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Improve Feedback Process with Appy Pie Survey and Feedback Bot

If you want to know what works for your product, you should go with the valuable opinion of your customers. Customers’ feedbacks are necessary insights to upgrade the product.

“Listening to feedback makes customers feel more appreciated and part of the value creation process.”

The roadmap of improvement starts with feedback from users. Feedback mechanisms must be engaging enough to be able to involve more customers in the process. “Conversational approach” can be adopted for taking valuable suggestions from your users. For this approach, a Survey and Feedback bot is the easiest way to improve the quality and quantity of feedback.

What is Survey and Feedback Bot?

Survey and Feedback bot provides a conversational platform to help you collect feedback from your users. The conversational nature of a bot improves the customer’s experience and allows them to share their genuine opinions freely.

Survey and Feedback bot is a modern way to get the customers’ attention and receive quicker responses from them. It has the potential to replace the ineffective traditional surveys over emails that have a completion rate of less than 5%. Using a Survey and Feedback bot the unactionable responses can be transformed into effective suggestions.

How to Create a Survey and Feedback Chatbot in 3 Easy Steps

To create your Survey and Feedback Chatbot, follow these steps:


Enter your chatbot’s name

Enter the name for your survey and feedback bot


Choose the type of Bot you want to make

Add the question flow to create the best survey and feedback bot


Launch your Survey and Feedback Bot

Test and launch your survey and feedback chatbot

Benefits of Survey and Feedback Bot

There are several reasons to abandon boring survey forms and deploy a customer feedback bot. Here is the list of some of the major benefits: 

Enhances customer engagement

Feedback chatbot provides an interactive platform for users to share their views. Interesting questions, rating scales, emojis, etc. along with a personalized touch help enhance customer engagement.

Improves customer retention

Conversational approach allows users to interact informally and share honest opinions related to products. Applying customers’ reviews to upgrade the products can help retain customers.

Develops better insight

A combination of intelligent questions and interactive user interface results in an actionable feedback mechanism. Real-time probing aids in gathering detailed insights from users.

Boosts completion rate

Chatbot feedback questionnaire has better completion rates than traditional forms. A variety of suggestions from users helps businesses make informed decisions.

Saves time and resources

Automated survey bots save time and manual effort of analyzing the data. Faster follow up workflows, close looped surveys, and various other features manage the feedback process, saving time and resources.

Must-have Features in Survey and Feedback Bots

Here are a few major features that your survey and feedback bot must-have. These features help users give feedback interactively.

Personalized conversations

Survey bot which mimics real-life conversations helps businesses get honest reviews from their users. For instance, greeting users by their name.

Customized Themes

Inbuilt theme gallery allows businesses to set their survey bot according to their website. Customers feel more connected to the website and bot if they resemble each other.

Ease of Embedding

Businesses prefer a survey and feedback bot that can be easily embedded into their website. There should be a provision of automatic updating of codes.

Captures data

Survey bot must be able to tabulate and analyze the user’s data. Tools for comparison, filters, cross-tabulation, etc. can prove to be an added advantage.

How Businesses Can Use Survey and Feedback chatbot

First, you need to add your brand name to the survey and feedback bot. Next, customize the ‘Bot Flow’ as per your business requirements to have an interactive survey with the users.

Let us check out how the survey and feedback chatbot works for the users. When a user signs out from a website, the survey chatbot pops up with customized thank you message and asks for feedback. If user agrees to give feedback, a series of questions including rating scale, recommendation, etc. continues.

Once the user completes the survey, the bot asks them to provide details like name and email for the company’s records. Users have a choice to leave the feedback process at any point.

To deploy the bot, you just need to copy the widget from Appy Pie Chatbot and paste it between and tag on those pages of your website where you want it to appear. Also, with Appy Pie’s survey and feedback bot, known as NPS bot, you can engage your consumers to give their opinions related to your brand and its products. Whether you are a small or a large business owner, you can easily embed this interactive bot on your website.