Top Tips to Making a Stunning YouTube Video

By Cecilia | Last Updated on January 10th, 2022 10:08 am | 4-min read
Create YouTube Video - Appy Pie

There are 30 million active users on YouTube every day, consuming or contributing video content eagerly and passionately. When you finish reading this article, there will be another 2700 hours of video uploaded to YouTube. Table of Contents Camera Settings Audio Design: That Sounds Good Smooth In-Camera Transition Cut, Caption and Layover How to improve your video performance to generate more views? Besides understanding the YouTube algorithm and apply it to your channel, cre [...]

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The Funnel Approach to Mobile App Marketing

By Jayraj | Last Updated on December 29th, 2021 11:50 am
Funnel Approach - Appy Pie

When you create your first mobile app, you’re not likely to understand an app’s various nuances. When it comes to mobile app marketing, most marketers are clueless. And if you have a small business, you’re unlikely to be able to hire a professional. Table of Contents Looking at Your Funnel Theory in Practice More on Mobile App Marketing Conclusion What that means is you might need to do mobile app marketing on your own. Thankfully, there is good news for you. Mobile app [...]

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How Data Analytic Metrics Help Create a Better App?

Ruchi Gohri
By Ruchi Gohri | Last Updated on December 29th, 2021 11:45 am
Data analytic help create a better app - Appy Pie

An app in the app store is of no use if no users are downloading it. How such an app can be functional as a business? It needs to be recognized. Users must start using it. Table of Contentsere is a post for you to check out how push notifications help you drive user engagement Key Mobile App Analytic Metrics How Appy Pie Can Help? Conclusion How your app can reach out to users’ smartphones? For this, you must know your users first. You should study their behavior and learn [...]

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How Push Notifications Are Transforming Mobile Marketing?

Tarulika jain
By Tarulika jain | Last Updated on September 13th, 2021 8:50 am

Mobile marketing has changed the way businesses used to promote their brand. The art of driving the attention of mobile users towards your brand is known as mobile marketing. There are several ways in which businesses are using mobile app marketing services like mobile search ads, image ads, SMS or regular text messages, in-game marketing, app-based marketing, etc. Table of Contents What Are Push Notifications? Why Are Push Notifications Essential For Promotion Of Your Business? How Pus [...]

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Quick Tricks to Create Graphic Design Color Schemes

Ruchi Gohri
By Ruchi Gohri | Last Updated on July 26th, 2021 1:50 pm | 5-min read

As a graphic designer, you need to keep in mind the various essential elements when creating a piece. You have different textures and patterns to choose from. You need to find the perfect theme that not only suits your design and but also goes with your brand. To make your piece more effective and expressive, you choose to add different images and fonts to it. This helps you convey the clearer message to your audience from your brand. Table of Contents Common Color Tricks from Designers [...]

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