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Appy Pie Acquires AppMakr

We are thrilled to announce that we have acquired AppMakr and are now the single largest no code app development platform in the world. With this acquisition, we now have a global reach of more than 10 million end users. This is a big leap towards our mission of democratizing mobile app development by empowering everyone to build digital apps.


Appy Pie’s Best Free App Maker Software to Develop your Mobile Apps

Mobile app development is not reserved just for the big players anymore. Of course, there is a certain cost attached to native mobile app development and it may take months, maybe even years to get the app to the market. With the advent and popularity of no code app builder Appy Pie AppMakr, everyone can make an app irrespective of their knowledge or experience with coding. The app builder from Appy Pie has made it their mission to democratize technology and has made mobile app development affordable and accessible to businesses of different niches, scale, and size.

Business users and citizen developers can use a no code app builder or an app maker to convert their app ideas to reality, without having to go deep into programming and coding. Appy Pie AppMakr lets you create an app without investing months of work and a whole lot of money in learning programming. The drag and drop interface of Appy Pie’s app builder makes it easy to use for anyone who wishes to convert an idea into an app whether they are amateurs or experienced app makers.

Using app creators like Appy Pie, citizen developers can actually contribute to the business taking the mounting load off of the IT department, while ensuring that a shadow IT does not take root in your company. An intuitive app creator like this, goes a long way in making cutting edge technology accessible to everyone, thus ensuring an inclusive growth instead of widening the gap that exists between the new entrants and established big players.

Appy Pie App Maker allows you to develop Android, iPhone and PWA app in one go and connect with all your customers. You can choose all the features that are relevant to your customers. Appy Pie App Builder software lets you create your mobile app without any coding. Here are some features that you can leverage using our free app maker:

  1. Send out Push Notifications to your customers & stay connected

    Communication is key and the best way to communicate with your customers is push notifications. Our online app creation software lets you send push notifications.

  2. Add Navigation and give step by step directions

    If you are looking to guide your customers to your store, then add the Navigation feature to your app. Our application maker lets you add navigation feature to your mobile app so that your customers can reach you easily!

  3. Integrate Social Media for easy sharing & login

    The best marketing channel today is social media and businesses need an app that is shareable? Integrate social media feature to make your app shareable, and let users login without registering manually.

  4. Integrate Photo & Video Feature to engage your users

    While using our free app maker to make your own app, add the photo and video sharing feature. This feature lets your app users share photos and videos or any other media if they wish to increase user engagement manifold.

  5. Employ app analytics to find ways to make your app better

    Basic app analytics gives great app insights for improving the user experience. Keep an eye on the way users are navigating through your app, the issues they are facing, and the point where they are abandoning your app. Some of the best free app builders, including Appy Pie offer app analytics and you must take advantage of it.

  6. Design a Loyalty Program to reward loyal customers

    It has been discussed at length often that mobile apps are great for encouraging customer loyalty. This is best done when your app creation software lets you add some loyalty features to your app. Not only can you add it as a feature, but with a drag and drop app builder like Appy Pie you can create a separate loyalty app as well.

  7. Add Coupons feature & offer lucrative discounts

    The most effective way to offer discounts and deals is by generating and distributing coupon codes to your customers to redeem and avail. The coupon feature works wonders when combined with in-app purchase feature by encouraging the customers to spend some money, while engaging with your brand and business.

  8. Make your app multilingual & break language barriers

    If you want to get customers from all across the globe, language becomes a barrier, restricting you only to the people who speak the language your app is in. To avoid this, when you make your app with Appy Pie, you can add the multilingual feature to help you localize your app and expand your reach all over the world.

  9. Use Form Builder to generate leads and receive inquiries

    One of the most critical aspects of running a successful business is lead generation and handling business inquiries. Use the form builder feature on Appy Pie and add as many forms as you want to your app. After adding this feature in your mobile app, you can let users schedule appointments and send inquiries in just a few taps.

  10. Let users get in touch with ease and speed

    If your target customers don’t know how to reach you, you’re in trouble. It is important, therefore, to add the details of all the different ways in which they can get in touch with you. Adding the Contact page in your mobile app helps you make sure that they have all the information at their fingertips. This encourages them to call in, email, chat, or fill in an inquiry form and start a conversation with your representatives

Fast Native Apps with Offline Capabilities

Appy Pie apps are light, fast and deliver a native app’s user experience. What’s more interesting about them is that they have the capability to provide content to the users in offline mode also. The added benefit of our iPhone and android app maker is that you can customize your apps the way you want and improve user engagement instantly.

App Builder for Android & iOS

Intuitive iOS & Android App Builder

Appy Pie’s software is intuitive and easy-to-use. All you need to do is enter your business name, choose the specific application category, pick a color scheme of your liking, select the device you want to test your application on, add the features you want, and bring your idea to life.

Android App Maker

Hands-on Publishing to App Stores

Whether you want to publish your mobile application on Google Play Store or Apple App Store – Appy Pie’s Android & iPhone application builder is here to help you out! We have a highly-skilled submission team that works closely with you to ensure that the entire process is carried out with ease.

iPhone App Maker

Build an app without coding in 3 easy steps using Appy Pie app maker?

How to Make an App
  1. Enter your app name

    Enter your app name

    Choose a category and color scheme

  2. Add the Features you want

    Add the features

    Make an app for Android and iOS

  3. Publish your app

    Publish the app

    Go live on Google Play and iTunes

Appy Pie’s No Code App Builder for Android & iOS

Did you know that you can build apps without coding with a free no code application builder?

Appy Pie is dedicated towards helping small businesses build apps without coding and take their bottom line to new heights. Most small businesses struggle with budget and time restrictions, and the no code application builder from Appy Pie is quick, affordable, and quite easy-to-use. A no code mobile application builder can help a small business meet success.

Our app builder can be used to create apps for both Android and iOS, which means you can create apps for the platform where your customers are. To make it easy for small businesses to publish their new apps to the app stores, we help in the app submission process from testing to the final upload of the app on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

As a small business owner, it can be intimidating to build your own application. Hence, application development without coding is the perfect option for them. There are multiple arguments that favor native application development for business and as many arguments that list countless advantages of no code application builders. There is a variety of no coding application builders that let you create iOS and Android apps, but Appy Pie is hailed as the best no code application builder in the industry today. It’s time to explore this unique no code mobile application builder now!


Benefits of Building a Mobile App Using App Maker Appy Pie

Creating a mobile app using app maker Appy Pie is as easy as pie. You don’t require any coding skills or technical knowledge to build beautiful and professional mobile apps for Android and iOS. Choosing Appy Pie as your mobile partner will help you make the most sophisticated Android and iOS mobile applications in minutes, without writing even a single line of code. Here are some amazing benefits of building a mobile app using app maker Appy Pie –

  1. Fast and Native Apps
  2. Apps built on Appy Pie are light, fast, and deliver a native app experience. Whether it’s a high-speed internet connection or a 3G mobile device, users can easily access and use your apps without any hassle.

  3. Offline Capabilities
  4. One of the top benefits of building mobile apps using a no-code app creator software is that users can access some of the content on the mobile apps even when there is no internet connection.

  5. Safe and Secure
  6. All the apps created using this cloud-based app builder are compliant with the GDPR standards and hosted on AWS cloud which has the highest levels of compliance including HIPAA, PCI & SOC.

  7. Real Time Updates
  8. The best thing about this DIY no-code app development platform is that all the changes that you make in your Android and iOS mobile apps are reflected instantly on your mobile device.

  9. Easy to Use
  10. Appy Pie’s app maker is quite easy to use. Simply enter your app name; pick a category, color scheme and test device; add the features; and create your own app in minutes. No coding skills required.

  11. App Store Submission
  12. Besides helping you create your own app without coding, we also help you publish your Android and iOS mobile apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, without any trouble.


How different businesses benefit from Appy Pie?

Appy Pie has proven to be the perfect answer for anyone who is planning to expand their reach. No matter which business niche you are a part of, building a mobile application with a free application creator can bring about countless benefits for you. However, in our experience we have seen certain particular niches reap massive benefits from a mobile application, if they use the right features in it. Institutions or businesses that benefit the most from a mobile application of their own include the following:

App Maker

Real estate

In real estate getting the right leads and staying connected with your customers and nurturing them is of great importance. In this competitive market, simply putting up your listing in any directory will not help you much as your audience will have divided attention. Real estate agents have found their perfect answer with our application making software. Once you have an application of your own, you would ensure that you have direct access to your clients and showcase your listings in an exclusive manner. Not only can your customers be in touch with you whenever you want but can also leave their queries with an expression of interest or request for a quote! Here’s a list of features that must be added to your real estate application:

  • Push Notifications for updates and information
  • Photo gallery for showcasing venues
  • Form builder for converting enquiries into leads
  • Navigation and step by step direction to direct the customers to property
  • Video listings to give a virtual tour for customers
Mobile App Builder

Radio & Music

Everything we do for entertainment has found its way on to our smartphones and other mobile devices. Music and radio are not an exception here. When you build an application for your online radio station you are essentially letting your listeners stay loyal to you even as they are moving around, commuting, or are simply taking a walk outdoors. Let’s take a look at some of the best features that can make your application a success!

  • Push Notifications to attract your listeners whenever their favorite program is on!
  • Multi-format playlists that support SHOUTcast or Icecast playlist file
  • Sync with smart watches
  • Add photos as cover art for the music you are playing
  • Take requests from your listeners through the form feature
Free App Maker


Yes, we do everything differently today, even pray! More and more people are moving away from the towns they grew up in. Moving away from the family church would often bring about a disconnect with the community. As the times have changed, Churches all over the world are realizing this and have found a way to maintain a relationship and connect with their congregation irrespective of where they are – a mobile application. The whole project becomes more realistic when you have a free application builder to help you out. Some of the most effective features that can make your Church Application a success, include the following:

  • Social Network
  • Push Notifications for important information
  • Calendar/Events
  • Bible on the Go
  • In-App Payments to receive donations
  • Polls, Surveys, RSVPs
  • Audio/Video Sermons
Create an App


People prefer convenience over everything else. There are multiple types of apps that the restaurant industry is leveraging to serve more customers, both through dine-ins and through door-step deliveries.

Enterprising entrepreneurs have found an opportunity in creating virtual food courts where they can register different restaurants who can accept orders from customers and deliver to their homes. Some of the most effective features that must be included in a restaurant or food delivery application are:

  • Add single or multiple restaurants
  • Accept online payments
  • Live order management
  • 3 apps, one each for Delivery Personnel, restaurant & customers
  • Geo Auto-Push messaging
  • Discount Coupons
  • Showcase Restaurant and Menu
Build an App

Ecommerce and Mcommerce

Everyone is shopping online, and their preferences are now leaning towards mobile apps. Not only does this increase customer loyalty, but also gives ecommerce business owners an opportunity to sell their products without having to pay any commission to the platform. It is not just convenient for the customers, but of great benefit to business owners in retaining the users by keeping them continuously engaged.

  • Coupons for offering discounts and promoting your application
  • Add bulk product listings
  • Set your rules for shipping
  • Add loyalty card and programs to retain one-time customers
  • Integrate social media for easy logins and promote social sharing of your application
  • Push notifications to send out offers and festive deals

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an Android app?

Android apps are most popular and it is only natural that you would want to cater to this massive audience. Creating a native app from scratch can take a lot of time, money, and resources. This is where the android app creator software from Appy Pie presents itself as the perfect solution.

The proprietary three step process takes barely a few minutes and saves you thousands of dollars!

How to create an iPhone app (free)?

Though Android has been leading the market in terms of the numbers, but when it comes to money matters, the iOS platform is way ahead. Statistically, iPhone users are more willing to pay for an app and also spend more on in-app purchases.

Creating an iPhone app can prove to be an expensive affair if you had to develop a native app from the scratch. However, with our proprietary app creator, you can save money, time, and resources and create your own app without coding!

How to create a pwa app from scratch?

Here are the steps involved in creating a pwa app from scratch:

  1. Put your app idea on paper
  2. Create a clear sketch of your app idea and make it tangible. You need to define how your app will work and the features your app needs to have. Do not go overboard, instead create a lean list of features that would help you come up with your Minimum Viable Product or MVP.

  3. Conduct diligent market research
  4. You need to carry out an in-depth market research to evaluate whether your app idea is of any value, helping you avoid making any serious mistakes. This step will help you identify competitors, potential customers and their aspirations, and the ideal business model you should adopt.

  5. Create app prototypes
  6. Build a mockup before you go ahead and build the actual app. One of the best tool that you can use for this is Microsoft’s Mockup Pro that offers great flexibility and a holistic overview so that you do not miss out on any details. You need not have fine grained UI elements, or accurate positioning, and the color effects or other visuals can be pretty basic as well. The idea here is for you to get clarity in terms of t app function and flow.

  7. Design app graphics
  8. Pay attention to the visual appeal of your app including the right resolution and sizes, graphic effects that may be needed, image assets, and animation or motion design where needed. You can use a graphic design templated service like Appy Pie’s Design Studio or hire a graphic designer, depending on your budget. It is important that your app looks professional, so do not skimp out on this step.

  9. Create your app – the Appy Pie way!
  10. Choose the best way to start your app without coding or any programming. The proprietary three step process of app creation from Appy Pie that takes only a few minutes. Save up on your time and money by choosing Appy Pie’s app makers where you simply enter your app name and intent, drag and drop the features and go live on app stores of your choice without burning a hole in your pocket.

  11. Test your app
  12. Make sure that you put the best version of your app for your users because if you skimp out on this step, you are going to pay for it, heavily. An untested app that goes live is bound to be infested with bugs and suffer multiple crashes. Alpha and beta testing your app is critical to make sure that the app doesn’t face the basic issues that may slip your attention.

  13. Go live on app stores
  14. Launching your app on the app stores is the most exciting part for any app developer or owner. The process to publish apps are different for different app stores and we have specialized guides for the processes that can help you out.

  15. Market your app
  16. Making an amazing app is not enough; you need to promote it in the right manner so that it reaches the maximum number of valuable users that fit your target group. Conduct research and find the right kind of app marketing strategies that are not just suitable for your app and budget, but also appeal to the users you are targeting.

  17. Get user feedback
  18. Ask your users for your feedback because they are the most important element for your app. Simply asking them whether they like your app or not, is never going to be enough. Ask meaningful questions or better yet watch them using your app to figure out which interactions are not going as per your expectations. Keep making required changes to hone your app and improve its overall performance.

    To run a successful business, it is important to take your products and offerings to the clients where they really are. The one place where every customer can be found is on their mobile screens, which is why mobile apps have come to prominence and have achieved a critical status. To start from scratch would mean serious time and money investment, and considerable resources. This is one of the reasons why small businesses or individuals with limited resources shy away from creating an app of their own.

    Appy Pie’s drag-n-drop software only takes three steps and needs absolutely no coding.

What is an app maker?

An app maker is a software or a platform or a service that allows you to create mobile apps for Android and iOS devices without any coding in just a few minutes. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can use app maker to build mobile apps for your small business, restaurant, church, DJ, etc.

How do you use Appy Pie App Maker?

It is as easy as pie to use Appy Pie app maker. You certainly need no coding skills or knowledge to make mobile apps using Appy Pie app builder. Simply enter your app name, select a category, pick a color scheme, choose a test device, add the features you want and make your own app in minutes.

What is the best free app maker?

Appy Pie is the best free app maker that lets anyone make professional and highly advanced mobile apps for Android and iOS devices without any coding in a matter of minutes.

Can app make you rich?

Apps can undoubtedly be a huge source of income. Some apps like WhatsApp, TikTok, etc. have turned their creators into millionaires. However, your app idea needs to be unique if you are seriously looking to become rich through apps.

How to create an app without coding?

To make an app for free, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Appy Pie App Builder and click on “Create your free app”
  2. Enter app name
  3. Select category, color scheme and test device
  4. Customize the app and click on Save & Continue
  5. Login or Signup with Appy Pie to continue
  6. The app is getting built. Once the app is ready, scan the QR code or send the app installation link to your device via email or SMS, and test the demo app
  7. Go to My Apps and click on Edit
  8. You will be shown the Basic plan. You can either go with Try Now or Buy Now option. The ‘Try now’ option comes with a 2-Day Trial so that you are fully satisfied with the app before you make the purchase.
  9. Please note whichever option you choose, you’d need to provide credit card details. We use credit card details to check the authenticity of the users. Don’t worry, we don’t charge you anything without your confirmation, even after the trial ends.

  10. Add the features you want
  11. Click on Save & Continue to finish creating your app

Can the beginners use the software?

If you are new to the concept of mobile apps but are looking for a way to get one made for your business, it is important that you have tools that suit your skill set and proficiency level. As a beginner, you’ll be able to add features and customize design in easy steps.

  1. Enter the name of your app
  2. Type in the name and purpose of your app

  3. Add desired features to your app
  4. Choose the features you want and simply drop them into your app

  5. Go live
  6. Publish your app on the app stores for your users to download from

How to get started with Swift?

To get started with Swift, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Open XCode from the /Applications library first. You may have to set it up, if this is your first time. After XCode is launched, the welcome window will appear
  2. Click on “Create a new XCode project” and a new window will open. You can choose a template from the dialog box displayed here
  3. Select iOS from the tabs at the top
  4. Fill in the relevant app details in the new dialog box that appears. You can even choose any additional options that your app needs
  5. Click ‘Next’ and a new dialog box will appear. Save your project in the desired location and then click ‘Create’. Your new project will open in the workspace window.

Can i monetize my app?

Following are the key strategies for app monetization:

  1. In-app advertising helps you earn from ads you display on your app
  2. In-app purchases lets the app users buy products, services, or unlock new levels
  3. Subscription lets the users access premium content through monthly or annual subscription
  4. Paid apps need to be bought by the app users before they can be downloaded
  5. Sponsorship means getting a sponsor with common target market
  6. Join an affiliate program advertise relevant products, services, or apps

Best No-Code App Builder 2021

Here is the list of top 10 No-code app maker to make an app without coding of 2021:

  1. Appy Pie
  2. AppMakr
  3. Swiftic
  4. Game Salad
  5. Appery
  6. Mobile Roadie
  7. App Machine
  8. GoodBarber
  9. The App Builder
  10. Mobincube

How do you code with Python?

To start with Python, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the folder where you want to create your Python file and create a file with name
  2. Open the newly created file in the editor and type the code – print “Hello, World!”
  3. Save the file and through the terminal navigate to the file location. Run it by calling python

How can I make my own app for free?

Follow steps below to easily make your own app for free –

  • Go to and click on ‘Get Started’
  • Enter your desired business name
  • Pick the category that best fits your business
  • Choose the color scheme
  • Select the test device
  • Customize the look and feel of your app
  • Once done, click on Save & Continue
  • Take a deep breath and wait; your app is getting built. Once the app is ready, scan the QR code or send the app installation link to your device via email or SMS, and test the demo app
  • Go to My Apps
  • Click on Edit option to edit your app
  • You will be shown the Basic plan. You can either go with Try Now or Buy Now option. The ‘Try now’ option comes with a 2-Day Trial so that you are fully satisfied with the app before you make the purchase.
  • Please note whichever option you choose, you need to provide credit card details. We use credit card details to check the authenticity of the users. Don’t worry, we don’t charge you anything without your confirmation, even after the trial ends

  • Add your desired features
  • Once you are done, click on Save and Continue to finish creating your app

Drag-and-Drop App Maker

Having a mobile application is the need of the hour for every business that hopes to achieve any measure of success. However, creating a mobile application today is not as complicated as you think especially with Appy Pie’s easy to use, affordable application maker. With this unique application builder, you can make an application without writing even a single line of code. It’s really simple to turn your application idea into reality, go ahead and start making your application now!

Use Appy Pie’s application maker to create professional and powerful, native mobile applications. Anyone, irrespective of their coding skills can customize the layouts and add stunning features like chatbot, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, internet of things, hyperlocal. This means that anyone can build an application and make money with just a few simple steps.

Create your mobile app without coding!
Watch this video on YouTube.

The Appy Pie platform gives you access to a wide range of features that can be added easily to your application. We have a series of tutorial videos that can help you learn the basic skills needed to build your own application and get started with it. The tutorials will give you a run down of the way you can design your application without any coding. Additionally, we have an exhaustive Frequently Asked Questions section that acts as a resourceful learning platform which acts as a beginner level course with training material, detailed documentation, white papers and multiple other forms of information and resources. Additionally, we also have a forum to answer any question you may have so that you can enhance your application development knowledge.

Our app builder platform additionally provides a new training course designed for beginners. With this course, you can train yourself on our app maker’s signature drag n drop interface and become an accomplished app creator. The app builder course is free for everyone who wants to become an app creator. You can find it on our learning platform Academy.

What does an application developer do when they have a brilliant application idea? Work hard to bring the application idea to reality as soon as possible. Though Appy Pie is designed in a way that people with no programming knowledge can build their apps, but many experienced developers have opted for the platform because of the great ease of use it offers in creating powerful apps quickly reducing the time to market. There is no need to go and enroll yourself for some coding course or any special classes to use the Appy Pie platform. Without having to write even a single line of code or learning to program, you can build an application for your small business and design an application using Appy Pie’s application builder. So, what are you waiting for? Get started and make a mobile application now!



Appy Pie, The #1 free App Creator

Mobile App Trends

  1. By the year 2020 –
    1. Global revenue generated by mobile apps will generate $582 billion primarily through paid downloads and in-app ads.
    2. The total number of users consuming video content in the US through a mobile device will reach 179 million.
  2. By the year 2021 – the global count of mobile users will reach 7 billion.
  3. By the year 2022 –
    1. Yearly mobile app downloads will reach 258 billion.
    2. Global consumer spending on the app stores will increase by 92% to reach $157 billion.
  4. Generation Z (aged between 16 and 24) spends 20% more time on their favorite apps and engages 30 percent more often with them, as compared to other age groups.
  5. More than 51% of smartphone users accept that they found a new company or product by initiating a search on their smartphone.
  6. Around 78% of location-based mobile searches convert into offline purchases.
Mobile App Trends

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