Advantages of A/B Testing in Mobile Apps

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and to keep monitoring it. This can be best achieved with the help of A/B testing.

A/B testingA Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing
You have built an app and it seems to be on the right track to achieve a measure of success. Does this mean you are all set to put your feet up and simply let things happen on their own? You would of course want your app to keep doing better, and for that to happen you would have to make your app and app experience better.
is essentially the practice of dividing the app into smaller, manageable components like pages, user interfaces or features while comparing the various versions in order to figure out which is the best way forward.

A/B testing for mobile apps lets the developers play around with the user-facing features while the app is still in production. The whole process lets the developers launch new features or tweak the existing ones in a controlled environment while measuring their impact on the KPIs of the app. It is in fact fairly common for the app developers to release multiple alternative implementations of the same feature to figure out what works best.

Since, the process of A/B testing inherently monitors the app’s KPIs continuously, it is actually the safest way to release any new features for the app.

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There are several benefits or advantages that come with the process of A/B testing for mobile apps, but let’s talk about the meaty ones here!

  • Sale Upsurge

    When you implement A/B testing, you have the freedom to explore a variety of screen layouts, and other defining components of the app, which give you a better understanding of conversion and sales. Minute elements like the placement of the “Buy” button and even the color of the button might do the trick and bring you more conversions and higher sales.

Though these are some of the most obvious advantages that an app developerHire Android Developer and iPhone Programmer
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must be looking for, to make their app a success but there are not really many organizations that go for it. The budget and time restrictions often are the underlying reasons why companies go on to ignore the process.

Of the two leading app stores, Apple App Store does not have the provision for A/B testing, and Google Play Experiments only offers limited functionality. This is why sometimes it is important to implement an in-house platform.

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Though A/B testing your mobile app might seem to be a relatively simple ting to implement when you are reading about it, the actual execution part is actually quite challenging. The feature management aspect is only a part of the A/B testing for a mobile app, it is the data processing part which effectively forms the core of A/B testingTop Tips for Creating A Stellar Landing Page
A landing Page is a standalone web page that is disconnected from a website’s navigation. This page is created only for the purpose of convincing a visitor to take action (whether it is signing up, making a purchase, downloading content etc.)

The underlying algorithms that collect the data, conduct analytics, control the A/B tests, and interpret the results are critical in the process.

Fortunately, there are open source analytics and A/B testing platforms like Wasabi & Matomo which can assist the developers in the more challenging aspects of the process even as the developers host them on your own servers.

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