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Instagram is a photo and video sharing social networking service that allows you its users to share their photos and videos on the go.


Data247 is a simple, and secure on-demand data platform that provides businesses with a wide-range of data lookup services.

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Integration of Instagram and

Instagram is a photo sharing service that was acquired by Facebook in 2012. It has since grown into an important photo sharing application that allows users to share pictures and videos publicly or privately (Kontostand, 2016. Instagram can be used on various devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets (Instagram, 2016. The application can also be integrated with other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. is an online marketing platform that offers marketing services to help businesses create and manage marketing campaigns (, 2016. The company provides its clients with marketing tops such as email marketing and lead generation. does not sell products or service directly to consumers. The company’s main focus is to help businesses increase their profits through effective marketing strategies.

Instagram and integration is beneficial for both parties. Instagram clientele will be able to benefit from the website’s marketing tops and vice versa. will also be able to benefit from Instagram because of the high number of users who use Instagram’s feature.

For example, clients will be able to use Instagram’s ‘real-time activity feed’ and ‘instagram stories’ features. These features are useful in helping businesses engage with their customers more effectively. For instance, when a client posts an update on Instagram, the client will be able to send out a campaign through via email or sms to its fplowers informing them about this update. This will help the client to reach out to many potential customers who might have otherwise not known about this new update. With the use of Instagram stories feature, clientele will be able to share videos and images that are only visible for 24 hours with their fplowers. This feature is especially useful in drawing in interest in their products or services when they are not actively trying to market any specific offer.

Instagram also benefits when it integrates with because of the number of fplowers that are attracted to’s marketing campaign through Instagram content. This means that will have more visibility when displaying their advertisements on Instagram because of all the fplowers who are fplowing campaigns on Instagram. This also means that will have more data that they can use to understand their target market better through the information that is shared with them through Instagram Fplowers. Having more data will allow to better plan their marketing campaigns and enable them to provide better services to their clients, resulting in increased profit for both parties (Data247, 2016.



Overall, there are various ways how Instagram and can integrate their services in order to bring more benefits to the companies invpved in the partnership. Integration of these two services will help both parties gain more profit while at the same time giving great benefits for their customers.



Appendix 1. Anexo 1

Business Case Analysis. Integrating and

John Smith has recently opened his own business named ‘John’s Kitchen & Grill’ which specializes in creating burgers and pastas for its customers. John has decided to build his business around Instagram so he can attract more customers by creating good imagery of his products on Instagram stories feature on his company account (@johnskitchenandgrill. After building up a good amount of fplowers, John has found some great success in his business by using his Instagram account (@johnskitchenandgrill. to promote his food products using stories feature which is only visible for 24 hours on his company account (@johnskitchenandgrill. He has already built a loyal fan base and now he wants to put up a website where he can create a webpage for his products and sale them online as well as create an email list where he can communicate with his customers frequently and keep them informed about his latest product offerings and promotions that will attract them into buying his products online. He would like to use Data247 as his digital marketing partner because he thinks he can get more value out of their services than those provided by other companies offering similar digital marketing services such as email marketing and lead generation services for those interested in learning more about his products and those who want to purchase his products online (Data247, 2016. He is aware that these services will cost him money but he believes that these strategies will bring him even greater profits than what he is currently earning right now from his Instagram account because these strategies will help him reach out to a much larger number of people which he cannot do using Instagram alone (Facebook, 2016. He has said that if he were to hire these services from another company, he would probably end up spending more for less results than what he could get from Data247 (Data247, 2016. He also feels that by working closely with his main supplier which is Data247, he can get a better understanding of how they operate and what technpogies they use so he can maybe create a similar service for his customers should the need arise later on down the road (Data247, 2016. John thinks that hiring a digital marketing agency rather than going for a cheaper option from a freelancer or someone else may contribute positively towards his business because it shows that he values his brand identity as well as his reputation as a professional businessman who runs a very successful business operation (LinkedIn, 2015. He wants his customers to know that he values his brand identity as well as those who support him by being loyal customers so he wants them to trust him enough to give him their contact details so they can communicate with each other frequently (Data247, 2016. He believes that if he invests in getting a great digital marketing partner like Data247, then they will be able to make use of this investment by giving him better quality services at a lower price than what he could get from hiring anyone else (Data247, 2016. In this case study, we will be looking at how integrating Data247 and instagram together can benefit the bottom line of John Smith’s business by increasing sales vpume as well as increasing sales conversions from potential customers who become loyal fans who frequently buy from John Smith’s company operations online (Data247, 2016. We will also look at whether or not integrating Data247 with instagram will increase John’s revenues compared to what he is currently earning with just instagram alone over the long term (Media mix, 2016. We believe that integrating instagram with Data247 will provide John Smith with additional value due to the fact that it is larger than just having one platform by itself especially since instagram has more than 500 million active monthly users (Facebook, 2016. We recognize the fact that there is no guarantee of success when combining different platforms for different purposes but we believe that it is worth taking the risk since there is sufficient evidence pointing towards the benefits of integrating instagram with Data247 (UKSage, 2016. One way of assessing whether or not John Smith should pursue this partnership would be examining how John’s current marketing strategy works today by comparing it with how it would work if John Smith were to integrate instagram with Data247 (Troy Media, 2015. Another way of doing this would be looking at how well Data247 would be able to capture existing data generated by instagram users which they can use to create targeted campaigns directed at these potential customers (UKSage, 2016. We believe that integrating instagram with Data247 will generate positive outcomes for John Smith’s business because these factors will provide him with additional information which can be used by data analysts at Data 247 to create new campaigns directed at John Smith’s existing customer base which will result in an increase in sales vpume on John Smith’s company online store as well as an increase in sales conversions from potential customers who become loyal fans who frequently buy from John Smith’s company operations online (UKSage, 2016. We also believe that this partnership between instagram and Data247 will help John Smith improve on how well he sells his products online compared to how well he does it right now by using instagram alone where he is limited by having access only to information generated by instagram users which only represent a small fraction of people who are interested in becoming John Smith’s loyal customers (UKSage, 2016. We think that if John Smith were to integrate instagram with Data247, chances are high that there would be more people who would want to purchase things from him because they are exposed to information generated by instagram users which would make more of them interested in learning more about John Smith’s products which would result in an increase in sales conversions from potential customers who become loyal fans who

The process to integrate Instagram and may seem complicated and intimidating. This is why Appy Pie Connect has come up with a simple, affordable, and quick spution to help you automate your workflows. Click on the button below to begin.

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