Top 7 Zoom Integrations for Better Team Collaboration

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Remote working has become the new normal as the pandemic has restricted our movements. Most of us have set up some version of a home office, but we all have realized how important communication is for flawless team collaboration. This is one of the major reasons why online team collaboration tools have found themselves at the center of all the buzz. In this blog, we will discuss one of the best communication tools for team collaboration - Zoom and the top Zoom integrations that can amp up the potential of this wildly popular communication platform through workflow automation with Appy Pie Connect.

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As most businesses are settling in with remote working as the only viable option, team collaboration tools and communication applications have assumed great importance. Communication particularly has become a lot more challenging because of the physical distance. You can’t simply drop by at someone’s desk or cabin and get a quick response, nor can you just get together for a ‘quick word’ at a moment’s notice. Video calling or video conferencing apps are the next best thing to a physical meeting, and it is for this reason, they have gained immense popularity in the past couple of years. Before we move further into a detailed discussion about Zoom integrations, let’s first get a brief introduction to Zoom.

What is Zoom

Zoom is a cloud-based video communication platform with multiple functionalities like video conferences, online meetings, group chats, and more. Zoom is an immensely flexible platform with exciting features like waiting rooms, calendar integration, virtual backgrounds, multi-share, personal meeting rooms, and more.

What is workflow automation?

Yet another concept that we must discuss before we talk about the impact of Zoom integrations on team collaboration is - workflow automation.Workflow automation is a unique technology that automates monotonous and repetitive tasks like scheduling meetings, storing content, and more, using rule-based algorithms based on triggers and actions.

How to use workflow automation for collaboration

Almost every department in your business, including marketing, sales, finance, and even human resources, can benefit from workflow automation. However, in this blog, we would be focusing on the benefits of workflow automation in team collaboration. In the absence of seamless collaboration, your organization runs the risk of crumbling down. So let’s see how workflow automation can help improve your team collaboration.
  • Ensures accuracy
  • There is always a chance of human error when someone is working on a repetitive task. No matter how careful one may be, one always needs to be prepared for some type of human error. It may not make a big difference for some administrative tasks, but when it comes to the finance or sales departments, the repercussions of a small human error may be enormous. By automating these tasks, you can eliminate this scope of human error and grease the wheel of collaborative team efforts, which adds accuracy and efficiency to the entire process.
  • Enhances tracking
  • For a team to work together seamlessly, the members must always know where the others are, at any time of the day. Now that remote working has become an accepted practice, keeping track of the team members has assumed even greater importance. By automating certain parts of your workflow, you can ensure that all the information is easily accessible and can be relied on.
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks
  • One of the most important benefits of workflow automation is that it eliminates the need to perform all the repetitive tasks manually. Once these tasks are automated, the entire team ends up saving time. Not only that, but sometimes it also eliminates the need to hire additional resources for such processes, further keeping the team more productive and efficient.

Best Zoom integrations for team collaboration

Zoom + SlackSlack is quite a popular team collaboration tool that helps teams discuss ideas and stay in touch with each other. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose track of upcoming meetings when you have too much on your plate. Though there are multiple Slack collaboration tools available, Zoom Slack integration has some serious potential. Here are some popular Zoom Slack integrations that Appy Pie Connect has to offer:
  • A reminder is automatically set for you or a teammate on Slack whenever a new Zoom meeting or webinar is created.

  • A new message is posted to your chosen Slack channel whenever a new recording is completed on Zoom.

  • A direct message is automatically sent to a Slack user (even yourself) through the Slack bot whenever a new registrant is added to a Zoom webinar.

Zoom + Google Calendar Google Calendar is the most commonly used calendar application and is known for its flexibility and vast integration capabilities. Integrate Zoom with Google Calendar for projects that require teams to share calendars so that no one is double-booked for a meeting, and setting up new meetings do not become a nightmare. With Zoom Google Calendar integration, you can bring about clarity and ease in setting up new meetings and automatically add them to team calendars, improving overall team communication. Let’s take a look at some popular Zoom Google Calendar integrations offered by Appy Pie Connect:
  • A new event is added on Google Calendar whenever a new meeting or webinar is created on Zoom.

  • An event on Google Calendar is updated whenever a new registrant is added to the Zoom meeting or webinar.

  • A new Zoom meeting is created whenever a new event is added to Google Calendar.

Zoom + MailChimp
MailChimp is an all-in-one email marketing platform that is perfect for sales and marketing teams. Zoom MailChimp integrations are particularly useful for teams that rely on sales and webinars. In addition, they are great for following up with webinar attendees through well-drafted email campaigns. By integrating the two apps, you can ensure that every attendee gets due attention through follow-up emails and lead nurturing campaigns. Here are some of the most popular Zoom MailChimp integrations offered by Appy Pie Connect:
  • A subscriber’s email address is added to a MailChimp list whenever a new Zoom meeting or webinar is created.

  • A MailChimp campaign draft is sent automatically whenever a new registrant is added to a Zoom meeting or webinar.

  • A new meeting registrant is added on Zoom whenever a new subscriber is added to a MailChimp list.

Zoom + Salesforce
Salesforce is a unique customer service platform with evolved capabilities. Salesforce lets companies align their business processes and customer service processes to suit their customers, employees, and partners. Integrate Zoom and Salesforce to add your Zoom registrants as leads on Salesforce and make your team efforts shine! Here are some of the most meaningful Zoom Salesforce integrations you can explore on APpy Pie Connect:
  • A new contact is added automatically on your Salesforce whenever someone registers on your Zoom webinar.

  • A new salesforce event is created for every new Zoom meeting or webinar you create

  • A new webinar registrant is created on Zoom whenever there is a new lead in your Salesforce account.

Zoom + Dropbox
One of the most widely used cloud-based collaboration space services, Dropbox lets you store and share all types of files, including documents, photos, videos, or any other type of content. Integrate Zoom and Dropbox with Appy Pie Connect and use workflow automation meaningfully to boost team collaboration. Let’s take a look at some popular Zoom Dropbox integrations offered by Appy Pie Connect:
  • A new folder is created in Dropbox whenever a new Zoom meeting or webinar is created.

  • A file is uploaded in Dropbox whenever a new recording is completed on Zoom.

  • A new line is added to an existing file in Dropbox whenever a new registrant is added to a Zoom webinar.

Zoom + Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is one of the best collaboration tools and serves as a hub for teamwork and productivity. Integrating Zoom and Microsoft Teams helps bridge the gap between teams that use different applications for their video conferencing needs. Here is a list of popular Zoom and Microsoft Teams integrations from Appy Pie Connect to help you increase your team collaboration:
  • A new member is added to a Microsoft Teams group whenever a new registrant is added to a Zoom meeting.

  • A new channel is created on Microsoft Teams whenever a new meeting or webinar is created on Zoom.

  • A new Zoom meeting is created whenever a new meeting is created on Microsoft Teams.

Zoom + Cisco® Webex Teams
Cisco® Webex Teams lets you discover, share, and collaborate across teams that may require different user settings. With Zoom Cisco® Webex Teams integrations, you can amp up the functionalities of both applications. Let’s look at the most popular Zoom + Cisco® Webex Teams offered by Appy Pie Connect:
  • A Cisco Webex Teams message is created whenever a new recording is completed on Zoom.

  • A Cisco Webex Teams space is created whenever a new registrant is added to your Zoom webinar.

  • A Cisco Webex Team space's title is updated whenever a new meeting or webinar is created on Zoom.


This concludes the list of the best Zoom integrations offered by Appy Pie Connect. The platform offers more than 300 applications with thousands of possible integrations to boost team collaboration. Explore the DIY workflow automation platform Appy Pie Connect and create some meaningful integrations.
Do you have a more potent Zoom integration in mind? Let us know in the comments section. I’d love to read about it!

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