Livechat Bot

Transfer users from a bot to a live agent

How to Make A Livechat Bot in 3 Easy Steps:

To Make your own Livechat bot, follow the steps given below:


Write your chatbot’s name

It could be a human name or the name of your brand.


Select the type of chatbot you want

The ordering bot works for both shopping and food ordering.


Launch your Bot

Test the features of your chatbot and launch it.

What are the Benefits of Creating a Livechat Bot

Here are a few of the benefits of implementing live chat bots:

Improved Customer Support

A live chatbot can improve your customer support process. Since the chatbot is automated, it gives every user a consistent experience every time they have a query. Apart from consistency, each user receives the exact same quality of help.

Better Customer Engagement

It is important for every business to keep customers engaged to a brand. A live chat bot can help improve customer engagement. According to research, chatbots increase customer engagement by 20%-40%. Chatbots make your business more approachable for the customers.


As your company grows, more and more customers require your support. Handling so many customer queries can become difficult. However, a livechat bot can make this easier by dealing with multiple users at the same time and collecting all relevant data before your agent starts communicating with them. This way your agent knows exactly the query/inquiry a customer has.

Lead Generation

A good livechat bot can help direct leads to your sales funnel. A livechat bot drives lead generation and converts customer queries into inquiries even when no agent is online.


Livechat bots are extremely cost-effective. Livechat bots will be available for your users year-round. The chatbots will keep working even when a user isn’t online.

Top Must-Have Features of a Livechat Bot

Certain features are essential for a Livechat bot. Here is a list of all those features:

Custom Branding

A chatbot is a key part of your business. It should always represent your brand by using your brand colors and communicating with users in a similar way your brand does.

In-Built Analytics

Not having a proper analytics dashboard will likely make your chatbot useless. Having a proper inbuilt bot analytics tool is a must-have feature for any chatbot you create.

User Feedback Loop

The success of your chatbot can only be known through user feedback. Your chatbot must have a provision for users to give their feedback on their experience with your chatbot. From a simple rating section to a feedback survey, a chatbot must record a user’s experience.


Once a livechat bot has collected user data, you need a livechat application in the backend to transfer the data to. This backend dashboard will be used by agents to communicate with customers.

How Customers Can Use Your Livechat Bot

To clear their queries or ask your chatbots for a solution to a problem, a customer will have to go through a very simple process. Once a customer starts a chat with the livechat bot, they have to enter the following details -

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Question

The chatbot will then transfer the chat to a live agent who will use the information the chatbot has collected to assist the visitor.

Why You Should Use Appy Pie’s Livechat Bot Builder?

Appy Pie Chatbot Builder is a no-code development platform that can be used to create chatbots for your business website and mobile app in just a few minutes. You don’t need any coding skills or technical knowledge to build amazing ordering chatbots with our chatbot builder. Just 10 minutes of your time and a bit of creativity is all you need to make and integrate fully functional chatbots on your websites and mobile apps. Here are some of the reasons why you should use Appy Pie’s livechat bot builder.

No Coding Required

Whether you are a professional or a novice, with Appy Pie’s no-code platform, you can bring your chatbot to life in minutes. Sounds interesting? It is. You don’t need any coding to make next-generation chatbots with our platform.

Multi-Language Support

Build chatbots in multiple languages including Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, etc., through our unique Chatbot Builder. Extend your audience reach by providing support in customers’ local languages and gain more potential customers.


Last but not least, chatbots created with Appy Pie are easy to use both on the customer end and user end. Customer support has never been easier.

Livechat dashboard

Once your bot has collected user data, it will automatically transfer the data to an agent who can begin chatting with users with enough data to understand their problems.

Integration with Zendesk Chat

The livechat bot you create can be integrated with Zendesk chat and added to your existing livechat dashboard to make it even easier to use and collect user data efficiently.