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How to Create an AMP Website in 3 Easy Steps?


To make an AMP website, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the name of your AMP website

    Choose the relevant website category and color theme.

  2. Add relevant features

    Drag and drop the right features into your website without coding.

  3. Launch your AMP website

    Connect your website you the domain name and publish it now!

What pages are important for an AMP Website?

AMP is necessary for the websites as it makes the website load which improves usability of the website and convinces the visitors to stay for a long time on your site getting engaged with the content. AMP websites should have below mentioned essential pages:

  • Home

    This part of the website gives a brief introduction of the company to the visitors of the website. It has a brief information about what all sections are there on the website.

  • Documentation

    This page has various types of documents, content, tutorials that help users learn how to use AMPs on the websites. It provides users the basic tools to get their hands set on them.

  • AMP Community

    This part of the website has the community details such as the website roadmaps, working groups of the company etc.

  • Blog

    This is an important page of the website that provides users the blogs to read that help them understand the website features even better.

  • Help & Support

    The company provides fulltime help and support for the users. This page has all the helpline contact details with the phone number and company address.

  • About

    This page of the website has the working experience of the company so far and also has the company background details like when it was established and how successful it is in the present time.

Why you should use Appy Pie’s Website Builder for an AMP Website?

  • Offers private user domain

    The Smart Assistant feature of Appy Pie website builder provides private domain for the users instantly.

  • SEO Friendly

    Website builder of the company creates the websites with SEO friendly feature that help users get a better Google ranking.

  • Soft-running Websites

    Appy Pie Website builder builds soft-running websites for the users in order to deliver the best user experience.

  • Support helpline

    Appy Pie offers an instant help and support for the users. It also provides updated tutorials, guides and FAQs.

  • Codeless Websites

    Appy Pie Website builder creates websites without a code and offers an easy process of adding pages by dragging and dropping.

  • Time-friendly Websites

    The website builder of Appy Pie provides a trained team of developers that helps the users build time-saving websites that are ready to go online in sometime.

  • Real-time Updates

    AMP Websites built on the Appy Pie platform are updated in real-time. As you make changes to your website, everything will be reflected immediately on the live AMP website.

  • Over 200 Features

    Enjoy the flexibility and advantage brought by more than 200 features on the Appy Pie platform. Simply click and add the desired features to your AMP website.

  • Lightweight & Fast

    Appy Pie websites are known for being particularly lightweight and fast. Your AMP websites will load faster than your competitors’ sites.

Why you need to make an Amp Website?

Accelerated Mobile Pages are important for every website. AMP is a kind of ghost website that users design especially for mobile phones. It is another version of a regular website.

AMP websites are required so that users could get familiar to this feature and start using it. AMP website works as an online platform of adding this feature to the user websites.

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