7 Intercom Integrations You Should Use

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Intercom is an excellent customer-communication platform that allows businesses to interact with their customer base and potential clients through multiple channels. From live chat to help centers, Intercom is used by over 30000+ businesses around the world. The communication platform provides various conversational software such as CRM, live chat, bots, knowledge, etc.. Intercom is one of the most versatile software that your business can invest in. Here are some statistics about Intercom.

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Intercom’s versatility as a platform is great, but a business uses hundreds of different applications in their day-to-day tasks. Some of these tasks can be a bit repetitive. According to a survey, nearly 20% of a person’s work hours are spent on repetitive and mundane tasks. What if there was a way to save this time? What if you could take the excellent software that Intercom provides and integrate it with 3rd party software without needing to create custom APIs? Okay! That was a big question. In simple terms, what if you could integrate third-party software and automate certain repetitive tasks within Intercom? A workflow automation software can help you do that! Before we get to the ‘how’, you must understand what workflow automation is.

What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation is a simple technology that uses rule-based algorithms to automate simple, monotonous, and repetitive tasks like social media posting, data entry, etc. Workflow automation platforms allow various apps and websites to communicate with each other. Workflow automation software follows a concept known as IPaaS or Integration Platform as a Service. For example, you can integrate Facebook with Google Sheets and schedule multiple posts in a few minutes. These posts will then be posted automatically at scheduled times. Essentially, workflow automation software achieves the same results that integration API does without the coding. Appy Pie Connect is one such workflow automation tool. Appy Pie Connect lets you integrate multiple software and create detailed automated workflows to smoothen your business processes. Connect achieves this by providing you with various triggers and subsequent actions. Whenever a trigger condition is satisfied, the action is automatically executed, essentially executing those mundane tasks automatically. Try it out today!

How workflow automation works for Intercom

The best way to explain how workflow automation works is through an example. Let’s say your business uses Intercom for live chat/chatbot and uses Salesforce for sales processes. Every time you need to forward the information collected over live chat, your agent has to manually record this data for the sales team in a spreadsheet(let’s say, Google Sheets). The sales team has to follow it up by copying that data into Salesforce to create a customer lead. Appy Pie Connect can make this process much easier. You can directly integrate Intercom with Salesforce by creating a trigger for Intercom whenever a new user interacts with your live chat. Once this trigger is fulfilled, the action will be to add the user as a lead in your Salesforce. This saves both your teams a lot of time and will work flawlessly.

Top 7 Intercom integrations you should use

Without further ado, let us jump into the various integrations that you can achieve with Intercom and other software.
  1. Intercom + Salesforce: Salesforce integrates perfectly with Intercom allowing you to create versatile integrations. Intercom is compatible with Salesforce sales software in many ways. Here are some of them:

    1. New leads in Intercom are added as New Contacts in Salesforce
    2. New conversations in Intercom can be displayed as New opportunities in Salesforce
    3. New Event in Salesforce sends you a message in Intercom

  2. Intercom + MailChimp: MailChimp is a popular email marketing software. It lets you organize your leads and market your products over email easily. MailChimp is almost an industry standard for businesses looking for an email marketing software. Here are some of the connects you can make:

    1. Intercom contacts can automatically be turned into Mailchimp contacts
    2. New MailChimp subscribers can be added to Intercom automatically
    3. New leads from Intercom can be added to MailChimp’s subscriber list

  3. Intercom + Zendesk: Zendesk is similar to Intercom in many ways. However, if your businesses use both, this integration can help sync up your customer support and can smoothen internal business processes. Here are some of the connects you can make:

    1. Create tickets on Zendesk for Intercom conversations
    2. New users on Intercom will be added as new users on Zendesk
    3. Ticker update on Zendesk will send messages on Intercom

  4. Intercom + Gmail: Intercom does support Gmail; however, this integration is rudimentary. With Connect, you can have more versatility in a Gmail integration. Here’s how you can use this integration:

    1. Each new email in your Gmail account shows up as a new message in Intercom
    2. Mails with attachments in Gmail are turned into new leads in Intercom(can be used by banks for doc verification)
    3. Whenever a new user is added to Intercom, an email can be sent automatically from your Gmail account

  5. Intercom + Google Sheets: Google Sheets is a popular software used by pretty much every business. With Connect, you can integrate Intercom with Sheets to easily keep track of your customer base. Here are a few connects you can try:

    1. Update new rows in Sheets when a new user is added to Intercom
    2. Add New rows in Sheets for each new lead generated in Intercom
    3. Update rows Sheets for new conversations in Intercom

  6. Intercom + Hubspot: Hubspot CRM helps teams build relationships with customers. While being similar to Intercom, Hubspot is a bit more versatile in its customer support offerings. Here’s how Connect helps:

    1. New Leads in Intercom are turned into new deals in Hubspot
    2. New Conversations in Intercom update existing deals in Hubspot
    3. For each contact in Hubspot, new users are created in Intercom

  7. Intercom + Facebook Ads: This is a specialized integration. Facebook ads are a great way to generate leads. With this Connect Integration, you can add all your leads from Facebook Ads directly to your Intercom.


Intercom is an excellent customer-communication software. With Intercom, you can truly empower your customer support team to deliver your customers the best possible support they can ask for. Take Intercom to the next level and smoothen your business processes today with Appy Pie Connect’s unique integrations. Leave us a comment and tell us about your experience with Intercom and its integrations!

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