How to Boost Your Conversion Rate by 70% with Live Chat Software

Jinsen John
By Jinsen John | Last Updated on September 1st, 2022 8:23 am
Drive more conversions with Live Chat

For any enterprise, its most important source of branding, boosting sales conversion, and lead generation is its website. But most of the time, the conversation rates remain disappointing despite spending a lot on marketing activities. While you can take care of all business processes with workflow automation, conversion rates are a different matter altogether.

So how can you enhance your website conversion? How can you transform your website into a sales machine?

This can be done by implementing a Live Chat software on your website. Live Chat helps you engage with customers, captures more leads, and improves conversion rates. Here’s how you can do that.

  1. Direct your users

    Live Chat is perhaps the most preferred engagement channel for consumers today — with over 92% of people reporting satisfaction with it. The high rating means many more people are likely to trust it over other, traditional means of contact. Implementing the best Live Chat software on the website helps your sales representatives provide instant sales assistance and which in turn drives higher revenue.

    Pay close attention to which pages on a site prompt the most inquiries or Live Chat conversations — and then use those conversations as a starting ground for your on-page optimizations. While chat is an excellent way to reduce customer concerns — it’s an even better method to proactively prevent customers from having problems.

  2. Proactively offer support

    Customers love proactive support! They’re looking for instant responses to their queries to return to their tasks.

    Nothing shows a customer that you care more than when you sense that they might be confused on a page. No matter how delightful your team is, your customers will be far more delighted by never having to reach out to you for a support inquiry.

    Appy Pie’s online chatbot builder software offers a convenient medium of customer interaction and plenty of analytical tools to judge your performance and other insights.

    With the help of these tools, you can analyze which pages users have engaged with and how long they’ve stayed on each page. This allows you to create customized strategies to boost customer engagement and empower your support representatives.

    Studies have shown that 77% of customers said they wouldn’t feel compelled to purchase on a page if no Live Chat support is offered.

  3. Make it easy for visitors

    64% of customers expect real-time assistance regardless of their customer service channel. This means you’re missing the mark if you only offer Live Chat support on your website but not mobile. Imagine how frustrating it would be for a customer on mobile who was looking to get in touch with your support team, only to discover that the Live Chat support isn’t supported for their mobile.

    Even if you offer Live Chat on mobile, the experience should be straightforward for a user. Often, mobile experiences for customers were designed only as an afterthought in an attempt to cover the bare minimum rather than being fully featured.

    Don’t make that mistake, as up to 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device.

  4. Target visitors on the right pages

    We agree that having a Live Chat on every page isn’t a scalable option for most businesses, and it would make sense for them to include Live Chat tools only on those pages that receive frequent questions or where most users are more likely to get confused.

    You can easily plan deployment on specific pages with Live Chat’s dynamic features. You can add your chat widgets on sales, and pricing pages, account management sections, product dashboards, and more.

    Another excellent tactic is user segmentation. Live Chat offers versatile user segmentation options, which allow you to target customers based on their demographics, location, company, and other vital features. Targeting customers carefully and displaying Chat when it’s the most appropriate will help you gain customer loyalty and conversions.

  5. Offer a pre-chat survey

    People hate repeating themselves. A survey done in the UK showed that 75% of consumers thought that was the worst part about using a support tool. Offering a pre-chat survey and getting some background information about your customers while they wait to be connected to an agent can help save you time in the immediate and future.

    By collecting information from a customer (and ensuring your team reads it), you can prep your customer support agent with pertinent details about the trouble a customer is going through.

    In your Live Chat support software, you can store this data so that anyone else that gets into a conversation with this customer can also see the historical information about their inquiries.

    Better yet, use an integration with your CRM or helpdesk to get other valuable customer information, such as how much money they’ve spent with your company or any other support inquiries they’ve sent in.

    Keeping everyone in the loop across the board helps ensure that your users get consistent experiences.

  6. Keep it personal

    No one likes talking to a robot-like customer care agent. Encourage your support team members to match the chat’s tone with that of the customer and keep it as friendly as possible.

    Not only will it be a much more delightful experience for your customer, but it may help with your word-of-mouth marketing efforts as they tell all of their friends.

    That’s right. More than product and pricing, modern consumers care more about rapport and trusting the brands where they shop. Live Chat is an immediate and easy-to-seize opportunity to convert.

  7. Automate your bookings with Live Chat

    Most prospects find it difficult or have to go through back-and-forth communication for meetings. Maximum bookings occur after hours. It means more business leads are lost simply by not having online scheduling options.

    Online scheduling via Live Chat is a viable option. It helps customers to make a booking when they are on your website via the chat widget.

    Live Chats are assisting travel agencies and tour operators to automate their bookings and drive higher sales. When visitors are browsing the website online, the chat widget allows them to ask any questions they might have in their minds.

    Wrapping it up

    When people decide to interact with a Live Chat widget, they do so because they expect an immediate response. Live Chat has completely altered the course of customer support. With its ever-growing popularity, it becomes even more imperative for businesses to deploy a chat widget onto their website.

    With Appy Pie, anyone can build and implement Live Chat on their websites and mobile applications for faster query redressal.

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