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Aasif Khan is an SEO specialist with an experience of 10+ years in the digital marketing industry. Today, he is an expert in SEO, SMO, SEM, and is also one of the top contributors to Appy Pie Blog. He writes about the ongoing trends in the digital marketing industry. He loves working out in the gym and also spares some time for hobbies like playing cricket and reading books among other things.

A Simple Guide to Geofencing for Mobile App Marketing

By Aasif | May 6, 2019 | 5 min read

Mobile Marketing is a tough challenge to master. On an average, only 4% of mobile users will continue to use your app after one year. Despite being literally within arm’s reach, customers aren’t really that easy to reach for the companies. People’s phones are very personal to them and they hate spam. Therefore, it is important that you market your services to clients in a relevant, more contextual manner. Location and time are two of the most important elements when it comes to mobile mar[...]

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15 Best Practices for Effective Mobile App Onboarding

By Aasif | March 20, 2019

Let’s face it, if users don’t understand your app, they’re not gonna use it! This is where it becomes extremely important to implement effective onboarding. When the onboarding process is designed the right way, the likelihood of conversions is definitely going to be higher. What is App Onboarding? The onboarding process for a mobile app essentially is a series of screens that direct users through an app interface. These onboarding screens have three major purposes: Make th[...]

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How to Create App Permission Requests No One Can Say No To? (& What to Say When They Say No?)

By Aasif | October 25, 2018 | 5-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: The app users today are expecting a stellar user experience and even a little detail can ruin this experience for them. One of the most common reasons for this to happen is mishandling or poorly planning the permission requests for your app. You must have noticed while trying to install some apps, you get bombarded by permission requests for a number of things like location, camera, album, calendar, contacts, push notifications, and other such things. For most of the apps [...]

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An Ultimate Guide To Mobile App Install Campaigns

By Aasif | October 15, 2018 | 11-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: If you have been working with mobile apps at all, then you must have realized the importance of promoting your app, through organic or paid methods. It is common knowledge that in an overcrowded market that we have today, it is impossible to garner any measure of attention from your target audience if you do not market your product (in this case, your app) in just the right way!   In this post we are going to talk about running Mobile app install campaigns, what they[...]

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How to Estimate the Cost Of Mobile App MVP Development (for your Appdea)?

By Aasif | September 26, 2018 | 4-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: A great Appdea is hard to come by, and the moment you have one, it is natural to be excited about it and get started building on it immediately. But, it is important that you take a step back and give the whole Appdea a rethink. There are literally millions of apps right now on the app stores, what makes you think that your Appdea is unique and that no one ever has thought of it yet! When you finally launch your app in the market, are you absolutely certain that it is goi[...]

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How GDPR Would Enhance Website Design and Development?

By Aasif | September 19, 2018 | 3-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: GDPR is more than mere regulations for the safety and privacy of data. It has a severe impact on the way websites today and in the future be designed and developed. As the law came into effect on the 25th of May 2018 and has its impact on any website which can be accessed by the countries in the EU or are held in the EU. Since the implementation of the GDPR, any organization that has a web presence or needs to use the personal data of any EU citizens are subject to these r[...]

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How to Leverage the Potential of Content? [4 Effective Ways]

By Aasif | September 19, 2018 | 3-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: Publishing and distributing the right content over vibrant online spaces and platforms not only sets a website apart, but also captures the audience’s attention by delivering the right message into their hearts and minds. Moreover, good content also helps you earn the loyalty and trust of the customers with great ease. A Content Marketing Institute survey of 1,100 marketers in 2010 revealed that 36% of the marketers face the issue of producing engaging content. A possible[...]

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Ways to Improve Your App’s Ranking – A Complete Guide

By Aasif | September 13, 2018 | 10-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: The whole point of doing business is looking for something to help you and the whole business grow every day. The decision to build your own mobile app might, in fact, have come from that objective. After you have built an app for your business and have benefitted greatly from it in terms of sales and the revenue you have been garnering from it, it is time to take another step further. Though you have been able to bring in great revenue from the app, and the app is provin[...]

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Top Tips for Mobile App Developers to Handle Negative Feedback or Reviews

By Aasif | September 10, 2018 | 2-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: It is only natural that as an app owner, you would get a mix of positive and negative reviews. The negative reviews might irk you, but you must find a way to handle themHow to Handle Negative App Reviews?Everyone loves a compliment and most of the negative comments have an unsettling effect on us, no matter who we are and no matter where the comment comes from. As an entrepreneur in the mobile app industry or as an app developer, it is only natural that apart from the good [...]

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How to Successfully Grow Your App? – A Quick Guide

By Aasif | September 10, 2018 | 3-min read

App Builder Appy Pie: You have already spent months, maybe years developing your mobile app, then launching it, but you are far from done yet. If you are genuinely looking to meet any measure of success with your appThese Steps Form the Roadmap to Successful App Development for Startups! Startups are inherently different from the established brands. In context of an established brand there rarely are many limitations in terms of resources and have a lower go-to market time, while focusing on th[...]

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