIn's data to further target and qualify leads.

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About Autotask

Autotask provides an IT business management tool that combines RMM, service desk, CRM, projects, time, billing, reporting, and more. It has the ability to integrate all the features you may need to meet your specific business requirements.

Autotask Integrations
Autotask Integration Details

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Lead Gen Forms provides a variety of lead capture options for your website, including forms that:

Display on your website and can be embedded into email templates, landing pages and your blog.

Automatically sync with the contact record of any lead that fills out a form to create a custom account profile.

Can be linked to external applications such as Autotask and HubSpot.

Provide the opportunity to display 3rd party social media badges such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


Autotask is an IT management software application for managing IT projects and services, providing resource planning, time tracking and task management functionality.

  • Integration of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Autotask:
  • What you will need:

    LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms (free. – Link.

    Autotask (free. – Link.

    Step 1. Set up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms on your site

    • Navigate to Advanced Setup from the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms menu.
    • Create a new form configuration by clicking the button “+” at the top right of the page.
    • Give it a name, choose which fields you would like to include, configure whether it should show up in search results and make sure you select “Countries/Regions” from the drop down menu under “Contact Information”. You can later customize your form by scrpling down to the Advanced Settings section. The settings here determine if a user will be required to input a value or not when they fill out a form field. For example, if you select the value “Yes” for the field “Required” then a user will have to enter text into that field before they can continue with the form. If you select “No” then they will not be required to fill that field out before they can submit their information. However, having data in the field will increase your chances of matching them up with an existing company record in Autotask. One of the main benefits of integrating LinkedIn Lead Gen forms with Autotask is that each form submission will automatically create a new contact in Autotask with all of the information provided through the form. It will create both an Account and Contact record depending on how you set up your Account Profile on LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. This allows you to track new leads through their entire sales cycle without having to manually enter any data into Autotask yourself. Once you are done customizing your form fields, scrpl back up to the top of the page and click “Save & Close”. Your form will now appear on your website where you can embed it into email templates or landing pages or simply embed it directly on your website if you would like to show it off to your visitors. To do this, copy the code provided at the bottom of your page and paste it directly into your website HTML code where you would like the form to appear. The code should look something like this. <iframe src="" style="width:100%;height:600px;border-style:outset;" frameborder="0"></iframe> You can now send emails containing a URL that contains a shortened version of the URL link to your form so that users can easily access it from their inboxes. To shorten it, go to and click “Create Account” to sign up for a free account if you don’t already have one. Once logged in, click “Create Shortened Link” under the “Compose” tab. Give your link a name, choose how long you would like the URL to be, click “Create Link” and then copy the shortened URL that appears further down on that page into an email template where you would like your link to appear. If you want to track how many users clicked on your link, you can install Bitly’s Google Analytics tracking code by going to . You can find instructions on how to do this on Bitly’s website here. Step 2. Set up Autotask integration with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Fill out Autotask's signup form using a Gmail or Outlook email address since Autotask won't allow you to register with a Facebook or Yahoo email address no matter how hard you try unless you use a different email service provider other than Gmail or Outlook. So make sure to keep this in mind when setting up Autotask's integration with LinkedIn Lead Gen forms or else you'll get stuck at this step forever because Google apps don't work with Autotask's registration process while Yahoo and Facebook do! Copy and paste the fplowing URL into an email sent from Gmail or Outlook to [email protected] Your request will appear in Autotask's New Requests queue within 24 hours and someone from Autotask will then approve it and send a welcome message back to you at that time or once they've been able to take a look at it if there is heavy traffic happening in their queue at that time. This is what Autotask's developer support team will ask you if they haven't heard of LinkedIn Lead Gen Form before so just remember this when you receive an email back from them and fill out their request in order to create your integration! Step 3. Add an AutoTask record using your new LinkedIn Lead gen Form integration and create a new contact in Autotask! Once you have created your integration between LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Autotask, navigate back to your LinkedIn Lead Gen Form dashboard at, hover over your newly created form configuration and click "Add Contact". On this page, provide some basic information about who filled out your form such as their first name, last name, company name, country of residence and email address. From here, you have two options for setting up how contacts are created in Autotask depending on what you would like to happen when someone fills out your form. 1. Create an Account Record if one does not already exist If you select "Create Account" then every new contact that is created through this form will also get an account record created in Autotask. This account record will then be matched up with any existing Autotask accounts based on how you set up your Account Profile on LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms so it is important that you set up all of your fields properly so that there is an existing match in Autotask or else this process won't work properly! 2. Create only Contacts if one does not already exist If you select "Create Contact Only" then contacts will be created in Autotask but no account records will be created for them unless someone already has an account record in Autotask that matches up with one of these contacts! You can then use either option for any of the other fields that are available on this page such as "Notify Recipients", "Mark Record As Read" or "Store Attachment". Click "Save" when finished and then navigate back inside of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms by clicking "Dashboard" at the top left

    The process to integrate LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Autotask may seem complicated and intimidating. This is why Appy Pie Connect has come up with a simple, affordable, and quick spution to help you automate your workflows. Click on the button below to begin.

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    • Triggers
    • New Form Response

      Triggers every time you receive a new form response.

    • New Account

      Triggers whenever a new Account is added.

    • New Appointment

      Triggers whenever a new appointments is added.

    • New Configuration Item

      Triggers when a new Configuration Item is found.

    • New Contract

      Trigger when a new contract created.

    • New Holiday

      Triggers whenever a new holiday is added.

    • New Invoice

      Triggers whenever a new invoice is added.

    • New Item Or Service

      Triggers whenever a new item/service is added.

    • New Opportunity

      Triggers whenever a new opportunity is added.

    • New Project

      Triggers when a new Project is found.

    • New Task

      Triggers when a new Task is found.

    • New Ticket

      Triggers when a new Ticket is found.

    • New Time Entry

      Triggers when a new Time Entry is found.

    • New Todos

      Triggers whenever a new account todos is added.

    • New or Updated Contact

      Triggers whenever a new or updated Contact is found.

    • New or Updated Ticket Note

      Triggers when a ticket note is updated or created.

    • Service Call

      Trigger if a service call was created/setup

    • Updated Account

      Triggers when an Account is updated.

    • Updated Task

      Triggers when a updated task is found.

    • Updated Ticket

      Triggers when a ticket is updated.

    • Updated Time Entry

      Triggers when a Time Entry is updated.

    • Actions
    • Create Account

      Creates an account.

    • Create Appointment

      Creates an appointment.

    • Create Contact

      Creates a contact.

    • Create Opportunity

      Creates a opportunity.

    • Create Ticket

      Creates a ticket.

    • Create Ticket Note

      Creates a ticket note.

    • Create Time Entry

      Creates a Time Entry.

    • Create ToDo

      Creates a ToDo.

    • Update Opportunity

      Updates an opportunity.

    • Update Ticket

      Updates a ticket.

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