10 Best BigCommerce Integrations to Increase Sales

Jinsen John
By Jinsen John | November 3, 2022 8:45 am
Best BigCommerce Integrations

For any emerging business, having an online storefront is very important. This is why most businesses turn to BigCommerce, a leading SaaS platform that helps users build creative stores with appealing designs and diverse functionalities.

Moreover, users can further expand their BigCommerce account’s capabilities by seamlessly integrating many other popular apps and software with the help of platforms like Appy Pie Connect. Automated workflows such as Xero integrations and others made with Appy Pie Connect let users integrate and sync applications to automate tasks and processes and facilitate data sharing.

Here in this blog, we’ll be checking out some of the best BigCommerce integrations and what they have to offer to users who are looking for time-efficient and affordable ways to simplify and streamline their business processes.

  1. Airtable

    If you’re using Airtable to create databases for your business, but manually entering data received from BigCommerce, this integration is for you. Not only can you automate new record generation but also automate updating existing records with the Airtable BigCommerce integration.

    Best Airtable BigCommerce integrations

    • Add new records to Airtable for every new customer in BigCommerce
    • Create new records to Airtable whenever a new order is added to BigCommerce
    • Update records in Airtable based on the products updated in BigCommerce
  2. Etsy

    Etsy has been an instrumental platform for business owners who’ve used it to reach out to a wider audience. Using Etsy with BigCommerce can help businesses achieve a lot more in lesser time.

    Best Etsy BigCommerce integrations

    • Automatically update inventory in BigCommerce whenever an order is placed on Etsy.
    • Add a new product in BigCommerce when a new active listing is added to Etsy
    • Create a new customer in BigCommerce when an order is paid on Etsy.
  3. Google Sheets

    Spreadsheets are important to every business, and Google Sheets has become one of the most popular and widely used spreadsheet tools globally. However, the constant manual data entry is quite tiring and prone to mistakes. The good news is that the data entry in Google Sheets can be automated with the Google Sheets BigCommerce integration on Appy Pie Connect.

    Best Google Sheets BigCommerce integrations

    • Create new rows in Google Sheets from new BigCommerce orders
    • Add new rows to Google Sheets from new BigCommerce customers
    • Update spreadsheet rows in Google Sheets when a new order is added to BigCommerce
  4. Nutshell

    An affordable and easy-to-use CRM, Nutshell is an excellent solution for small businesses to maintain and record their leads and analyze their business performance and growth. It can also be integrated with BigCommerce to further broaden its usability.

    Best Nutshell BigCommerce integrations

    • Save new customers from BigCommerce to Nutshell
    • Update leads on Nutshell whenever products are updated on BigCommerce
    • Update leads on Nutshell if a new order with a line item is created in BigCommerce
  5. PayPal

    PayPal has revolutionized payments like never before, enabling business owners to facilitate online payments with its payment gateway. With Appy Pie Connect, users can integrate their PayPal business accounts with BigCommerce to keep track of all online transactions from a common platform.

    Best PayPal BigCommerce integrations

    • Create Draft Invoice to Paypal from New Order in BigCommerce
    • Add tracking information in Paypal when New Product is created in BigCommerce
    • Send invoice in Paypal when New Customer is created in BigCommerce
  6. Shippo

    The best thing for small and medium businesses to come out of eCommerce is the ability to reach every customer, irrespective of their physical location. With the help of shipping partners like Shippo, businesses have been able to expand their customer base, delivering to every doorstep across the globe. Using the Shippo BigCommerce integrations, users can streamline and simplify all their shipping-related activities and deliver better services to their customers.

    Best Shippo BigCommerce integrations

    • Create Order to Shippo from New Order in BigCommerce
    • Create Order to Shippo from New Customer in BigCommerce
  7. Shift4Shop (formerly 3dcart)

    Shift4Shop (formerly 3dcart) has been the go-to business solution partner for many eCommerce businesses online. Featuring a suite of tools that have made managing eCommerce enterprises easier, it is also easily integrated into multiple other applications such as BigCommerce, with the help of Appy Pie Connect.

    Best 3dCart BigCommerce integrations

    • Create Customer to 3Dcart from New Customer in BigCommerce
    • Create Order to 3Dcart from New Order in BigCommerce
  8. OpenSea

    If you’re all into NFT design, you would have heard about OpenSea. It is the largest NFT marketplace where you can easily sell, buy, and trade your NFT collections. If you’re an active user and want to keep track of all your NFT trading online, you can sync your OpenSea account with BigCommerce using Connect.

    Best OpenSea BigCommerce integrations

    • Create coupons in BigCommerce if a new event is added to OpenSea
    • Add new assets in OpenSea as products in BigCommerce
  9. Zoho Books

    Do you use Zoho Books as your primary accounting app? Then you’ll know all about its unique features and benefits. But there’s more! You can add new features to your Zoho Books account with Appy Pie Connect. You can create dynamic and bi-directional automated workflows with Zoho Books BigCommerce integrations.

    Best Zoho Books BigCommerce integrations

    • Create Contact to Zoho Books from New Customer in BigCommerce
    • Create Customer to BigCommerce from New Contact in Zoho Books
    • Create Product to BigCommerce from New Item in Zoho Books
  10. Amazon EC2

    Amazon EC2 is an excellent tool used by businesses of all sizes. Integrating it with BigCommerce helps users expand its functionalities and complete more tasks in much lesser time. This integration is possible with Connect, which facilitates several essential automated workflows between Amazon EC2 and BigCommerce.

    Best Amazon EC2 BigCommerce integrations

    • Start Stop or Reboot Instance in Amazon EC2 when New Customer is created in BigCommerce
    • Start Stop or Reboot Instance in Amazon EC2 when New Product is created in BigCommerce

In Conclusion

We’ve seen that with Appy Pie Connect, anyone can create dynamic workflow automations to significantly boost their efficiency and productivity. Apps like BigCommerce can be easily integrated with thousands of applications to create the best BigCommerce integrations and explore new avenues for any business. Check out Connect, and tap into limitless possibilities!

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