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About DEAR Inventory

DEAR Inventory is a cloud-based, inventory and order management application for SMBs. It combines an easy to use interface with powerful reporting and data analysis tools.

About Appy Pie App Maker

Appy Pie's No-code App Builder lets you build your own Android, iPhone, or PWA App and put it on the app stores without any coding or programming skills.

Want to explore DEAR Inventory + Appy Pie App Maker quick connects for faster integration? Here’s our list of the best DEAR Inventory + Appy Pie App Maker quick connects.

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Connect DEAR Inventory + Appy Pie App Maker in easier way

It's easy to connect DEAR Inventory + Appy Pie App Maker without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

  • Triggers
  • New Customer OR Updated Customer

    Triggered when customers are created or updated.

  • Loyalty Point Export

    Trigger when new loyalty point export created.

  • New App Installed

    Trigger when selected app installed on any device.

  • New App User

    Trigger when new new app user registered.

  • New Appointment

    Trigger when you got New Appointment.

  • New Booking

    Triggers when new booking added.

  • New Directory Listing

    Triggers when new directory listing added.

  • New Enquiry

    Trigger when you got New Enquiry.

  • New Event

    Trigger when new event created.

  • New Hipaa Form Event

    Trigger when you got new hipaa form event.

  • New Order

    Trigger when new order arrived.

  • New Product

    Trigger when new product created.

  • New Push Notification

    Trigger when you create new push notification.

  • New Taxi Booking

    Trigger when new taxi booking is created.

  • Actions
  • Create Invoice

    Create Sales Invoice

  • Create Sale

    Create a new sale.

  • Create Sale Order

    Create Sales order.

  • Create Sale Quote

    Creates a sales quote.

  • Create App User

    Create new App User.

  • Create Directory Listing

    Create a Directory listing.

  • Create Product

    Create new Product.

  • Delete App User

    Delete a existing App User.

  • Send Push Notification

    Send Push Notification

  • Update App User

    Update a existing App User.

  • Update Order

    Updates an hyperstore order.

  • Upload Photo

    Upload new Photo.

How DEAR Inventory & Appy Pie App Maker Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Choose DEAR Inventory as a trigger app and authenticate it on Appy Pie Connect.

    (30 seconds)

  2. Step 2: Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List.

    (10 seconds)

  3. Step 3: Pick Appy Pie App Maker as an action app and authenticate.

    (30 seconds)

  4. Step 4: Select a resulting action from the Action List.

    (10 seconds)

  5. Step 5: Select the data you want to send from DEAR Inventory to Appy Pie App Maker.

    (2 minutes)

  6. Your Connect is ready! It's time to start enjoying the benefits of workflow automation.

Integration of DEAR Inventory and Appy Pie App Maker

DEAR Inventory?

DEAR is an acronym for the four categories of data, which are Diagnostic, Evaluation, Action and Review. Data is usually essential to make decisions in any process. The DEAR Inventory will help you organize all the data you have about your product or service, so that you can get a clearer picture of the situations you have to deal with. It is a list of the products or services that you have. There are different kinds of data you will cplect to know more about the product or service.

Here is a sample DEAR Inventory:

Data Category 1. Diagnostic Data

  • What do we do?
  • Who does it?
  • How do we do it?
  • Why do we do it?

Data Category 2. Evaluation Data

  • What are the results we’re getting?
  • What are the results others are getting?
  • Are our expectations in line with reality?
  • our track record like?

Data Category 3. Action Data

  • What are we doing to improve our situation?
  • What are we doing to change it?
  • What are we doing to keep it from changing?
  • What changes are we making?

Data Category 4. Review Data

  • How well did the changes work?
  • How well did our intentions work out?

The above table shows some examples of data that you can cplect to fill up the DEAR Inventory. You can also add your own categories of data in your inventory. An example of a DEAR Inventory will be demonstrated in section III. Now let’s take a look at Appy Pie.

Appy Pie? Appy Pie is an app maker platform that allows people to make their own apps without coding. The application itself has many features such as social network integration, in-app purchasing and ads, and push notifications to mobile users. With this platform, it’s easy to develop web application like Facebook and Twitter using your own design. Appy Pie provides an independent business model and also supports in-app purchases and ads. The company hires teams to market the app and generate revenue, while allowing developers to focus on product development. Focusing on product development means that developers can create high quality apps, which would not be the case if they had to spend time on marketing campaigns. This creates a win-win situation for both Appy Pie and developers who use its platform. Here’s how Appy Pie works. • Appy Pie designs the app according to the needs of developers, which can take two weeks depending on the complexity of the app. • Next, the developers will test it and refine it until they’re satisfied with it before it goes live on the app store. • When the app is live on the app store, Appy Pie makes sure that it gets publicity by sending an email to the developer’s target audience. • Developers will receive revenue from every download of their app through Appy Pie, while Appy Pie will receive revenue from ads on the app. Appy Pie only takes a 15% share of the revenue generated by ads. • Developers can also generate additional revenue by charging for certain in-app purchases and advertisements on their apps. Let’s take a look at how Seth Godin uses Appy Pie to create his own app called Poke the Box. Here is Seth Godin’s app. Seth Godin’s app focuses on helping entrepreneurs get started with starting a business by providing them with all the information they need without having to read long books. The app contains about 500 articles written by Seth Godin along with some videos. The app also includes some exercises for entrepreneurs to spve before they can move on to the next section. When you first start out, you’ll be asked about your level of experience with entrepreneurship and you’ll be given options such as “I’m just starting out”, “I’ve been doing this for a year or two” and “I’ve been doing this for several years now.” From there, you will be guided through some help exercises such as building a startup team or prioritizing opportunities so that you will learn how to handle difficult situations as soon as possible. The app also has an inventory section where you can track your progress through specific exercises or missions during each session. You will be given missions to complete (such as building a board of advisors. and when you finish those missions, you will be rewarded with badges that signify that you have completed them. This helps in motivating entrepreneurs who might lose focus after completing one exercise and then moving on to another one. If you want more badges, you can always go back to previous exercises and complete them again for more badges. Why integrate DEAR Inventory and Appy Pie? Appy Pie is able to create great apps without having to worry about marketing because they have already built an audience through their website. People who want an app but don’t want to build one themselves can come to Appy Pie instead because they won’t need to spend time trying to market their apps once it’s finished. They can focus on creating new apps instead of worrying about marketing campaigns. On the other hand, Appy Pie needs people like Seth Godin since he brings value to those who use his app by providing them with valuable content on how he started his own business and how he built it into what it is today. Appy Pie does not bring much value to users unless they have people like Seth Godin who can provide quality content that users would find useful in their endeavors as entrepreneurs themselves, or even just ordinary people who want to start their own business someday. One reason why Seth Godin would benefit from using Appy Pie is because he can use its resources in creating a quality app without having to spend a lot of time marketing it by himself or hiring someone else to do that for him. He has built an audience through his blog posts and now he doesn’t have to worry about marketing his app because he knows people will come automatically because he already has an audience who wants what he has to offer through his blog posts or other books he has published previously. Another reason why integrating DEAR Inventory and Appy Pie would be beneficial for both parties is because Seth Godin can further expand his audience through his app while Appy Pie can reach more people who need quality apps and don’t want to make them themselves nor hire someone else to make them for them. It would be beneficial for both parties since they both gain from this integration by gaining more exposure if they haven’t been exposed enough already because of different factors such as being unknown or not having enough money to market their products or services efficiently at scale (either via traditional means such as advertising or social media. Seth Godin could use his platform from his blog posts as well as this new app made by Appy Pie as well as other channels such as public speaking events or even corporate events where he could talk about his experiences in managing his own company from scratch all the way up until now where he has become famous in his field due to his books and other products he has published previously. He could bring more value to people who are trying to build their own businesses by telling them about his experiences in building his company from scratch all the way up until now where he is now famous in his field due to his books and other products he has published previously Let’s look at how integrating DEAR Inventory and Appy Pie would help both parties. • By integrating DEAR Inventory and Appy Pie together, both parties can benefit from each other since they both provide each other with different benefits that they wouldn’t be able to achieve if they were working independently from each other without integrating their products together in order for them to work together as a team so that they can reach more people who need their products and services, while saving time from going through several steps when using different systems by themselves separately • By integrating DEAR Inventory and Appy Pie together, both parties may need less time when preparing for their project since they both have different areas covered by each other so that they don’t have as much work to do when preparing for their projects • By integrating DEAR Inventory and Appy Pie together, both parties will become more efficient since they don’t have as

The process to integrate DEAR Inventory and Amazon SNS may seem complicated and intimidating. This is why Appy Pie Connect has come up with a simple, affordable, and quick spution to help you automate your workflows. Click on the button below to begin.

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