Vivek Srivastava, co-founder, Appy Pie, is a digital analyst and writes extensively about website and app promotion. He has over 8 years of experience in outbound and inbound digital marketing, website analytics, social media, conversion rate optimization and business analytics. Before entering the Digital arena, Vivek covered technology news for TV channels, Local Newspapers and Radio Channels. He also has a keen interest in music and he enjoys playing music instruments.

Mobile App Analytics: Everything You Need to Know

By Vivek | April 3, 2019

Building a mobile app is not enough! Here’s THE most comprehensive guide to Mobile App Analytics online. This is an expert-written guide where you will learn everything you need to know about mobile app analytics, right from the planning, setting up, implementation, and drawing meaning from the analytics before bringing about rightful changes for the best results. So, if you are looking for a holistic guidance on setting up and using mobile app analytics the right way, this is just perfect [...]

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8 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

By Vivek | February 12, 2019 | 8 Min Read

.desk-block.light-orange{font-size:28px} 1. New Sale Generation 2. Enhanced Customer Retention [...]

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Top influencers

Top Influencers for 2018 [Across Categories]

By Vivek | January 4, 2019

1. Artificial Intelligence 2. Digital Marketing 3. Internet of Things (IoT) 4. Healthcare [...]

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app maker free

How To Develop An Effective Content Strategy for Your App?

By Vivek | October 22, 2018 | 8-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: As a mobile app owner, it is important that you work towards building a relationship with the app users. This relationship and its strength depend heavily upon the substance behind it. A mobile app that has the ability to attract users and keep them engaged, offers to the company a direct access to the audience that is already familiar with the brand, thus affording them an opportunity to forge a relationship that is bound to last. However, this opportunity can only be rea[...]

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make a app

How To Build A Mobile App For Your Wedding Planning Business?

By Vivek | September 27, 2018 | 6-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: This is a world where there is an app for everything and where everyone is looking for an app to solve their problems. In this post we are going to talk about the top features you can include in a mobile app for your wedding business and how to build it. The customers today expect to do everything with an app and if a business does not offer an app, there is a chance that they are going to ignore it entirely. Think of a situation where you are looking for a service or a p[...]

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app creator

Top 5 App Development Skills That Would Have People Lining Up to Hire You!

By Vivek | September 25, 2018 | 3-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: Mobile App development is a tempting field to get into and is not a niche field anymore. There is no dearth of app developers in the industry today and if you are just one of the many, let’s be honest, you are not really going anywhere. It is only when you have some serious mobile app development skills that you can hope to scale some great heights. Now this doesn’t mean that the demand for developers in the industry is going down in any way. But it is the really skill[...]

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build an android app

11 Crazy Myths About Enterprise App Development – BUSTED!

By Vivek | September 12, 2018 | 6-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: In this post we are going to talk about the reasons why you should have an enterprise app for your organization, what you can expect from this investment, and most importantly we are going to bust some of the biggest myths that have been doing rounds, stopping you from taking the leap! The world has already gone mobile and there is an app for everything today. Consumers have taken to using mobile apps for everything and are adopting it as one of the most convenient mediums[...]

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App Development & Delivery – 101

By Vivek | September 5, 2018 | 3-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: Whether you are a conglomerate, a startup, or a professional, the importance of app development must be all but clear to you when it comes to promoting your brand, product, or services. The business of app development is huge and according to Statista, mobile apps are predicted to generate a revenue of about 188.9 billion USD through app stores and in-app ads by the year 2020 with an anticipated 15% annual growth. App developmentCustom Mobile App Development At Appy Pie, [...]

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how to make android app

A Quick Introduction to Back-End Mobile App Development

By Vivek | August 30, 2018

App Builder Appy Pie: When you are on your way to building a mobile app for your business, there are some things that you need to take into consideration before even starting the whole process. Would your app be saving anything pertaining to your users? Would your app be required to display any dynamic data on the basis of the users’ behavior within the app? Does the app need to authenticate the user or would it need to have any configuration functionality that is admin-driven? [...]

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how to create a mobile app

These Steps Form the Roadmap to Successful App Development for Startups!

By Vivek | August 23, 2018

App Builder Appy Pie: Startups are inherently different from the established brands. In context of an established brand there rarely are many limitations in terms of resources and have a lower go-to market time, while focusing on the quality of the app they release. StartupsA Business App for Your Business A business app can not only help you gain maximum exposure for your products and services, it can also assist you in developing a stronger relationship with customers. in general are looking [...]

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