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About Chargebee

Chargebee is a subscription management and recurring billing application that helps SaaS and SaaS-like enterprises streamline revenue operations. Chargebee works with the world's most popular payment gateways.

Chargebee Customer Service Contacts

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    Chargebee Call Center Support

    1 (877) 900-1818

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Here is a list of Chargebee Triggers and Actions

How to Integrate Chargebee with Appy Pie Connect

Follow these steps to Integrate Chargebee:

  1. Go to Appy Pie Connect

  2. Create an account or login if you already have an account

  3. Search for the Chargebee App in the App directory

  4. Select a trigger event from the list

  5. Click on ‘Connect an Account’ and enter Chargebee account API key

  6. Your Chargebee app is now ready to integrate hundreds of apps supported on Appy pie Connect.

Chargebee Integration Details

Chargebee is a subscription and recurring billing management app that helps users manage all aspects of their subscription cycle, including invoicing, recurring billing, trial management, and more. While it is not a payment gateway, Chargebee works over payment gateways and offers its users a layer of integration enabling them to better process their one-off or recurring payments and transactions. It is the best solution for a business looking to expand its operations and drive higher revenue through subscriptions and recurring payments.

Why use Chargebee integrations with Appy Pie Connect?

If you’re a regular Chargebee user, you’ll find that regular switching between platforms is a waste of time and energy. Manually entering data from one app to another takes up a lot of time and effort, and also diverts attention from other higher-valued tasks. This is why Appy Pie Connect’s workflow automation is so important. 

With Connect, you can automate mundane tasks that are time-consuming and repetitive, allowing you to focus more on business-critical processes. With Chargebee integrations, on Appy Pie Connect, users can automate a wide range of tasks within their workflows. Moreover, with over 1000 app integrations available, users can further boost their productivity and achieve key milestones for their business, in lesser time.

How to use Chargebee integrations with Appy Pie Connect?

On Appy Pie Connect, users can explore some very popular Chargebee integrations, such as:

  • Create shipments on FedEx directly from new subscriptions or payments from Chargebee

  • Create new subscriptions on Chargebee directly from new Revolut transactions

  • Pause subscriptions on Chargebee from new files uploaded on Amazon S3

  • Create orders on Shopify from Chargebee payments

Step By Step Chargebee Integration Guide

  1. To integrate the Chargebee app at Appy Pie Connect, search and select the app from the app directory available at Connect. Choose the service required and click Continue to move ahead with the integration.

  2. Click Connect an Account and enter the Chargebee Site Name and API Key of your registered account in the pop-up form at Appy Pie Connect. Click Yes, Continue after filling in the details. Note:
    Site Name: If the domain name is - then mention xyz in the pop-up form column.
    API Key: To find the API Key, Go to Settings >> Configure Chargebee >> API Keys and Webhooks. Copy the API key and paste it into the pop-up form column.

  3. Click Continue to reconfirm the Chargebee account integrated at Appy Pie Connect and the integration process will be completed.

Common Issues With Chargebee At Appy Pie Connect

For now, there is no common issue related to the integration of Chargebee at Appy Pie Connect. Kindly contact our support team online for further inquiries.

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