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Why Businesses Need to Integrate Salesforce DX Now?

Not meeting your release management goals as you had been planning? Well, the problem is that you have not updated yet with Salesforce DX, which is globally the most potent tool to increase your work efficacy. Actually it’s not your work potency that got lowered with time, but actually, your rivals got more efficient with the timely introduction and implementation of the Salesforce DX patch. It is one of the most reliable tools for increasing work efficiency by increasing the power of your current Salesforce software. Wondering how? Well, then you will have to go through the main advantages of using Salesforce DX.

The main advantages of Salesforce DX are here

  • Salesforce DX is developed on an open source platform. This means it’s basically free, and it would get more updated with time while increasing your work efficiency on every stage.

  • You get tools and features which are robust and agile and adds much work-ability to your current Salesforce platform.

  • You really don’t have to invest on and arrange for any extra space or any new infrastructure to implement the power of Salesforce DX. It is completely cloud-based. This means the installation of DX is actually a breeze.


  • DX is meant for the easiest possible data migration. Just one click and data gets migrated to your test and developer Sandboxes.

  • If you want, you can integrate DX with other tools like AppExchange and other testing tools.

  • It’s seen that with the use of DX the deployment time of the release manager gets reduced by 32%. The collaboration between the QA and developer also gets better with it.

  • Both management and prevention of disasters is possible with rolling back of deployments. And this is possible with just one click. This truly is a powerful DX feature!

  • You can merge user stories at the last moment before deployment and drop them onto deployment with DX.

  • Faster and advanced deploy management is possible with the DX tools.

  • Arranging sign-offs is easy with DX, and you can also get unauthorized access and permissions before the deployments from business teams, and deployments can be prevented and stopped.

These advantages shared are just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more you can actually do and enjoy with this native release management software. You surely have to fall in love with this software. The domain of app management can get really thrilling for the developers, and you would love your job doubly, just because of the backing you are getting from this enhancement patch.

The best features of Salesforce DX

Now that you know the advantages of Salesforce DX, you would be intrigued to know the best features of the software too. Here is what Salesforce DX brings to you in a nutshell:

  • Merging in-built tools
  • Deployment without any restrictions
  • You can analyze static codes
  • Version control is so easy
  • You can do regression testing of stories
  • Manage user stories

You can use Salesforce DX for extra enhancement as a third party solution

Third party solutions like helps in enhancing the efficiency of your Salesforce software. This can help you reap benefits of the software and yield better. When you use such a solution, then DX integration can be implemented with the use of some extra tools of your preference. Also after the implementation of DX, you can start using all of its built-in features and all the existing Salesforce tools too. Altogether the speed of lifecycle management of your team can be increased a lot with the use of the third-party solution and parallel integration of DX. Definitely, it’s going to add to more powers and features in the process of development.

The momentum gain in release management

You are going to experience a huge gain in momentum in release management right after the implementation of Salesforce DX. You would enjoy a seamless and highly featured process of release management with changes that are enjoyable. Just imagine the boost in activity the app development team would enjoy when they find they can look deeply at speed 29% faster than before.


This extremely easy and rapid increase in speed of life-cycle management and the development of org is worth noticing and experiencing. The team would be equipped with more powerful tools too. And this would help them work better, more flexible, and with better sandbox testing options, better version control, more authority on deployment, better custom powers, etc.

The power of DX and great minds who know how to use this can make this happen. And if you add to it the power of third-party solutions, who are experts of handling native release management, then things can get more fluid for you.

Increase in pace, better and quicker results, higher efficiency, more tools and control, faster deployments, all combined together can give you such power that you can feel satisfied with all the deployments and releases.

How fast can a process become?

A study says that with the integration of Salesforce DX through a third party solution like, a process which is of 12 steps can be minimized to a 5 or 6 step process. This decrease in steps come with an increment of 40% efficiency too. And in the meanwhile generation of reports and backups also gets really easy and fast. Altogether Salesforce DX brings in fresh air to work with better speed.


It’s the feature-rich DX, which actually helps your team use the Salesforce app with more efficiency. You should use a team who have experience of handling Salesforce DX for better performance. This will give you more support and help deploy faster. To enjoy an amazing increment of work speed and great release management, its time you start using DX.

Not just this, you can even make use of Appy Pie’s Connect to automate Salesforce with other business applications and eventually boost your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Top 10 Office Management Software for Better Logistics & Productivity

February 07, 2018: An office manager is responsible for probably every possible thing that happens in the office from organizing or chairing different meetings, monitoring office expenditure, training the new employees, devising & executing administrative processes and a whole lot more. Looking at this range of functions that an office manager needs to accomplish, it is easy to assume that in the absence of a good office manager, the company is probably going to fall apart.

The job is a tough one and in absence of effective and efficient processes, the company might turn into a headless chicken with no sense of direction whatsoever. It is for this reason today that there is a plethora of office management software and tools to help with the office management. Most managers today would know what I mean when I say that the work day seems to whizz past you without giving you much time to accomplish most of the significant work. This basically happens because all through the day the managers have to browse through a barrage of incoherent data and when such unstructured data falls in your lap much time goes in making sense of it and organizing and prioritizing a task becomes a challenge of sorts.

With digital intervention in the arena of software management, it has become possible to manage these responsibilities and the information overload without wasting a lot of time over it. Appy Pie has put together a list of the top 10 Office Management Software today that help you manage your office in an efficient, productive way.

1. Google Drive

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One of the most time-consuming aspect for an office manager in sharing relevant documents with particular people and then re-sharing them every time there is a change and they have to edit the documents. This is a process that sucks a lot of your precious time. Google Drive is one of the most effective and impressive cloud storage tool that has the capability to save any file in any format. The best part is you can then share the files, folders or the drive with other people and collaborate with key people who need to have updated information and be aware of every modification in real time. Put together the time you sent in sending hundreds of mails a day and the time each of the recipients would have to wait to get to the latest document, and you would understand the kind of ease and efficiency it has been able to bring in. team members can also chat from within the drive, add remarks or notes wherever needed and it is all accomplished in real time! Whether it is Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slide, the entire suite is great for creating, storing, and sharing important business documents with assurance of security.

2. Google Calendar

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When you are moving between 15 meetings a day and are packed up for weeks to come, it is easy to sometimes spill over from one to the other and forget about some of them completely. Also, sometimes it might prove to be a challenge to keep track of someone else’s movements and to coordinate their meetings. As an office manager you might even have to manage or organize sessions where more than a few key members need to be present. It is tough, in such scenarios to work out a time slot when all the involved people are available. Google Calendar comes to your rescue in exactly these scenarios. Not only can you have a cohesive schedule of all the staff members, but you can also set reminders to keep the busiest of staff members updated about their schedule and help the forgetful ones get to the right meetings at the right time. There are new calendars cropping up in the market every single day, but eventually it is the Google Calendar that has stood the test of time because of its superior functionality and has been the preferred calendar for the industry leaders and the start-ups alike. While Google Calendar is free for individuals and small businesses, but paid plans offer you more storage.

3. Trello

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There are times when you need to collate all your things to do, visual tips, lists, and other such elements on one single platform. Trello is an interesting, comparatively simple, and handy way to keep your work day organized. The Trello cards might resemble a board from Pinterest, but it has a lot more scope as it allows you to go beyond the photographs or visuals and lets you add lists, labels, or tasks that can be dragged and dropped into it, to be played around with, later. The software is highly intuitive and offers quite a user-friendly solution for financial project management. The fact that it is a combination of visuals and text, makes it a lot easier to comprehend for the users and convenient to use as well. Here you can create cards or tasks under various lists and once the task is completed, the card can then be dragged and dropped into the ‘done’ list. Trello even allows you to add attachments labels, comments, due dates, and checklists to the tasks. The software also allows you to assign multiple people to one task, making it easier to handle collaborative tasks. Additionally, you can even create subtasks in the same card and set different access levels for different team members. There are a variety of plans where it can be free for individuals and small teams, but as you scale up, it might be time to subscribe for the paid plans.

4. Todoist

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If you are an office manager, then you are definitely familiar with the wildly popular time management methodology Getting Things Done (GTD). However, to put this in place, it needs actual work from you and can’t be just expected to do some miracles without you actively participating in it. Hence the most important aspect of any time management system is its usability. If the system you choose can’t be integrated into your life easily, chances of you using it are slim. Todoist is one of the easiest to use systems that may be supported on all platforms and it is super convenient to add any item to it. Todoist has three sections – Projects, Labels, & Filters. Adding things to the Todoist inbox is incredibly easy, hence the number of places where you might set up a To Do list comes down. You can connect an email address for the inbox, making it easier for you add tasks from any device with internet connection. Todoist lets you capture and organize tasks as soon as they come to you, helping you remember and stick to the deadlines and build desired habits. At the end of the day, or week you get to review all the tasks or plan your week ahead and create a checklist of tasks to tick off as and when they are accomplished. It lets you organize and prioritize your tasks and projects helping you map out all your projects and goals, highlight your importance and help you collect your thoughts. It lets you see tangible progress as Todoist lets you set short and long-term goals and gives you a visual understanding of your productivity trends.

5. Salesforce

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When it comes to managing customers, you wouldn’t want to compromise with anything and want only the best. Salesforce is one of the most popular and trusted CRMs around and has helped thousands of businesses gain quality leads and effectively grow their businesses. The platform is mobile friendly and needs no coding to be used effectively. However, in case you desire certain unique customizations, it can be tweaked with a little bit of code or be changed completely with a lot of code. This flexibility helps the businesses to bring better services and features to their target audience. Since the CRM in your business is going to be used by a variety of people with different capabilities and backgrounds, it is important that the system be easy to implement and use, and Salesforce is ideal in that regard. It provides analytics including valuable insight about customer behavior, and their response and reactions to marketing campaigns. It also provides relevant information pertaining to marketing trends, lead generation and management, which can then help them develop better marketing campaigns. Additionally, Salesforce gives the businesses freedom to be integrated with other tools and increase the efficiency of processes manifold.

6. Wufoo

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Wufoo is a desktop form building application that eliminates the delays and communication barriers that are imminent in case you hire a programmer to build a form for you. Wufoo liberates you in a way and no matter who you are, a student, a secretary, an executive or anyone else; it gives you the ability to publish an online form without any coding skills! It saves you precious time, it makes you independent, it makes the process interesting, and offers you safety. It gives you the freedom of mobility as you can access it from anywhere on any device as long as you have an internet connection and whenever you want to take your data offline, all you have to do is export it to Excel or CSV and you are sorted! Wufoo helps you organize the data and make sense of it by filtering through entries, creating reports and building graphs on the basis of the data you collected. It can also be integrated with your website further doing wonders for your office efficiency.

7. Dropbox

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Quite like Google Drive, Dropbox lets you store and share files, but offers you so much more than just that! Dropbox is a leading cloud storage provider that offers 16 GB free storage and lets you store files & folders and sync content from your hard disk to your Dropbox account. Sharing content from within Dropbox is as simple as entering the recipient’s mail address in it. Alternatively, you can get sharable links that may be sent through a mail. You can share documents, photos, videos and all other files with colleagues from any device. It also allows you to edit any of the content even as you are on the move and the content is updated in real time for all involved members to peruse. Having all the files in one place makes everything available to all concerned people without hundreds of mails being sent back and forth.

8. Slack

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It is common for most of us to have to spend hours looking for a particularly old chat message or wait for remotely located colleagues to respond to a message, and then trying to make sense of multiple concurrent chat sessions with people from HR, your own team, your seniors, maybe vendors and a whole lot more. In this scenario a unified communication central solution like Slack works wonders. Slack allows you to create separate channels, for example HR discussions, specific project deliverable discussion, ideas & pitches, water cooler conversations and more and then add participants in these channels as and when needed. You can even indulge in a number of one-to-one conversations with colleagues through Slack and it even allows you to share files, quote older messages or refer to them, and search for prior conversations easily.

9. Zoho CRM

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In this day and age, the importance of CRM or Customer Relationship Management can’t be stressed enough upon. It is the age of the customer, and it is he who reigns supreme over everything. Hence an efficient CRM system or software is imperative for smooth functioning and success of an organization. There are a number of CRM software available in the industry, however, it is Zoho CRM that has gained massive favor and popularity in the recent times. Zoho CRM is an On-Demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps you manage your customer relations efficiently. Zoho CRM is known for its efficiency because the software assists you in streamlining the overall sales of your organization, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions in a single system. Zoho CRM offers a lot to support the requirements of small businesses and the bigger enterprises alike, including features like multi-channel communication, sales productivity, CRM insights, product customization, or even third-party integration.

10. Twilio

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Twilio is a developer platform for communications and offers the software developers the option to add features like voice, video, and text messaging to their applications providing the businesses an opportunity to offer the right communication experiences for their customers. Twilio allows businesses to reach their customers in their chosen ways and engages them effectively using context related to their interaction. Customer experience is crucial to the success of any business and that is why programmable communication has gained great importance. Twilio allows the developers to programmatically make & receive phone calls and send & receive text messages through web service APIs.

Bonus: Appy Pie’s Connect

While all these tools are great for bringing about a semblance of organization and helping you manage the office a lot more efficiently, the real impact is only possible when you can flawlessly make suitable integrations and for that Appy Pie’s Connect is a great forum. It doesn’t need you to have any programming or coding skills, and all you need to do is follow a guided process on the website to automate all those mundane jobs that are eating in to your productive time.