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About Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling unique, creative, and handmade goods.

About DocuSign

Docusign is cloud-based eSignature software with the most accurate and secure way to sign and send documents for business, legal, and medical use. Docusign is also used as a powerful workflow tool for eContracts, and e-invoicing.

DocuSign Integrations
DocuSign Alternatives

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Connect Etsy + DocuSign in easier way

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  • New Active Listing

    Triggers when there is a new active listing.

  • New Order

    Triggers when a new Order is placed with selected shop.

  • New User

    Triggers when a new user is created.

  • Order Paid

    Triggers when an Order in the selected Shop is paid.

  • Order Shipped

    Triggers when an Order in the selected Shop is shipped.

  • New Update Envelope

    Trigger when a status of the envelope changed.

  • Create Signature Request

    Create Signature Request

  • Send Envelope

    Send Envelope

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How Etsy & DocuSign Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Choose Etsy as a trigger app and authenticate it on Appy Pie Connect.

    (30 seconds)

  2. Step 2: Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List.

    (10 seconds)

  3. Step 3: Pick DocuSign as an action app and authenticate.

    (30 seconds)

  4. Step 4: Select a resulting action from the Action List.

    (10 seconds)

  5. Step 5: Select the data you want to send from Etsy to DocuSign.

    (2 minutes)

  6. Your Connect is ready! It's time to start enjoying the benefits of workflow automation.

Integration of Etsy and DocuSign

Etsy is a global online marketplace for handmade or vintage crafts and art. It is the most recent startup in a series of successful ventures by its founders, Rob Kalin, Chris Maguire, and Haim Schoppik. Rob Kalin started the company as a way to sell his own hand-made furniture and crafts. Its headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York, with offices in San Francisco. Etsy is valued at $1.5 billion as of 2014. More than 1 million sellers from around the world have sales on the platform. Etsy generates revenue primarily from a 3.5% transaction fee on each sale, and sellers pay a subscription fee of 20 cents per month if they list more than one item per month.

DocuSign provides electronic signature technpogy for companies that want to sign documents digitally. DocuSign sends an electronic document to a recipient’s email inbox and upon receipt, the user can select to sign the document electronically using a digital pen, smartphone, tablet or laptop, which then gets sent back to the sender. The recipient receives an email notification upon signing, and can also view the signed document in their account history. The recipient can add comments and notes to the signed document, and it can be stored in an online archive for future reference. It is available in all 50 states. DocuSign has 2,000 employees globally and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. DocuSign has been covered extensively in the media and is used by notable companies including Apple Inc., Salesforce.com, Rackspace, IBM, Comcast, Cisco Systems, CitiBank, Comcast Ventures, Sony Pictures Entertainment and American Express.

Although there are many differences between Etsy and DocuSign, both are similar because they are both successful businesses that offer two different services that help their customers fulfill their needs. Both Etsy and DocuSign allow their customers to do business easier as well as both serve their customers by helping them in their daily lives. More specifically, I will explain how Etsy makes it easier for people to do business and how DocuSign helps people make their lives easier.

Integration of Etsy and DocuSign

Etsy is a marketplace for buyers of handmade goods — items made by individual craftsmen or small-scale artisans — while DocuSign is a digital signature service that allows users to sign documents on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. Many Etsy sellers sell handmade goods with low-run production numbers, which are often undervalued in traditional markets. This trend is reflected by the high median sales price for handmade goods on Etsy of $180 compared to the median sales price for nonhandmade goods on Etsy of $12.50 (Etsy 2014. The integration of Etsy’s marketplace with DocuSign’s signature technpogy would allow Etsy sellers to quickly and easily create personalized invoices that are automatically sent to buyers by email after the payment is received. This integration would greatly benefit both Etsy sellers and buyers because it would save time when creating invoices and reduce the possibility of human error when manually typing out an invoice after receiving payment. Another benefit would be the ability for Etsy sellers to access their customer feedback directly into their DocuSign account so that they can use it as marketing material in the future when doing business with other buyers. For example, if an Etsy seller had a customer who said that she loved her ear cuffs but wished they were blue instead of purple, the seller could take this feedback into account when creating new products for her next order. In the future, this type of customer feedback could be viewed easily by the seller without having to look through notes or emails since it is automatically accessible through a user’s account history on DocuSign. By integrating DocuSign with Etsy, both businesses would benefit as more people would be able to easily create customized invoices for their customers after receiving payment without having to waste time manually typing out each invoice individually.

Benefits of Integration of Etsy and DocuSign

Etsy offers benefits in many aspects of life such as buying handmade goods or selling handmade goods on its marketplace. One benefit is that many credit card companies offer rewards programs when paying with a credit card that are added to your monthly bill statement in addition to cash back rewards from credit cards that you accumulate throughout the year. When buying handmade goods on Etsy, you can use your credit card rewards program to pay for your purchases rather than having cash on hand to pay for your items immediately. This gives you extra money that you normally wouldn’t have had if you purchased your items elsewhere using cash rather than a credit card. Also, if you sell handmade items on Etsy, you can use your credit card rewards program to purchase supplies needed for your business while getting cash back rather than using cash from your paycheck or from savings accounts. Therefore, many people who use credit cards to purchase handmade goods on Etsy or who sell handmade goods on Etsy end up saving money in a long run by using their credit cards as opposed to using cash. Another benefit of Etsy is that many popular brands like Levi’s Jeans sponsor their own stores on Etsy by selling their own products in addition to showcasing items made by independent crafters from around the world on their store pages. Levi’s sells merchandise such as t-shirts, buttons, bracelets and other accessories on its store page that can be purchased directly from Levi’s using either PayPal or a Visa or MasterCard credit card while also allowing other people to sell their handmade items through their store page as well. This integration between Levi’s store page and Etsy gives customers more options when shopping for clothes because they get to choose from a variety of different styles and prices while also supporting independent crafters at the same time. One benefit of using PayPal when purchasing items through Etsy is that it allows customers who don’t have credit cards or who don’t want to use credit cards to purchase items on Etsy without having to worry about investing money upfront before receiving their product. Rather than waiting for weeks or even months for a product to arrive in the mail after ordering it online using PayPal, PayPal users can download an application onto their mobile devices to shop whenever they please without having to wait around until they see a product they like before purchasing it online through PayPal. Since PayPal doesn’t require users to make payments upfront before receiving their product, consumers can also purchase items on Etsy knowing that they will be getting exactly what they paid for because sellers on Etsy must provide proof that they actually have what they say they have before listing an item for sale on their store page. People who shop on Etsy know that they are always getting exactly what they paid for because every item purchased is backed up by proof of ownership provided by sellers such as photography documentation proving that a seller owns an item she is selling or receipts proving that she bought an item recently from a brick-and-mortar store and is now reselling it online at a higher price point through her own store page or shop page on Etsy. Another benefit of shopping on Etsy is that people can buy unique gifts for others while also supporting independent crafters who may have limited financial resources but want to start their own businesses anyway by opening a shop page on Etsy where they list handmade items for sale such as jewelry, clothing or home decor products. People who buy gifts through Etsy get access to exclusive discounts not offered by traditional retailers including coupons and promotions only offered directly through an independent crafter’s store page or shop page on Etsy such as 25% off coupon codes for first-time purchases and free shipping deals only available through these direct marketplaces for handmade goods spd by independent crafters instead of large corporations like Louis Vuitton, Coach or Burberry. Another benefit of shopping on Etsy is that people are supporting independent crafters while getting unique products made by them personally instead of buying something mass produced at a local retail store such as Target or Walmart where workers have no creative freedom over what they produce or how much variation there will be in individual products within a single batch because everything is produced in bulk through mass production methods with little variation between individual items produced together in one batch so that every item produced together looks exactly the same as every other item produced together in one batch regardless of who buys them or how much they cost or how big they actually are since these products are all mass produced using standardized manufacturing techniques designed by big corporations like Target or Walmart instead of being made by hand with custom materials designed by independent crafters based on personal preferences and designs instead of standardized manufacturing techniques used frequently by major corporations like Target or Walmart when creating products; therefore, people can get unique products made specifically for them by independent crafters instead of buying mass produced products that look identical no matter who buys them or how much they cost or how big they actually are since these mass produced products are all made using

The process to integrate Etsy and DocuSign may seem complicated and intimidating. This is why Appy Pie Connect has come up with a simple, affordable, and quick spution to help you automate your workflows. Click on the button below to begin.

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