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What is a CDN and how does it work?

CDN or content delivery networks are a set geographically distributed group of servers created to reduce latency and increase your site speed. Essentially, a CDN helps load websites faster for the end-user and increases a website’s protection against DDoS attacks.

These servers are placed at exchange points between different networks. Essentially, a CDN creates copies of a website's content and stores it across several servers around the world. This helps elevate a local visitor’s experience with your website.

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Appy Pie Website’s free CDN

One of the top features within Appy Pie’s website builder is the inbuilt CDN. This lets you create extremely fast websites with ease! Appy Pie’s website builder offers one of the best CDN’s in the world for your convenience. We’ve partnered with some of the top server providers around the world to help you get the most out of your websites on a global scale.

  • Almost 2x as fast

    Websites built with Appy Pie’s website builder load up two times faster than the average website.

  • No extra charges

    CDN is a free service for your Website Builder subscription. No extra charges for your website needs.

  • Easy-to-Use

    You can adjust the in-built CDN for your particular needs and help drive up the traffic to your website.

Why Appy Pie Website's CDN is perfect for you

Global coverage

Appy Pie’s servers are situated around the world for your convenience. Appy Pie is more than capable of handling your website’s massive traffic needs. It handles heavy traffic load and sudden traffic spikes better than other website builders.

Excellent security

Appy Pie’s CDN mitigates security threats and can help protect your website from DDoS attacks. Since each website comes with an SSL certificate as standard, Appy Pie’s CDN goes the extra mile to protect your new websites.

Seamlessly integrated

Appy Pie CDN is an inbuilt part of its website builder. Our CDN works without hitches, is secure, and ensures that your website never experiences latency or crashes.

Website analytics

Do more with your website content with Website Builder’s inbuilt analytics. Our CDN adds more oomph to your website analytics and helps you analyze your global traffic to help you optimize your strategies.

Benefits of using a Content Delivery Network

  • Improves site speed

    CDNs distribute content faster by sharing the content to a user’s nearest CDN server improving site speed and performance significantly. Just like this, CDNs have various in-built optimizations that improve your site’s speed.

  • Reduced bandwidth costs

    Bandwidth cost is an ongoing expense for a growing website. With Appy Pie Website Builder’s CDN, bandwidth costs can be minimized thanks to the reduced data requirements of CDN servers.

  • Decrease redundancy

    Large amounts of traffic and hardware failure can interrupt the smooth functioning of a website. Distributed CDNs help cope up with these redundancies and are less prone to crashing.

  • Improved security

    CDNs protect your website because they provide you with DDoS mitigation, improvements to security certificates, and various other optimizations. Websites with CDNs are also harder to hack into.

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