Career Counseling bot

Gather career seeker’s data efficiently.

How to Create a Career Counseling ChatBot in 3 Easy Steps

To make your own chatbot for career counseling, follow these steps:


Give Your Chatbot a Name

Your career counseling chatbot must have a welcoming name.


Select Your Bot’s type

Select career counseling bot as your bot type.


Publish Your Bot

Test your bot and integrate it with your website or mobile app.

What are the Benefits of Creating a Career Counseling Chatbot?

A career counseling chatbot is a special type of chatbot that communicates with your users and helps them plan their careers. This type of chatbot helps them connect with you and receive your counsel on how to progress their career. These chatbots are usually used by recruitment agencies and career counselors to find new candidates and educate existing ones. Here are some of the major benefits of career counseling chatbots:

Gathers Information from Students

Students are the most common candidates that require career counseling. Your career counseling bot will help these students and you by collecting the necessary information in a conversational manner.While gathering information such as resumes, educational qualifications, etc, your chatbot for career counseling will also automatically screen candidates based on their qualifications. This can help save your counselors a lot of time.

Screen Candidates Profiles

Each candidate has something unique in their resume. A counseling bot can interact with all your potential candidates and find out what sets them apart. The best career counseling chatbots can pre-screen candidate profiles making it easier for your counselors to provide necessary counsel to each candidate’s burning questions.

Assist Counsellors

Chatbots for counseling gather candidate information such as likes and dislikes, educational qualifications and future plans for education, professional certifications, or whether a candidate wants to change careers in the future or not. Such information can help counselors train their candidates better and help make their jobs easier than before.

Top Must-Have Features in a Career Counseling Chatbot

Certain features are essential for a career counseling chatbot. Here are a few major features you must add to your chatbot for career counseling.


A good career counseling chatbot acquires information about various candidates and provides them a proper time for the counseling appointment.

Integrated Software

A good chatbot utilizes third-party APIs and various other software to improve and enhance user experience and gather information in a better way. For example, integrating a chatbot with google sheets provides a more efficient way to collect user information.

Counseling History

For returning candidates, this feature can give your candidates an idea about all the queries they have asked and answered providing them a way to recollect and remember the previous counseling session.

Multi-Platform Availability

Your counseling chatbot should be present on every platform. A good chatbot remains available on your website, mobile app, and social media. The more available your chatbot is, the easier it is for you to get candidates.

How a Career Counseling Chatbot Works

Your career counseling chatbot acts as the point of first contact with a potential candidate. When a user wants your counsel, the chatbot will interact with them about their qualifications and requirements. A career counseling chatbot will ensure that all basic information is collected and compiled in the right way.

You can use the information your chatbot has gathered to assist and provide proper career advice to your candidates. Using the chatbot will help you save a lot of time as the chatbot will automatically collect and analyze candidate information.

Why You Should Use Appy Pie’s Counseling Bot Builder?

Appy Pie Chatbot Builder is a no-code development platform that can be used to create chatbots for your business website and mobile app in just a few minutes. You don’t need any coding skills or technical knowledge to build amazing counseling chatbots with our chatbot builder. Just 10 minutes of your time and a bit of creativity is all you need to make and integrate fully functional chatbots on your websites and mobile apps. Here are some of the reasons why you should use Appy Pie’s counseling bot builder.

No Coding Required

Whether you are a professional or a novice, with Appy Pie’s no-code platform, you can bring your chatbot to life in minutes. You don’t need any coding to make next-generation chatbots with our platform. Since Appy Pie is a no-code platform, it provides free chatbot templates for counseling chatbots


Chatbots created with Appy Pie are easy to use and understand. Career guidance chatbots made with Appy Pie Counseling Chatbot Builder are extremely user friendly and gather information naturally by conversing with your candidates and students.


Integrate your favorite software(CRM and 3rd party tools) using our workflow automation tool and your chatbot to increase the usability of your chatbots for counseling.

Customized Design

Appy Pie Chatbot provides various options allowing you to design chatbots that match your brand exactly the way you want it to. It also makes it easier with its template-based design style.