10 Best BambooHR Integrations for Learning Management

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | October 25, 2022 3:18 pm
Best BambooHR Integrations for Learning Management

Have you ever worked as an IT professional and human resource employee in an organization? Then you might experience the problem of shuffling that needs to be incorporated to accomplish various tasks and maintain all the responsibilities. To find out one of the best ways to resolve this type of problem, organizations can incorporate the BambooHR application. It helps you to accumulate and organize all information throughout the employee cycle ultimately leading to fulfilling the organization’s long-term goal.

BambooHR application is also compatible for integration with multiple software to extend its maximum potential. The integration enables the employees to provide a seamless experience to their customers because it will allow them to include quality products into the system that unquestionably meet the customer experience. With this integration, the IT and human resources of an organization can easily access their requirements without sacrificing the visibility and administration of a different system.

We at Appy Pie connect offer the listed top 10 BambooHR integration apps and many more to grow a robust human resource information system (HRIS) in your organization. But, before installing any integration, we are recommending to go through the analysis below that will help you to identify an appropriate installation for BambooHR integration depending on your requirement.

Let’s discuss some Top 10 apps to integrate with BambooHR

  1. Microsoft Outlook

  2. Microsoft Outlook is an excellent application to send and receive email messages, manage contacts and calendars and also track tasks. By integrating Microsoft Outlook with BambooHR, the user will be capable of checking the emails from the BambooHR application without logging into their email account separately. The integrated platform will also allow the users to set up a great collaboration interface because the installation will include add-in features that are most important to link the Microsoft Outlook contacts within BambooHR contact.

    Best BambooHR Microsoft Outlook integrations

    • Send Email in Microsoft Outlook when Get Summary of Who is Out is added to BambooHR
    • Create Contact to Microsoft Outlook from New Employee in BambooHR
    • Create Event to Microsoft Outlook from New Time Off Request in BambooHR
  3. Microsoft Teams

  4. Microsoft team is a modern and fastest-growing communication software that mainly helps in sharing information and team collaboration easily. With the Microsoft team and bamboo HR integration, the user can automate the human resource process along with other significant operations in the BambooHR application. The integrated platform will also be beneficial for the user to send messages and notifications and the channels inside the Microsoft team interface. On top of that, it allows business companies to manage the attendance and time of their team by utilizing this integrated application.

    Best BambooHR Microsoft Teams integrations

    • Add Member in Microsoft Teams when New Employee is created in BambooHR
    • Send Channel Messages in Microsoft Teams when New Time Off Request is created in BambooHR
    • Create Meeting from Microsoft Teams from Changed Report to BambooHR
  5. WordPress

  6. One of the main benefits due to WordPress-BambooHR integration, the user can gain the ability to supervise all the data and information from only one location. The integration will help to lay out the consolidated data of the employees and the user can easily access all this information in the WordPress application. Another prime benefit of this integration platform is it helps to save lots of money for business organizations by decreasing monthly subscriptions and other service providers.

    Best BambooHR WordPress integrations

    • Create User to WordPress from New Employee in BambooHR
    • Create Post to WordPress from New Time Off Request in BambooHR
    • Create Post from WordPress from Changed Report to BambooHR
    • Delete Custom Post Type in WordPress when Changed Report is added to BambooHR
  7. Sharepoint

  8. Microsoft SharePoint is one of the best collaboration platforms where the user can create, manage and share every document with the teams. Integration of Microsoft SharePoint and BambooHR automates the employee request, operations and HR process that automatically connects the workplace task. One of the crucial benefits due to this integration is the All-in-One solution where the user can set up the HR document management with SharePoint that ultimately personalizes the company requirement.

    Best BambooHR Sharepoint integrations

    • Respond to Time Off Request in BambooHR when New List is created in SharePoint
    • Update Employee in BambooHR when New List is created in SharePoint
  9. Patreon

  10. Patreon is a wonderful application for creators and nowadays it is used by millions of creators from YouTubers to game developers to get sustainable income. Integrating Patreon and BambooHR helps the creators to initiate the workday implementation and also let them cater as a primary liaison between payroll and various stakeholders. It ultimately is beneficial for designing and executing the projects. In addition, the integrated platform also ensures system compliance and privacy requirements with data security.

    Best BambooHR Patreon integrations

    • Respond to Time Off Request in BambooHR when New Pledge is created in Patreon
    • Update Employee in BambooHR when New Member is created in Patreon
  11. Slack

  12. Slack is one of the leading messaging applications that connect users with their required information. The integration between Slack and Bamboo HR is most beneficial for each other. For example, business companies can track the time spent by an employee completing a specific task with the help of Slack. On the other hand, the employee’s information will automatically be stored in the bamboo HR database when they utilize Slack for completing some task. This is ultimately beneficial for the managers on the ground of employee management.

    Best BambooHR Slack integrations

    • Send a Slack channel message for new BambooHR employees
    • Create Channel from Slack from Get Summary of Who is Out to BambooHR
  13. Tableau

  14. Integrating Tableau with BambooHR Provide a data visualization advantage to the user for implementing interaction and various dashboards that are generally used for different purposes. This integration also enhances employee satisfaction by authorizing easy access to their information in the BambooHR platform. Moreover, it also reduces employee turnover because employees will be more satisfied. This is because they will have all the information at their fingertips with the help of this integrated platform which will lead them to complete the work faster.

    Best BambooHR Tableau integrations

    • Update Data Source in Tableau when New Time Off is created in BambooHR
    • Update Data Source in Tableau when New Employee is created in BambooHR
  15. Office 365

  16. BambooHR-office 365 integration permits the human resource department to communicate with the new employees in real-time. This will increase the collaboration between the employees and managers in onboarding, logistics, and venue. For recruitment purposes along with other business purposes, the companies use email services for coordination but too many emails can flood the message box. This problem can also be solved by this integrated platform because it allows the HR department to create a recruitment and onboarding team in Office 365 with the help of the “point of contact” feature.

    Best BambooHR Office 365 integrations

    • Create Contact to Office 365 from New Employee in BambooHR
    • Send Email in Office 365 when Changed Report is added to BambooHR
    • Create Event to Office 365 from New Time Off Request in BambooHR
  17. ServiceNow

  18. ServiceNow is a great application for streamlining service delivery. It can synchronize the employee profiles along with the other data with the HR management system when it integrates with BambooHR. The integrated platform also provides authorization to the employees for accessing the application they are required to perform through management providers. Another important benefit due to this integration is that it gives a single to-do list to the employees ultimately increasing productivity at work.

    Best ServiceNow BambooHR integrations

    • Update Record in ServiceNow when New Employee is created in BambooHR
    • Create Record to ServiceNow from New Time Off in BambooHR
  19. DocuSign

  20. DocuSign is another efficient software that integrates with Bamboo HR and facilitates error-free documents. It can be integrated with BambooHR for extending the features and one such feature is Docusign Agreement Cloud. If this feature is incorporated into the BambooHR application, it helps to accelerate the employee agreement process and optimize remote hiring. The integrated platform can distribute the digital policy rapidly and also track the progress of note expectations and signed documents. This will modernize the employee experience by accomplishing work faster.

    Best DocuSign BambooHR integrations

    • Create Signature Request to DocuSign from New Employee in BambooHR
    • Send Envelope in DocuSign when Changed Report is added to BambooHR


    These are only some efficient BambooHR integration available on Appy Pie Connect you can include in the system for delivering better services to your clients and customers with the help of all one solution. You can also contact us through the given mail ID and phone number for assisting with the best integration as per your need. For more, explore Appy Pie Connect for the best app integrations.

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