How to Create a Career Counselling Chatbot? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Tarulika jain
By Tarulika jain | February 13, 2021 7:42 pm  | 4-min read
Career Counseling Chatbot - Appy Pie

Yesterday I was talking to my cousin and she asked me, “How did you become a content writer?”. I replied to her that I went through a hit and trial process and then finally settled to writing. I explained to her that I did my engineering, then some random courses and I realized that writing is my call. She was confused and hesitatingly asked me if she had to board a roller coaster ride for choosing her career. I relieved her and recommended consulting a counselor before making her decisions. [...]

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5 Restaurant Branding Tips to Create a Unique Brand Identity

Ruchi Gohri
By Ruchi Gohri | Last Updated on September 17th, 2021 8:07 pm | 5-min read
Restaurant branding tips- Appy Pie

A unique brand name helps your customers remember you from the second they search you online to the moment they walk into your restaurant. Your restaurant branding helps your business communicate to the potential customers about what you are and what to expect from you. Your restaurant branding reflects everywhere, from your restaurant to your website and your social media accounts. It lets you deliver a memorable experience to the users. Everything including the taste of the food, the style [...]

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How to Create a Room Reservation App

By Jayraj | Last Updated on July 6th, 2021 10:34 am
How to Create a Room Reservation App- Appy Pie

The hospitality/travel industry is growing rapidly and propelled forward by people’s wants to travel across the globe. Room reservation apps help make the search for accommodation easier across the globe. AirBnB took the world by storm when it was first introduced as a room reservation app. Room reservation apps are special apps that people can use for booking accommodation in hotels and homestays. Such apps are common all around the world. From home renting apps like AirBnB to hotel-bookin [...]

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Unique Website Ideas for Your Inspiration in 2021

Tarulika jain
By Tarulika jain | Last Updated on February 17th, 2021 11:42 am | 5-min read
Unique website ideas- Appy Pie

Yesterday I visited the nearby store. After completing my grocery shopping, as soon as I paid for my stuff and shared my contact details at the cash counter, I received a text message. “Thank you for shopping with us. To know more about our store, you can reach our website.” I was surprised that even the grocery store has a website. In this internet-driven era, if you want to expand your business and increase the credibility of your business, you must have a website. A website is simply a [...]

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How Chatbots Help Businesses Find Customer Insights

By Abs | Last Updated on June 10th, 2021 9:59 am | 5-min read
How Businesses can Find Customer Insights with the help of chatbot - Appy Pie

Chatbots are the talk of the town. Businesses that never gave this technology a second-thought are preparing to jump on the bandwagon due to the rapid digitalization in wake of COVID-19. And they’re right to do so. Table of Contents Chatbots as a Source of Customer Insights Summing Up Chatbots have become extremely versatile and sophisticated in the past few years. Much of this is owed to the breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence. No longer just marketing props for comp [...]

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