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How to Create a Chatbot for Raising Tickets?

To make your own raise ticket bot, follow these steps:


Enter the name for your chatbot

Pick a unique name for your chatbot and mention the purpose of creating it


Select the bot type

Choose the chatbot type you want to create


Publish Your Bot

Test your bot and integrate it with your website or mobile app.

What are the benefits of Using a Raise Ticket Chatbot?

Chatbots help businesses remain available for their users all the time. They are like a live person interacting with the users via different messaging applications and business websites. A chatbot for raising tickets is critical for the users when they need you to acknowledge their issues.

Here is the list of major benefits of making a chatbot for raising tickets.

Tickets Categorization

Raise ticket chatbots help users create tickets as per the issues they are facing. These chatbots help your support teams by categorizing the tickets based on types of issues like browser issues, authentication issues, hardware problems, and much more.

Customizable Bot Flow

Raise ticket bot helps you customize the bot flow based on your business requirements. It asks users multiple questions to understand what they need help with and help them create tickets.

Interactive and Conversational

Raise ticket bots are interactive and help users fill the long informational forms in no time. They convert the boring tasks into the interesting ones just by initiating an interesting conversation. The interactive bot flow makes the process of raising tickets very easy, smooth, and interactive.

What are the features of Appy Pie’s Raise Ticket Chatbot?

Go through the major features of creating a raise ticket bot for your business.

Design and Bot Flow Customization

Appy Pie’s raise ticket chatbot gives you the options to customize the bot’s flow and design as per your preferences. You can edit the chat content, change the font, and color to make your bot represent your brand in a better way. The best part is that the bot helps you add your brand name and other business details in a single click. 

Screenshots and Screen Recording

The raise ticket bot allows the users to share screenshots and screen recordings to explain their issues in a better way.

Product-based Support

The chatbot for raising tickets allows you to select the product you need help with. This helps your users when you offer multiple products. They can select the product and explain their issue to seek help.

How Chatbot Helps in Raising Tickets

Appy Pie helps you create the best chatbots for raising tickets. The bot helps you connect better with your clients. These raise ticket chatbots provide your clients an enhanced way of communicating about the issues that they are facing or the concerns that they have.

An engaging bot flow of the chatbot helps users raise tickets based on their needs. It asks the users multiple questions and collects data like,

  • Name and contact details
  • The queries that they have
  • The issue that they are facing

With the help of all this information, the raise ticket bot helps your users raise a ticket in order to get the resolution at the earliest.

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Frequently Asked Questions


A raise ticket bot can act as the first line of customer support for your organization. It converses with your customers and collects information about the problems they are facing with your products. Once that is done, the raise ticket bot redirects these problems and creates a ticket for your support teams

Appy Pie Chatbot’s raise ticket chatbot template is completely free to use. You can create your raise ticket chatbot within minutes for FREE with Appy Pie’s unique chatbot templates.

You can create your raise ticket bot for FREE. With Appy Pie Chatbot, it is possible to create a chatbot without coding without spending a single penny. Create your free raise ticket bot today!

Raise ticket bots are unique applications of chatbot technology. Here’s how you can benefit your business:

  1. Collect important data: Ticket bots can ask conversational questions to your customers. This way they can collect important information about customer issues before creating a ticket. This just gives your support agents more data about customer problems making customer support more efficient and streamlined.
  2. Immediate availability: Chatbots can be online 24*7. This means that your customers can contact your support whenever they want. The bot can keep tickets ready for your support teams. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to process each ticket.
  3. Increased user satisfaction: According to various surveys, customers prefer having their issues and queries resolved as soon as possible. A raise ticket bot can answer customer questions and raise tickets for their problems increasing the overall customer satisfaction with your business.

Raise ticket bots are relatively simple chatbots. Here are some of its features:

  1. Query resolution: Some user query do not require tickets. Your ticket bot can answer these queries reducing the pressure on your support teams.
  2. Online 24*7: Your chatbot can be available for customers 24*7 365 days a year. Never go offline with a dedicated ticketing bot.
  3. Multiple tickets generated: Your chatbot can talk to hundreds of people at once and can generate as many tickets as needed for users.