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Appy Pie Launched App Builder 3.0 With Improved User Experience & A Free Promo Page

By Snigdha | Last Updated on November 20th, 2022 4:50 am | 4-min read

Appy Pie has always been at the forefront of no-code development, providing the perfect tools to businesses of all sizes, scales, and scopes. Its bouquet of no-code products or tools presents 360-degree business solutions at an affordable price with shorter go-to-market times.

Keeping this vision at the core of every new project, we have launched App Builder 3.0. The new version is focused on making the entire app building experience more evolved and lucrative for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs.

What makes Appy Pie’s App Builder 3.0 amazing?

App Builder 3.0 aims to further Appy Pie’s mission to democratize technology by making app development accessible and affordable for everyone. The idea is to make the platform even more intuitive by working on the UI flow and the accessibility to all the critical editing tools and features. Additionally, there are several added benefits we have decided to offer our platform users, and we’ll talk about it all in the post ahead.

Enhanced Product Experience

We have overhauled or revamped the entire platform with a brand new user interface that has improved the overall ease of use by making all the functions accessible. Let us see how:

  • All the different menus on the platform are much more easier to access.
  • Another significant development is that the overall layout of the entire platform is even easier to understand.
  • All the features already added to your app and the ones you want to add to your app are now laid out in a simpler and more logical manner.

The app editor is one of the most crucial components of the platform. In the new App Builder 3.0, all the functionalities, settings, options, and menus are laid out intuitively. This further encourages users to explore the platform and create some of the most brilliant apps. You can now use the app editor to manage specific features, different subscription plans, or any other aspect of the app. You don’t have to keep going to the back end simply to manage or edit a premium feature.

To summarize, we can say with conviction that with the fresh new look, the well-thought-out design, and various meaningful enhancements, your app building experience with Appy Pie’s app builder will be faster and smoother.

Better Data Storage & Management

As a modern consumer, you use multiple online tools and platforms for business and personal use. Still, there is always a big concern around the loss of data in case you close a window accidentally. The new auto-save and the evolved publish feature come together to help you combat this data loss. All the updates or changes you make to your app are saved to the cloud automatically at defined intervals, and you do not lose any data, even if you are not clicking on the save button every time you want to close a window.

Now, let’s talk about the Publish feature. The moment you click publish, all the changes or updates will be reflected directly, in real-time, on the app. Another valuable functionality for our users that protects them from any blunders and data loss is the availability of different versions saved at different times. This means even if you make a change, you have, essentially, the ability to undo it all and go back to a version you want.

Feature Upgrades

One of our most popular features is the folder feature. This feature helps our platform users keep all their data and the app features organized. Guess what! We have upgraded it to make it even more useful than it already was. This new upgrade will allow you to add folders within the folders or create subfolders, helping you organize your app data and features more efficiently. Using this feature, you can create user levels, product categories, course levels, and so much more!

Business Dashboard to Manage all the virtual business assets

In this age and era, a well-rounded digital identity is critical to the success of any business, big or small. However, managing multiple digital assets can get a little chaotic. Hence, we have created a unique business dashboard that works beautifully in bringing order and organization to virtual business management. This business dashboard is particularly useful for companies with a diverse online portfolio with one or multiple apps, websites, domains, etc., and actively using their Google Workspace. The Business Dashboard is one common space from where you will be able to manage and edit all your digital assets, including apps, websites, domains, GWS, and more!

Free goodies to help your business grow and thrive

Apart from the extensive overhaul of the platform, we are also offering a free landing page and a free domain name with each app which can be connected and used to promote your app. No matter how great your app may be, if you do not promote it or showcase it to the right audience, you are not going to get the downloads you need for your app to be a success.

You can choose your brand name or a combination of relevant keywords as your domain name to help with your visibility on the Internet. The landing page will be entirely customizable with inline editing to suit your unique app requirements perfectly. You also get free access to Google WorkSpace (GWS) with every app which means you get to use professionally branded emails and establish a strong and authentic business identity.

With all these amazing benefits listed above, what is stopping you from getting on the app development train?


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