GoToMeeting Integrations

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About GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is the best online meeting and video conferencing tool that provides a fast, easy, and reliable meeting solution to power workforce productivity. Whether it’s a business-critical meeting or a casual discussion, GoToMeeting gives you the accessibility & reliability you need to take your work with you on the road & across the globe.

GoToMeeting Alternatives

Looking for the GoToMeeting Alternatives? Here is the list of top GoToMeeting Alternatives

  • Zoom Zoom

Choose the app you want to connect with GoToMeeting


  • Thinkific Thinkific
  • ThriveCart ThriveCart
  • Wealthbox CRM Wealthbox CRM
  • Zoho Inventory Zoho Inventory
  • Zoho People Zoho People
  • Microsoft To-Do Microsoft To-Do
  • Typeform Typeform
  • TickTick TickTick
  • Premium Instagram Business Instagram Business
  • Premium Trello Trello
  • WhatsApp Business Messenger WhatsApp Business Messenger
  • PDFMonkey PDFMonkey
  • GitLab GitLab
  • Premium GetResponse GetResponse
  • Premium ServiceNow ServiceNow
  • Premium eBay eBay
  • Premium GoToTraining GoToTraining
  • Cliniko Cliniko

How to Integrate GoToMeeting with Appy Pie Connect

Follow these steps to Integrate GoToMeeting:

  1. Go to Appy Pie Connect

  2. Create an account or login if you already have an account

  3. Search for the GoToMeeting App in the App directory

  4. Select a trigger event from the list

  5. Click on ‘Connect an Account’ and enter GoToMeeting account API key

  6. Your GoToMeeting app is now ready to integrate hundreds of apps supported on Appy pie Connect.

Best GoToMeeting Integrations

  • GoToMeeting Google Calendar

    GoToMeeting + Google Calendar

    Add new detailed Google Calendar events for new GoToMeeting meetings Read More...
    When this happens...
    GoToMeeting New Meeting
    Then do this...
    Google Calendar Create Detailed Event
    This Connect Flow provides a more efficient alternative to manually adding all those meetings to your main calendar. Once this GoToMeeting-Google Calendar integration is turned on, every new GoToMeeting meeting will also create a new detailed event on Google Calendar, ensuring that your scheduling is always up to date, regardless of which programs you're using.
    The Method of Action
    • A new meeting is created on GoToMeeting
    • Appy Pie Connect adds a new detailed event to Google Calendar
    What You Need
    • GoToMeeting account
    • Google Calendar account
  • GoToMeeting Gmail

    GoToMeeting + Gmail

    Create drafts on Gmail for new GoToMeeting meetings
    When this happens...
    GoToMeeting New Meeting
    Then do this...
    Gmail Create Draft
    Don't assume you have to do everything manually just because you need to add some variable information to those meeting notice emails. If you enable the GoToMeeting Gmail integration, those emails will be always set up and ready for you. Any new GoToMeeting meeting will create a new draught email in your Gmail account with all the details, ready to be sent at a moment's notice whenever you add your additional content.
    How Does It Works
    • A new meeting is created on GoToMeeting
    • Appy Pie Connect creates a draft email in Gmail for you.
    What You Require
    • GoToMeeting account
    • Gmail account
  • GoToMeeting Salesforce

    GoToMeeting + Salesforce

    Create new Salesforce tasks for new GoToMeeting meetings
    When this happens...
    GoToMeeting New Meeting
    Then do this...
    Salesforce Create Record
    Having problems staying on track with your Salesforce prep work for all of those meetings? For some helpful scheduling automation, try setting up this GoToMeeting Salesforce integration. Once you've done that, every new GoToMeeting meeting will result in a new Salesforce task. This will then automatically import all the necessary information into your sales platform, ensuring that you have everything you need to organize and execute those appointments.
    How Does It Works
    • A new meeting is created on GoToMeeting
    • Appy Pie Connect creates a new Salesforce task for you automatically.
    What You Require
    • Salesforce account
    • GoToMeeting account
  • GoToMeeting Gmail

    GoToMeeting + Gmail

    Send Email in Gmail when New Meeting is created in GoToMeeting Read More...
    When this happens...
    GoToMeeting New Meeting
    Then do this...
    Gmail Send Email
  • GoToMeeting Gmail

    GoToMeeting + Gmail

    Create Label to Gmail from New Meeting in GoToMeeting Read More...
    When this happens...
    GoToMeeting New Meeting
    Then do this...
    Gmail Create Label
  • GoToMeeting Gmail

    GoToMeeting + {{item.actionAppName}}

    {{item.message}}
    When this happens...
    GoToMeeting {{item.triggerTitle}}
    Then do this...
    {{item.actionAppImage}} {{item.actionTitle}}

GoToMeeting Integration Details

Connect GoToMeeting with Appy Pie Connect and make your business process more efficient. GoToMeeting integrations make it easy to organize meetings with colleagues, customers, or stakeholders right from within any apps you use in your business, simplifying your workflow by removing the stress of switching platforms. Appy Pie Connect allows you to integrate GoToMeeting with thousands of apps for a variety of actions. By using GoToMeeting and Appy Pie Connect together, you can add your video conference details to your Google Calendar from where you can automatically send them to team collaboration apps for follow-up. With Appy Pie Connect, you can use the information from GoToMeeting and automatically trigger tasks like sending out emails, adding new subscribers on email marketing platforms, creating tasks on project management apps, or perform thousands of other actions with over 1000 other apps supported on Appy Pie Connect.

Why You Should Use GoToMeeting Integration?

GoToMeeting integration allows you to start a GoToMeeting session from apps of your choice. Integrating GoToMeeting tasks and meeting history into your environment enables you to manage and view all meetings from within your applications and support infrastructure. This can help you manage your customer service more effectively. GoToMeeting Integration at Appy Pie Connect is the best way to streamline your business processes and engage your workforce for better performance.

Here is how you can use GoToMeeting with Appy Pie Connect:

  • Integrate GoToMeeting with Google Calendar and seamlessly schedule, manage, & join upcoming meetings in GoToMeeting directly from your Google calendar, making sure that your scheduling is always up to date, irrespective of the app you're using.
  • Drive actionable insights and increase traffic and conversions. Use Appy Pie Connect and send your GoToMeeting data to email marketing platforms automatically, without any manual efforts.
  • Get instant access to a meeting on GoToMeeting from your team collaboration apps. Appy Pie Connect instantly sends meeting links to the team collaboration app you’ve integrated with GoToMeeting.
  • Connect Calendly to GoToMeeting and automatically create meetings in GoToMeeting from scheduled Calendly events.
  • Integrate GoToMeeting with Google Calendar and keep everyone on your team informed about any latest schedules. This GoToMeeting-Google Calendar integration will automatically create meetings on GoToMeeting for new events on Google Calendar.
  • Automatically send email to all your attendees without any time spent on your part. Connect Gmail to GoToMeeting and automatically send them emails for new meetings on GoToMeeting.
  • Connect GoToMeeting to Salesforce and automatically add all your Salesforce customers’ data to GoToMeeting. This GoToMeeting and Salesforce integration will increase business sales more effectively.
  • Create GoToMeeting meetings from new Appointy appointments. Integrate GoToMeeting with Appointy and automatically create GoToMeeting meetings from Appointy appointments.
  • Connect GoToMeeting to AWeber and automatically push webinar registrations to AWeber to create more leads. This GoToMeeting- AWeber integration is designed to increase your sales like never before.

Appy Pie Connect brings together Triggers (like "New Registrants") and Actions (like "Create Event") to complete an action in one app whenever a trigger occurs in another. This phenomenon is called “Connect” and these Connects help you automate repetitive tasks saving you the trouble of doing them manually.

Here is a list of GoToMeeting Triggers and Actions

Step By Step GoToMeeting Integration Guide

  1. To integrate GoToMeeting with Appy Pie Connect, search and select the app from the app directory at Appy Pie Connect. Choose the service required and press Continue to move further ahead with integration steps at Appy Pie Connect.

  2. Click the Connect an Account button and enter the email address associated with GoToMeeting in the pop-up at Appy Pie Connect. Once you have entered the correct email address, click the Next button.

  3. Enter the password of the same account correctly and click the Sign in button.

  4. Appy Pie Connect will ask to reconfirm the account integrated. Click the Continue button and the integration of GoToMeeting will be completed at Appy Pie Connect.

Common Issues With GoToMeeting At Appy Pie Connect

Create Meeting Action Error - 404 Bad Request

This error happens when a user is trying to create a meeting in the past. Kindly check the date and time for creating a meeting.