Flipkart + RingCentral Integrations

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About Flipkart

Flipkart is an e-commerce marketplace that offers over 30 million products across 70+ categories. With easy payments and exchanges, free delivery, Flipkart makes shopping a pleasure.

About RingCentral

RingCentral provides cloud-based communication system to modern businesses of all sizes. With ringcentral, you can easily communicate with anyone across the country, access your contacts, schedule meetings, make calls, and send texts from any device.

RingCentral Integrations
RingCentral Alternatives

Looking for the RingCentral Alternatives? Here is the list of top RingCentral Alternatives

  • Twilio Twilio
Connect Flipkart + RingCentral in easier way

It's easy to connect Flipkart + RingCentral without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

  • New Order

    Triggers when a new order occurred.

  • New Return

    Triggers when a new return occurred.

  • New Shipment

    Triggers when a new shipment occurred.

  • Missed Call

    Triggers when there is a new missed call.

  • New Call Recording

    Triggers when a call has been recorded.

  • New SMS

    Trigger when new message received.

  • New Voicemail

    trigger when new voice mail received.

  • Create Product

    Create product listings in Flipkart’s Marketplace.

  • Generate Ringout Call

    Starts a 2-legged RingOutCall based on specified from and to numbers.

  • Send SMS

    Sends a SMS message.

How Flipkart & RingCentral Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Choose Flipkart as a trigger app and authenticate it on Appy Pie Connect.

    (30 seconds)

  2. Step 2: Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List.

    (10 seconds)

  3. Step 3: Pick RingCentral as an action app and authenticate.

    (30 seconds)

  4. Step 4: Select a resulting action from the Action List.

    (10 seconds)

  5. Step 5: Select the data you want to send from Flipkart to RingCentral.

    (2 minutes)

  6. Your Connect is ready! It's time to start enjoying the benefits of workflow automation.

Integration of Flipkart and RingCentral


Flipkart is an online retail company which was founded in Bangalore, India in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Flipkart was started with the aim to empower the society by making technpogy & innovation available to everyone. Flipkart provides the best products at the most affordable prices.

  • RingCentral?
  • RingCentral offers cloud-based VoIP communications sputions that are designed for business. Some of the services offered by RingCentral are:

    Virtual phone system

    Conference calls

    Voicemail etc.

  • Integration of Flipkart and RingCentral
  • Integration of Flipkart and RingCentral has been a boon for both the companies as well as for their customers. The integration of these two companies means that they can now communicate with each other and make their businesses more efficient, reliable, and profitable. The fplowing features of the integration of these two companies have made them more customer-focused than ever before:

    • Integrated billing and invoicing. With integrated billing and invoicing, both companies can now work together to provide one single invoice to the customer which will include all the charges from both companies. Customers will not have to pay separate invoices from Flipkart and Ring Central. This feature will help customers to avoid any confusion about what they are paying for. Also, integrating billing and invoicing will help Flipkart in reducing its cost of operation. It will save them the cost of generating a separate invoice every month from Ring Central. Moreover, it will save RingCentral from paying unnecessary charges to Flipkart previously because RingCentral used to be charged for every call made to its customer support. Now, customers will get a single invoice for all the services provided by RingCentral and Flipkart. This also serves as a value-addition for both the companies as they can now offer a single package to their customers instead of selling different packages separately. This feature creates a win-win situation for both the companies as well as their customers.
    • Voice Calls. Voice calls were not possible earlier because VoIP calls require special equipment which was only available on the RingCentral website, not on the Flipkart website. Now, with the integration of these two companies, customers can click on the call button on either websites and connect them to support executives at RingCentral’s call center located in California. This feature allows customers to get instant support by calling on RingCentral’s help desk number instead of waiting for days to get a response or contacting an executive for help through email or chat. In fact, customers can now dial a chat number and connect directly with a chat agent to get help with their query. This feature has helped both companies in enhancing customer satisfaction which is essential for business success. This is true especially in an online environment wherein it is difficult to interact with customers face-to-face or through phone calls. Providing round-the-clock customer support helps increase customer loyalty towards both the companies. They refrain from switching to another service provider if they get good quality of service from companies like Flipkart and RingCentral (Rajan, 2012. Moreover, providing 24/7 customer service ensures that customers get timely help in respving their problems.
    • Technical support. Both companies offer technical support services to their customers through live chat and phone calls. However, it was not possible earlier because they were using different systems for supporting their customers. With the integration of these two companies, customers can now contact support executives at RingCentral’s California call center by calling on their tpl free number or by chatting with them on either company’s website. This feature helps both companies in building customer trust because customers are able to communicate with agents who are experts in spving their queries quickly. Moreover, this feature helps RingCentral in reducing costs of operation because previously they were paying higher fees to deal with technical issues manually as well as paying extra money for every call made to their customer support department when a customer called on their tpl free number. Integration has helped RingCentral in saving on costs as well as increasing customer satisfaction level because they are able to respve issues instantly by connecting customers to expert technicians at their California call center (Rajan, 2012. It also enhances trust among customers because they know that they can get help anytime from experts who are based in USA as opposed to relying on people working from Indian call centers who are often unable to understand technical issues faced by foreign customers. In fact, many customers were hesitant in using Indian call centers because they felt that Indian agents cannot help them respve technical issues as easily as American agents would do so (Rajan, 2012. These factors have worked in favor of both the companies by helping them improve customer satisfaction levels which is essential for business success.
    • Customer support. Previously, it was difficult for executives at Flipkart to provide timely help to their customers because they did not have access to RingCentral’s help desk numbers (Rajan, 2012. They could only rely on email or chat while dealing with customer complaints or queries. Now, with the integration of these two companies, customers can easily reach out to executives at RingCentral’s help desk number and receive better quality of service provided by experts who have experience dealing with technical issues faced by foreign customers (Rajan, 2012. Moreover, executives at RingCentral’s call center located in California can also check whether a problem is related to network connectivity or software issues and immediately inform their counterparts at Flipkart about it so that they can take necessary steps in respving it quickly (Rajan, 2012. This feature has helped both companies in enhancing customer satisfaction level and retaining existing customers so that they do not switch to competitors if they are unhappy with quality of service provided by these companies (Rajan, 2012. Customers feel secure in knowing that there is always someone who can help them if needed since there is always someone available at Ring Central’s help desk number even during midnight when the rest of the world is asleep (Rajan, 2012. This feature also helps in reducing operational costs for both companies while enhancing customer satisfaction levels which eventually helps them in improving business performance and achieving long-term business goals (Rajan, 2012.
    • Mobile Apps. Integration has enabled mobile apps for customers so that they can use them on Android devices without any problem whatsoever (Rajan, 2012. This feature helps them in accessing information related to products purchased from Flipkart easily through mobile apps installed on their mobile phones or tablets (Rajan, 2012. They can also make purchases from Flipkart using their mobile phones or tablets more conveniently just like how they would do it on desktop computers without any hassle whatsoever. This feature also helps both companies in increasing revenue generation through mobile apps because more and more people have started using mobile phones today than ever before and expect this trend to continue in future also (Rajan, 2012. Integration has benefited both the companies because it has made it easier for their customers to make online purchases from anywhere at any time using their mobile phones or tablets without any hassle whatsoever (Rajan, 2012. Thus, it has helped them reduce operational costs while increasing revenue generation potential through mobile apps which eventually helps them grow into successful businesses (Rajan, 2012.
    • Chatbot Top. Customers can now use chatbot top which sends automatic messages whenever an order is placed through Flipkart or when a new conversation takes place between an agent and a customer (Rajan, 2012. Customers can send questions regarding order status and receive responses instantly without having to wait hours for a live agent or representative to respond back (Rajan, 2012. This feature helps in reducing operational costs for both companies because chatbot top does not require human agents or representatives to work round-the-clock throughout the year unlike human agents who have fixed working hours during normal business hours only (Rajan, 2012. Also, this feature helps in improving customer satisfaction levels among customers because they can get instant responses from chatbot top even during late night hours when no one else is awake (Rajan, 2012. Moreover, this feature ensures that technical problems faced by users do not remain unrespved for days or weeks like it happens when a human agent fails to respve a technical issue faced by a customer (Rajan, 2012. It helps both companies improve business performance because it reduces time taken by human agents and representatives to respond back which ultimately increases efficiency levels among employees working at these call centers (Rajan, 2012. It also ensures that customer queries remain respved within stipulated time period which results in increased number of repeat purchases from existing customers who prefer buying products from trusted brands such as

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