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Whether you are a conglomerate, a startup, or a professional, the importance of app development must be all but clear to you when it comes to promoting your brand, product, or services. The business of app development is huge and according to Statista, mobile apps are predicted to generate a revenue of about 188.9 billion USD through app stores and in-app ads by the year 2020 with an anticipated 15% annual growth.

App developmentCustom Mobile App Development
At Appy Pie, we offer end-to-end custom mobile application development services that help you stay on top of the latest mobile trends and keep your business in the hearts and pockets of your customers. We have an outstanding team of highly skilled and qualified app developers who combine their expertise and deep knowledge to create next-gen mobile apps, keeping in mind your business niche and target audience.
, however, like many other software can be a thoroughly unpredictable and a long-winded process as well. It is for this reason that the newbies tend to get lost while creating apps and also why the whole process of app development is often outsourced to the professionals.

App Development – the Process

The first thing that needs to be done here is to decide – what would the app actually do and starting off with a clear idea about what the app needs to be.

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Once this is sorted, the time needed (though it varied wildly) can be quoted in weeks. Typically it might take you about 18 weeks where 10 weeks would be dedicated to the back-end development and 8 weeks to front-end.

Back-endBack-End Mobile App Development [A Comprehensive Guide]
When you are on your way to building a mobile app for your business, there are some things that you need to take into consideration before even starting the whole process.
activities include:
  • User Account Management
    • Passwords
    • Data Integration with 3rd Part Apps
  • Setting Up User Experience
  • Design for App Notification

Front-end Design includes:
  • Quality Testing
  • Optimization
  • Tweaks in User Interface
  • Data Handling (e.g. local caching for enhanced performance)
  • Synchronization of Offline App Use

App Development – the Cost

The cost of app developmentHow Much Does it Cost to Make an App?
Today, almost every brand is boasting about their latest mobile apps. Not just brands, even celebrities and common people are also jumping into app bandwagon to promote themselves or for earning money through mobile apps.
is related quite closely to the complexity of the app and depends on a variety of factors like choice of platform (web, Android, & iOS or some kind of a combination of two or all three), and can even be for tablet including smartphone platforms.

Typically, an app with no API integration, standard UI components, and no back-end server (meaning a fairly simple app) would require about 400 hours of development time. A moderate app with custom UI features, tablet adaptation, an API integration, and a back-end server might need anywhere between 500 to 800 hours of development. The highly complex apps which may have multi-language support, third party app integration, featuring custom animation might need a healthy back-end server and take somewhere between 800 to 1500 hours of development time.

There are a number of factors that go into determining the cost of development for your app and it would do you well to have a deeper conversation with the professionals that you are hiring.

No Coding Platforms

It is only natural that the pocket depth is different for every entity, and it is bound to be a lot lesser for small business owners or even startups. They can’t possibly hire a specialized high-end firm for creating apps. If you are not averse to getting hands-on into app development, there are several options of software that can do all the heavy lifting for you and you do not even have to get into coding. Quite like the trend from a few years ago, when everyone was building their websitesWebsite Builder to Make a Website Without Coding
An epitome of excellence, Appy Pie is backed with next-gen features that allow anyone to build amazing websites for a variety of purposes, helping your business grow like never before.
in house, now businesses are opting for building apps in house as well. This is especially great for apps that are less complex and can easily be taken care of by even the novices.

make an android app

The emergence of and increasing popularity of mobile platforms has transformed the mobile environment. To begin with, apps were designed with the intent to expand the reach of the brand and bring it onto the realm of smartphones, but today mobile apps are directed at providing an excellent user experience on mobile with the bigger goal of penetrating new markets in order to boost sales.

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