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YouTube Thumbnail Design Project (Easy)

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series okay so hello and welcome back in this video this will be our first project in the entire course and we'll be designing a YouTube thumbnail so let's get straight into it so of course if you've created one before you can just click on it on your previous designs down here which is saved but if you haven't all you need to do is go to the top bar at the top here as you can see YouTube thumbnail is currently the top but if it's not just click more and then scroll down until you see YouTube thumbnail so at the top here you have recommended because these are the ones which I mostly use but if you scroll down just here to social media and email headers you will see the second one just here is YouTube thumbnail so we're going to click that and let it load here is the screen that you will find when you create your first ever thumbnail or design so as you can see on the left here you automatically have all of the canva layouts so there's tons of different layouts here which you can pick or you can of course design your own layout from scratch by using elements text background and uploading your own images of course but we're not gonna be doing that in this video we're going to be using a layout which is just here okay so we're going to look for a layout let's pick one now so as you can see there's many different layouts for you to choose but all you need to do is pick one which is perfect for in this particular video which is the YouTube thumbnail will be designing so we need to find one which will be perfect for a YouTube thumbnail okay so of course all of these are perfect for YouTube followers but we need to think of the one which should be perfect for the thumbnail you are making for your particular video okay so what you want to do to begin to visitors go through them see what ticks your mind see what makes you think oh that's nice that's nice and see which one you think is best for your creativity and design styles in your head okay because everyone has a different mind everyone has a different thought process of what they want to do in their design of course and yeah it's different for everyone so the top ones on here are always free but if you scroll down these ones are normally for the pro version only and of course there's a few paid ones as well so as you can see that crown means I have the pro version of canva which costs $12.95 a month but it only costs $1 for these ones which have a dollar sign next to them so as you can see this one has a dollar sign that with one dollar this one that will be one dollar and you will also receive a license to use it wherever you want for any project at and yes so that's awesome so you receive a license if you pay and you would also receive a license if you don't pay because even the free ones have licenses to prove you created it and to prove it is your design to sell to either a client or to use for your own purposes okay so that is fantastic so let's just pick one of these now let's scroll to the bottom like so I'm gonna click on this one just here making the perfect cup of coffee so as you can see with this particular one all you will need to do is change the text like so select all of the text or you can just drag it like this and you can move it around if you want to by clicking on the box and dragging it around so you can set the text to change the text and then of course go through all of the different colors font styles size font sizes and you can change it from bold italic you can align it to the center left or right that is awesome and then you can put it in capitals or non capitals and you can put it in a list as you can see like this it puts bullet points so it's in a list and you can also change the letter spacing line height and where it is anchored to so the center at the top or the bottom okay so that is fantastic and awesome so if you change the line height right now you will see that the height of these lines changes that's awesome and if you change the legislating spacing of the letters also gross so that is very very cool let's just put that back - let's just say 30 or 20 there we go cool and that is that I'm pretty sure that was actually 30 so me just put that back right now we chose 20 sorry see it lets us that's let's now back to 20 so that is fantastic and then if you want to copy the layer just click copy at the top right like so there you go we now have two of these text box that say making the perfect cup of coffee and you could range it to the back or the front so if you see if I put it to the back other ones now in front I put it to the front that ones now at the back so yeah that makes sense hopefully here and then you can change the transparency so there you go you can see it more or less and then you can turn into a link but of course this will only work if you download it as a PDF because you can't click a link on a image/jpeg anything like that so of course if you save it as a PDF you can add a link on the actual tape so if I go WWE go calm like so and then hit apply this will now be a link on here so if you click on this text it will take you to Google calm but that is only if you hit download and then use one of these PDF formats just here for example PDF standard okay so that is a very important factor but you're not going to be linking many things in a design anyway of course ever so yeah don't worry about that and then to delete it all you need to do is hit this little trash icon dust here and click delete so there we go now we just have the original one just here so that's fantastic so that is the basics of the design process that you can use in canva of course and then if you want to go to elements just here and change the background image what you need to do is click free photos like so and let it load and pick one of these free photos so for example this one and drag it on like this or you can search for an image say for example if I type in MacBook it will come up with loads of different MacBooks like so so let's drag these on as you can see the image on the background here isn't the same as what I actually chose and that is because as filter on it so just here it has a filter selected so if I click back onto normal it will go back to how the image is originally but you can also change the filters like this or you can hit this little Advanced Options button just here and change all of these and create your own filter like so so brightness contrast saturation tint blur and yes so that is that very cool so you can change that exactly how you want to change that and make it personalized so it's not just the default image you see it has lots of different styles added to it as well so that is fantastic absolutely awesome and then of course changing text just select it like so there we go and then make sure I remove all and then just type whatever you need to type so black Rick training there you go so as you can see that is our company black book training so there you go that is the basics of changing the text and that it's nice and easy for you and yeah so that's pretty much everything so of course you can then change the layout if you want to so click back onto layouts and then click onto a random one so for example this one you can see that it's now a completely different layout and there's a new page and lay on that page like this and there you go silver lay out here lay out here and then you can download them separately if you go to download and pick one of the numbers so one will just download this one here and two will just download the one below if you hit all pages it was it them into a little zip file for you and you have to unzip them and you have both files there so that is fantastic so yeah that is that that is the basics of your first youtube thumbnail design or your first designing canva altogether so what we're going to do now is actually create our first design all we've done so far is just have a look at a few different things but what we're going to do now is actually start a design okay so that is fantastic let's do this so let's pick a layout first of all so let's just go to say for example yes have a look let's just go to this one or this one or this one so it's so awesome that's so many because you can just pick any one you want so let's just go to this one here travel photography like so and then all you need to do is change the background image by going to elements and then picking the image you want to pick or by searching for the image you want like so and you can make it so it's just illustrations that comes up or just photos or everything stays awesome and then of course once again just drag this image in and you have the new image on there like so so I'm going to drag in this image just here and then how to type faster to become more productive there we go so that could be a funny little video where you're teaching people how to type fast learn the keyboard not have to look at the keyboard when you're typing and yeah so say for example you can't type very well on a keyboard that this video will teach you how to type faster so this this image here might even suit it better where it's just the keys on the keyboard and yeah so that's fantastic so you can of course change the color of the text and anything you want to change the filter of the background image so blow out of it if you just go to Advanced Options and then blur like so and then background image is blurred so that's quite nice and you can just do anything you want to okay so super super awesome I don't even like this fun so I'll just change this real quick for you so that I can just showing you how to change the font so let's go to this one there we go and then change the spacing the letter spacing like this and then it's all in the right spaces like that and that looks even better so you see I mean it's super easy to use canva it's super amazing to use it to design thumbnails or anything really you can design anything you want and this it's just the first video in the course so you're gonna be learning a lot a lot more in the future of this course so don't go anywhere stick around and learn so much more with me as will be designing so much in this course and you are going to have a fantastic time okay so I hope you enjoy it I hope you have a great time and I also hope you enjoyed this video as this is just the first of many amazing videos so yeah once again I hope you enjoyed it I hope you had a great time and one last tip which only the people who stayed till the very end will know is how to change the name of the file okay so as you can see if I scroll to the top and just delete this one here there we go that's deleted now all you need to do to change the name of the file is click just here and then just type now what you want to name it so I'll just name it type fast faster type faster and then if you download is a jpg it would the fire would just be called type faster jpg okay that's fantastic so the reason I've called it that is because it's how to type fast I loaded up data so this is what we've designed and you now know also how to rename the name of the file so that's fantastic so yeah that's that I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you had a great time and I hope you'd learned a lot I will see you in the next one once again thanks for watching and goodbye.

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