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In this post, we are going to talk about B2B lead generation strategies, how to generate leads, popular B2B lead generators and lead generation channels, and how to use them to your advantage.

What is a Lead?

To put it simply, a lead is a person or an organization who has an interest in your products or services. This interest may have been expressed in the form of sharing information like an email address, a phone number, or a Social media handle.
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What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of grabbing attention of strangers and prospects and converting them into people who are interested in your offerings.

Top B2B Lead Generation Channels

Let us take up the major channels for B2B lead generation and discuss each one in detail.

How to generate leads using Social Media Marketing?

Social media has found a place of prominence in all marketing related activities. Social media is being considered as a critical cog in the functioning wheel of B2B marketing. It is less expensive and offers a much broader mileage than traditional marketing strategies.
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If you are planning to use social media marketing for lead generation, you must focus on two main channels – LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Lead Ads.

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and is the best social media platform for B2B marketing. However, just because you have chosen a platform that had high engagement rates, doesn’t mean you are guaranteed success.

Some effective tips for LinkedIn B2B lead generation include:

  • Use audience targeting as per the buyer persona you created

  • Use the ad to offer valuable, newsworthy content

  • Test all the elements of your ad, including the copy, the images, and the Call To Action

  • Use a relevant landing page

  • Track, analyze and tweak

Here’s an interesting video that will help you find people on LinkedIn.

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Facebook is the world’s largest social media channel and it is imperative that you include Facebook Lead Ads in your social media marketing strategy for lead generation. If you are looking for some details, you can take a look at these 50 examples of successful Facebook ad templates that actually work.

Here are some effective tips for Facebook Lead Ads:

  • Offer maximum context

  • Create exclusive offers

  • Add a Facebook pixel on your website

  • Test the length of your form and your Call To Action

  • Run ads at times when you can respond to the leads

How to generate leads using Email Marketing?

Email marketing may not be as jazzy as the elements of social media marketing and the instant gratification and analytics you get from it, but it is highly relevant even today. Getting people to opt-in for emails is still where online lead generation begins. Email marketing is also instrumental for lead nurturing.

In recent times, email marketing has been powered up with automated lead scoring, predictive analytics and AI algorithms. This is how email marketing has sharpened its focus, received personalized touches, and real-time delivery.

Factors that can help you improve email marketing conversion:

  • Valuable offer as a lead magnet

  • Optimized landing page

  • Compelling subject line

  • Segmentation of recipients

  • Using analytics to make informed tweaks

Here’s a cool video that will tell you how to collect all emails from any website!

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How to generate leads using PPC?

Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns for lead generation focuses on a variety of paid ad platforms including Google AdWords and Display Network. Apart from these popular names, we have a few listed for you:

  • Social media ads

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Trade media display ads

  • B2B review directories

With all the focus on getting the maximum number of leads, businesses tend to forget how important quality can be. Here we have some tips for you to get quality leads from your PPC lead generation campaign.

  • Focus on more specific keywords

  • Add qualifying copy

  • Create landing pages for target customers

  • Optimize your PPC campaigns with back-end data

  • Optimize the form

How to generate leads through blogging?

Blogging forms a central element in content marketing, a strategy that focuses on creating content that is interesting and of great value to the targeted audience. The intent of blogging for business is to attract and sustain leads for the business.

With the help of SEO and a well-planned editorial calendar, a blog can help drive traffic to your website. It can also be a great way to convert traffic to leads and bring about repeat business or referrals.

Types of content that can drive lead generation

  • Authoritative – posts about topics that you have expertise in

  • Opinion pieces – posts that have valuable insights that are backed by data

  • Research – posts that include research related to the industry

  • How To – step by step tutorials or guides, tips etc. to come up with solutions

  • Viral/Trending – posts written on popular or trending topics relevant to your business

  • Visual – apart from images, adding infographics to the blog can help increase interest and readability

  • Video – people prefer watching a video than reading

If you are interested in learning how to find someone’s address, how to find someone’s name by phone number for free, how to find someone’s email for online lead generation, then we have a helpful video right here for you.

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Lead generation is critically important for any business and doesn’t need you to reveal some long kept, hidden secrets. What works best for lead generation is to identify the tried and tested methods, zero in on those that are suitable for you and then come up with a combination that would work the best for your unique situation and business goals.

If you have been asking the question how to get leads, this post is a great guide to help you understand how you can improve your preferred channels of lead generation and create an online lead generation strategy that would work the best for you.

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