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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App Development Services from Appy Pie

Initially a science fiction, now the future, augmented and virtual reality has refined considerably over the past few decades, expanding its level of access and usability to the consumer market.

At Appy Pie, we help you bring your augmented and virtual app idea to life by incorporating latest app development frameworks introduced by tech giants Apple and Google named ARKit and ARCore respectively.

ARKit & ARCore

Introduced during the WWDC 17, ARKit is Apple’s augmented reality app development platform that allows app developers to create amazing augmented reality apps for iPads and iPhones.

Utilizing Apple’s ARKit, our AR and VR development team builds best-in-class AR apps, featuring next generation functionality to innovatively interact with the real world in more advanced ways. With iPhone X, ARKit has the capability to perform real-time face scanning, while the data is analyzed to display facial expressions in the form of 3D characters.

Referred to as “the largest AR platforms in the world” by Craig Federighi, Senior VP-Software Engineering, Apple Inc., ARKit has following key features:

  • Ability to precisely track the device position in real-world
  • Ability to identify surfaces in real-world environment, such as floors, tables, walls, etc.
  • Ability to display animated 3D virtual text, objects and characters in the device captured environment
  • Specified to run on Core A9 and higher iOS devices

ARCore, Google’s reply to Apple’s ARKit, was introduced to help the app developers create one-of-a-kind augmented reality apps for Android devices. As described by Clay Bavor, Augmented and Virtual Reality Head at Google, ARCore is an intentional long-term outgrowth of their earlier form of AR, Tango.

Harnessing unlimited opportunities with this advanced AR platform, Appy Pie’s app development team takes apps to a whole new level by empowering them to overlay the users’ view with animated 3D content, such as words, objects and characters.

Easy-to-access, ARCore is supported by Android 7.0 Nougat as well as its recently released successor Android Oreo, and is seen by Google as a new way to deliver their services in the future.

Built from the experience of Tango, Google’s ARCore features:

  • Ability to track motion by analyzing IMU sensor data
  • Ability to detect horizontal surfaces in the same way as motion tracking
  • Ability to enhance appearance and make real-time visuals accurate by detecting lighting ambience of the device
  • Ability to track the object’s displacement over a period of time

Appy Pie’s app developers have proficient experience working with these technologies, and have created AR masterpieces for thousands of our clients. Let’s check out different types of apps that can be easily developed with Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit.

3D Drawing Apps

Whether you need an app for creating 3D-models of your products or for visualizing the 3D-architecture on any construction site, with Appy Pie you can be sure of getting highly-functional 3D Drawing apps developed at a fraction of the cost, while taking care of your requirements.

IKEA Place Apps

Appy Pie uses ARKit and ARCore to create apps like IKEA Place for Android and iOS. With apps like IKEA Place, small furniture shops can easily assist customers in selecting the right furniture as per the design of their home and available space.

Distance Measuring App

Using Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit, Appy Pie creates amazing distance measuring apps that make it really easy to measure different things in the world simply through the device’s camera. Point the camera to the object, tap start on app, and see final results.

3D Car Games

When it is about developing 3D car games with AR capabilities, Appy Pie is your one stop solution. No matter whether you want speed racing game or off-road racing game, our game developers can transform your ideas into reality while employing Google’s and Apple’s AR development platforms.

Basketball Games

From beginner to expert level basketball games, Appy Pie has all the necessary skills and knowledge required to deliver a virtual world experience of a basketball game in a real-world. This would effectively immerse you in an imaginary game from anywhere anytime.

Projectile Games

Whether you want to own a game like Angry Birds or simply a shooting game, joining hands with Appy Pie is sure to get your task done in the right and cost-effective way. Simply aim and shoot at the target, and keep on crossing level after levels to reach the end.

Physics Engine Game

Looking to get Physics Engine game developed for your students? No need to panic or shed out unrealistic amount of cash. It’s as simple as a pie when you partner with Appy Pie. Our developers can help you develop physics engine games similar to Geo-Mod, GTA V, Dying Light, Red Faction Guerilla, etc.

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