Create Chatbot for Government Organisation

Create Chatbot for Government Organization

How to make a Chatbot for Government Organization in 3 easy steps:

  1. Mention the name of your chatbot: Mention the name and purpose of your chatbot.
  2. Choose the chatbot type: Select the bot type that you want to create.
  3. Publish the Bot: Test the chatbot and launch it.

Now that you know how to create a government chatbot using Appy Pie’s Govt Chatbot Builder, let us discuss some major benefits of using a government chatbot builder.

What are the benefits of using a Government Organization Chatbot?

Chatbots have been useful in almost every business sector. They benefit all the organizations as people like to get the accurate information even if it takes a few minutes to get the response. In the same way, chatbots have been applied in government sector as well, for the citizens to get in touch with helplines quickly. Some major benefits of a chatbot for government organizations are mentioned below:

  • Paying taxes and bills online: Chatbots help citizens pay their taxes and bills online. It saves time and effort.
  • Fulltime availability: Chatbots work continuously and provide fulltime assistance to the users.
  • Online form submission: Users can fill up various government forms online using chatbots. It makes the process easy and quick.
  • Simple queries: Government chatbots answer simple queries of the users online. They can check government policies, submit their documents and much more in just a few clicks.
  • Provides multilingual support: Government chatbots can talk to the users in multiple languages and provide data and information in the language they select.After learning the benefits of using a chatbot for government organization let us move further. Now you should know why to go for Appy Pie’s Govt Chatbot Builder to create one for your organization.

What are the features of an Appy Pie Government Organization Chatbot builder?

Here are some features that Appy Pie’s Govt Chatbot Builder offers for the users.

  • Customized Designs: Appy Pie’s Chatbot builder helps users create chatbots for landing pages or in the form of widgets.
  • Customized Chats: Appy Pie’s chatbot builder creates chatbots for the users that have an option to edit the chat content and make it appropriate as per their business needs.
  • Easy Navigation: Appy Pie’s chatbot builder builds easy to use chatbots that are compatible with computer and mobile phones. These chatbots conduct conversations using auditory method.
  • Audience targeting: Chatbot builder creates chatbots that chat with the audience according to their time of initiating chat and their location.
  • Booking Appointments: Appy Pie’s chatbot builder builds chatbots that provide an online feature of booking appointments as per the user preferences.
  • Transfer to Live agent: Appy Pie’s Chatbot builder creates chatbots that initiate chat with the users and transfers them to live agents for the further assistance.

Why do you need a Chatbot for Government Organization?

Government agencies have always been struggling to find innovative ideas and ways of delivering quick services to the public. Chatbots help citizens access online information, pay taxes and bills, report city issues and much more in just a few clicks.

Some government agencies have opted the chatbot technology to improve their service delivery efficiencies and better workforce management. Indian Government is in-progress of making the chatbots as the default mode of customer support.