Augmented Reality & Its Real-World Applications

Appy Pie | February 23, 2018| Comments

App Builder Appy Pie, February 21, 2018: The latest buzzword in the world of technology Augmented Reality or AR has found its way into our lives and even in our everyday vernacular. It would be shocking to come across anyone who hasn’t yet heard of it. It has found application in a number of things starting from gaming to ecommerce to education and healthcare. What is Augmented Reality? Even though most of the people have heard about it, there is a great number who have trouble understanding[...]

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10 Cardinal Steps to Beta Test Your Mobile App

Appy Pie | February 22, 2018| Comments

App Builder Appy Pie, February 21, 2018: For a good app developer of any standing in the field, the importance of a thorough beta testing need not be stressed upon. Like any other product, your app too needs to be tested for any kind of flaws (bugs & crashes) before making it available to the customers. To make sure that you get rid of all your hidden bugs and problems within the app, beta testing is the only way to go. Beta testing is the secret for the best app quality, indeed. There ar[...]

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How to Use Social Media to Maximize Your Mobile App Marketing?

Appy Pie | February 21, 2018| Comments

App Builder Appy Pie, February 21, 2018: Social media is everywhere, and it makes everyone accessible irrespective of their demography. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. are the new melting pots of the society. Now that you have a wonderful app ready and have launched it on all the prime platforms, you probably are waiting with bated breath to see how it fares in the market, would it go up the ranks, or would it be downloaded as many times as you would want them to? Amidst all this conundrum, al[...]

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Top Security Issues to Prepare for In Mobile App Development

Appy Pie | February 20, 2018| Comments

App Builder Appy Pie, February 20, 2018: The last time you ordered your favorite cup of coffee at Starbucks, did you stop and wonder about the security and data privacy when you used the app? Did you wonder how safe it is to play your favorite game as you whiled away the time on your daily commute? Did you stop and wonder how safe is the app that has been making your digital business strategies tick? Probably not! And if you did, you probably are comfortable in the thought that the app developer[...]

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How to Handle Negative App Reviews?

Appy Pie | February 19, 2018| Comments

App Builder Appy Pie, February 19, 2018: Everyone loves a compliment and most of the negative comments have an unsettling effect on us, no matter who we are and no matter where the comment comes from. As an entrepreneur in the mobile app industry or as an app developer, it is only natural that apart from the good reviews and compliments there that there would be a good number of negative reviews coming your way. While the good reviews keep you motivated by giving you a positive boost for your go[...]

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